Lose Weight Quickly But Safely: It’s Essential, Safety First


How To Lose Weight Quickly & Safely

If you want to know how to lose weight quickly but safely, then you have for sure come to the right page. In this post, I shall be presenting you with three exceptionally healthy common fruits that are the within the correct methods to losing weight naturally as opposed to going for these often untested and dangerous weight loss pills!

Now, Naturally, Lose Weight

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In the opinion of myself and of countless others when you say safely, you will only be referring to one way, you will be referring to the natural way to lose weight. It may not be the quickest way but, then, who would want to risk any comebacks from anything? No. That is, by far the most proven and beneficial way to do it.

When you do a little bit of research on how to lose weight quickly but safely, you will often face the distractions of quicker weight loss alternatives. You should know this right from the outset that these are unreliable.

As alluded to previously,  why go against thousands of years of evolution? Why not stick to a method that is tested through time and shown to work. Yes, the natural way to lose weight is far superior in every way.

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These will be an absolute requirement for you if you do want to lose weight naturally. I am assuming you do as you have read this far into this post. You will discover the reviews at the top of this post on the main menu.

How To Lose Weight Quickly But Safely

When you as the question, do I eat unhealthy foods, I honestly think that you know the answer to this. If you are overweight, then somewhere there is a problem, and unless it is an inherited thing, then it is in all probability down to the issue of diet.

A little further along in the article I will be suggesting some healthy fruits to replace the (What you may or may not know) junk foods you have been consuming.

Some of these may to you be significant sacrifices, but, know this. If you repeatedly eat them, they will not be beneficial for your weight or your health. We should realize by now that these two are tied together. They are both entirely crucial for our day to day living.

Being overweight (Not including any medical issues one might have) Is usually a sign of a person being unhealthy. Surely everyone in the world wants to be healthy and definitely to avoid any of the health risks for the overweight?

How To Start Eating Healthy To Lose Weight

What follows this is how to start eating healthily to lose weight. As I said, unless genetics (inherited genes) plays a part in your size, then you have zero excuses to hide behind. You MUST make this a lifestyle change as if you don’t do it. Then your campaign will fail. Of this, there is no doubt.

You should try wherever and whenever possible, to include some of these fruits into your new healthy diet. If it is that you come across one or more that you do not like, or cannot eat for some reason or other, then let me know if you please, and we will uncover an excellent healthy alternative to the suggested item of fruit.

Why Is Eating Fruit Healthy

Why is eating fruit healthy? Well, let me quickly tell you. Eating fruit is amazingly healthy because each fruit that you do have contains differing amounts of the bodies much-needed vitamins and minerals. Below these short little passages, I will list 3 of the more common fruits and their advantages for our health.

Fruits should be eaten often, although I am aware you will not always eat them. If you are anything like me, you probably do NOT eat anywhere near enough. These will help to combat any weight issues you have, plus with their healthy supply of goodness, they will work wonders for your health too.


Fruit #1 – The Banana

A Whole Banaana Shown In Bite Sized Segments

The first and most probably the main reason that bananas are perfect for you is the fact that they are very high in fiber. The US RDA (Recommended daily allowance) for fiber intake is 38 grams for an adult male and 25 grams for an adult female. A medium-sized banana contains over 3 grams of fiber so, you are getting a lot of your RDA right there.

  • Bananas contain a chemical called tryptophan. The body then converts it into something called Serotonin which as we may or may not know is responsible for our “happy”  moods and feelings. This chemical also helps to relieve SAD (Seasonal affective disorder). The feeling you get during the short winter days — a depressive and low state.


  • The body uses a lot of the mineral calcium, but you will lose some of this through urination. Bananas help to supplement this loss by replacing it.


  • Bananas are also very rich in something called pectin, which helps to aid the digestive process by purging the body of heavy metal and other toxins that may have entered our system.


  • They help as well with your ability to learn and absorb information. Bananas do this by making you much more alert.


  • If it is that you are trying to quit smoking, then eating bananas is for you, rest assured. They do contain a high amount of magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B’s all of which help to fight any withdrawal symptoms you may be experiencing.


  • They help to regulate blood sugar and also help to avoid binging in between meals, especially. So try eating them to stop you from gaining yet more weight.

Fruit #2 The Apple

An Apple On A Tree

The eating of the apple goes back such a long time. We know that our prehistoric ancestors eat them, and they got a mention in the bible. But, I bet you were not aware of actually just how good for you, they were. Well now, these are only a few of the great benefits you can receive from eating them.

Surely you must have heard the well-recited phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay” right? Well, this should speak volumes for the widespread fruit.

  • My number one reason that I say we should eat more apples is that they keep the dreaded feeling of hunger away. It is because they have very high fiber content and complex fibers take so much longer than sugars and such like to digest. On account of this, they will keep you feeling much fuller for a lot longer.


  • Apples do contain a large amount of vitamin C. This vitamin it is known will boost your immune system and may help to prevent you from suffering from the common cold.


  • Anthocyanins, which are a type of antioxidant in apples, that, along with blueberries and pears (which also contain anthocyanins) is to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


  • People think it a lot in the medical community. That is eating these delicious fruits may help to prevent the start of Alzheimer’s. They help to improve the connections between nerve cells in the brain, possibly helping memory as well.


Fruit #3 – The Orange

Eating These Oranges And Other Fruits Is Definitely How To Lose Weight Quickly But Safely.

We have eaten oranges for an extended period. And it is most probably due to their fantastic taste. I, for one, have never come across anyone yet in my 40 years. That did not like the taste of orange. Some may not agree with the texture of them, but not the taste of them.

  • The small orange to us is a fantastic supplier of vitamin C. As alluded to previously, this is a brilliant vitamin for boosting our immune system.


  • As well as having excellent anti-inflammatory properties, the orange contains something called hesperidin. So far, in animal studies, it says that it lowers both the cholesterol and also high blood pressure.


  • It has proven that although vitamin C supplements can be useful. However, they are not as beneficial for you as drinking, for example, a glass of fresh orange juice. That is because vitamin C has such a lot of protective benefits over us.


  • Therefore, can it be a wonder that any fruit or vegetable that contains a high amount of this vitamin? No. It is also suitable for you. Having/drinking a lot of vitamin C can protect you against the many unwanted illnesses. Such as heart disease, cancer, and strokes.


They Will Help You With Your Weight Loss

In conclusion, the eating of these three fruits will assist you in your weight loss attempt. But equally and if not, more importantly, they will help to make you healthier. And you know as well as I, without our health we are nothing.

Get your diet under control and then, all that you need to have is the other half of the equation so that your weight loss attempt will be a success. To what am I referring? The exercise, of course.

Please leave any comments or queries regarding weight-loss below, and I will reply to you within 24 hours.

All of the information is for educational purposes only. It is not to override any medical advice that you may have.

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