Being Fat Sucks, Yes: But No, It Undoubtedly Doesn’t Have To


Being Fat Sucks!

You know why being fat sucks, slim people who do little or no exercise live longer than obese people. That is a fact, even if they do work out regularly. Studies have shown these results. (The findings are in the International Journal Of Epidemiology)

being fat sucks


Why Being Fat Sucks?

The study of 1.3 million men found that obese people with a high level of fitness were a massive 30% MORE likely to die earlier when compared to those people of a slim build who took minimal exercise.

That, without question, destroyed the age-old myth that being aerobically fit but the fat was enough to protect your health, WRONG. Finding a way to lose weight naturally has suddenly become a lot more appealing, right?

For 30 years a Swedish research team tracked individuals, and the conclusion that they drew from all of this was that being the correct weight was indeed an essential factor in good health and longevity.

A Challenge For You?

So to find out what is weight loss about professor Peter Nordstrom of Umea University in Sweden challenged the idea obese people could make up for their excess weight by exercising regularly. He wanted to delve into this myth a lot deeper and prove that being fat sucks.

In total, men in the highest fifth of the aerobic fitness study (they were all slim) had a 48% reduced risk of death from any cause compared to those people in the bottom fifth of the cases. You must remember though these men were all slim.

Of the slim men who would have tests, they were found to be 80% less likely to die from alcohol and drug abuse. There was a 59% decrease in the chances of suicide and were a massive 45%  less likely to suffer any debilitating heart disease.

It went on to prove that obesity is a significant factor in premature death indeed.

It Sucks Being Fat So Exercise Like These Two

UK’s Chief Medical Officer Would Say

I bet some of you did not know that in the UK earlier this month the chief medical officer stated that you should indeed treat obesity as a national risk alongside terrorism. Interesting fact.

And in particular, she pleaded with women to take affirmative action towards slimming themselves before getting pregnant to protect the health of future generations as being fat sucks.

The chief medical officer (Dame Sally Davies) said of obesity. “It is becoming so deadly now, threatening to overwhelm the NHS that It seriously cripples the countries productivity levels.”

The Government Would Have A Plan

It comes alongside the government’s plan. They would publish their child obesity strategy. The report will strongly suggest that they will market restrictions on the advertising of unhealthy foods to children in the hope that this at least will assist in the problem.

From the National obesity forum, Tam Fry said as follows. “Fatness and inactivity are both separate but related risk factors which both increase mortality.”

So to have one or the other is bad but to have both is critical. In other words, if you are to lose weight, then finding a proper weight loss diet is essential.

You see, once you have got your diet under control all that you need to have is the other half. That way, your weight loss attempt will be a success. To what am I referring? Exercise of course.

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