Ab Coaster PS500 Review


Ab Coaster PS500 – Does it Really Work?

We were very skeptical of the Ab Coaster PS500 I mean quite literally working out a few minutes a day to achieve great results, who wouldn’t be?


The Ab Coaster PS500

We work with personal trainers across the world and some of them have had the opportunity to try out this machine.  Like us they were skeptical.  However, many of them said it’s great and many of their clients are very pleased with the equipment.  It slides like butter with no hesitation or jamming whatsoever.

The older Ab Coaster rollers would wear out

This machine was upgraded to the CS1500

Unlike some machines parts are readily available

About The Quality

The Ab Coaster 

Coast your way into abs it sounds wonderful doesn’t it?  But how is the quality of the Ab Coast PS500?  Well since they upgraded to the CS1500 the quality is astounding.  It’s well built and slides like butter!  Honestly, I am impressed with the results, functionality, and durability of this exercise machine.  Parts are easy to purchase unlike some other machines like the Wonder Core 2 which is a great machine however, try finding replacement springs, it’s almost impossible unless you contact the manufacture direct.  This isn’t an issue with the Ab Coaster.

What About Features


  • Frame is sturdy and made of steel heavy duty tubing
  • Upgraded 1.5” rails
  • Quality steel bearings
  • Height range of 4’10” to 6’10” tall
  • Front roller wheels (Upgraded More Durable)
  • Multi-angle knee pad
  • Upgraded molded foam pads
  • Nylon rollers
  • Digital workout counter (easy to replace if need be)
  • Capable of adding 20lbs of weights to be added for increased resistance
  • Comes With manual, 2 meal plans, and complete workout DVD
  • 1 year warranty (kind of short right?)

Does It Work

Does The Ab Coaster Work?

The Ab Coaster is a great value and it’s price point is well worth the ticket price!  It will last for years to come and performs well in residential and light commercial use.

According to consumer reports the Ab Coaster works as advertised and from our own testing it is a great piece of exercise equipment.

It does not, however it does come with an exercise DVD and recipes.

Our Conclusion Of The Ab Coaster PS500

It’s a great machine, very sturdy, easy to use, and honestly is a great way to build up abs and the ticket price is very reasonable and won’t break the bank not for the quality of the machine.  This is a must own piece of equipment.  The only issue we saw was previous ones that have been upgraded and replaced with better quality parts.  If you do need a new seat, counter, or other the parts are easy to come by.

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