Is Cinnamon Bad For You? 18 Facts About It


Is Cinnamon Bad For You?

 It is a spice that is for cooking. You can use it for both sweet and salty foods, but is cinnamon bad for you? Well, here are some things we should know.  The word refers to its mid-brown color. It is a name for a different species of tree which produces the spices.

It is used as a flavoring material while cooking.  Mexico is the leading importer of cinnamon which is a large amount of cinnamon that we use in making chocolates.

It also acts as traditional medicine.  In Persian cuisine, the powder is used as an essential spice to increase the flavor in cooking like soups, sweets, and even drinks.  There is a vital essential oil that increases its aroma.

Lets us have a look at some of its history:


It is also great in its ancient past. In 1518, Portuguese traders would discover it in Sri Lanka. There was a small island in Sri Lanka named Ceylon.

After traders found that they could conquer its island kingdom and had the island’s population their slaves, they would have complete control over it.  They would do this for over a century.

After that, the Ceylon kingdom became allies with the Dutch to overthrow the Portuguese occupiers.

The Dutch defeated the Portuguese, but the Dutch wanted Ceylon ( A region) In their debt for military services so once more Ceylon kingdom got another ruler.  After that, in Anglo-Dutch War Ceylon was taken by the British.

The Arab traders introduced it to Europe where it got highly popular.  In 2000 B.C. it was imported to Egypt, but when it was coming from China, the name got confused with Cassia.

The trees are grown for two to three years, after that they cut the stems at ground level. However, the question that everyone wants to answer is, is cinnamon an excellent food to go towards natural weight loss?

There are fascinating facts about it that will follow.


Cinnamon And Chocolate

  1. Cinnamon is the most ancient spice in the world. It has its name in the Bible also. They would use it in ancient Egypt.
  2. Cinnamon is the inner bark of cinnamon trees.
  3. These trees can reach about 32 to 49 feet high. You can find most of the trees in tropical rainforests.
  4. The leaves of cinnamon trees are 2 to 7 inches long, and their flowers are small.
  5. They use it a lot as an ingredient in perfumes in Egypt.
  6. The lifespan of cinnamon trees is 30 to 40 years.

Is Cinnamon Bad For You?

Listed below are a few possible side effects of eating this.


Side Effects Of Cinnamon

  1. Allergies

    There is a minority of people who have an allergy to this spice. The symptoms of the allergy are a runny nose, swelling of hands and face, drop in blood pressure, and shortness of breath, all after smelling cinnamon oil.

    It is vital to dilute Cinnamon oil before touching it. If you come into contact without weakening it first with water, you will get skin irritation. The skin irritation will feel like a burning sensation.

  2. Cinnamon Oil

    Pregnant women should avoid Cinnamon because it can increase uterine contractions.

    Some Cinnamon Sticks, But Is Cinnamon Bad For You

    3. Uterine Contractions

As much as you may not like this next point. Well, it MAY force a female into menstruation.

4. Dangerous to Children

Cinnamon can increase the heart rate of children.

5. Liver And Kidney Disorders

It can cause liver and kidney disorders because it has Coumarine, and there is a high amount of this toxic substance.

6. Cosmetic Surgery

The oils which you can get from it you can see in the cosmetic industry. That is because they produce lotions and creams but because of its spiciness. However, lipsticks that contain it can swell your lips.

7. Liver Damage

If you eat a lot of it, it can lead to liver damage. Its abundant supply can do much harm to it.

 Benefits Of Spice

8. Anti-Microbial Properties

Its use in food is for preservation because it has antimicrobial properties. It means that it either destroys or makes the growth of tiny organisms in the body very difficult.

9. Traditional Medicine

In ancient times, the “Doctors” would use it as a traditional medicine to treat digestion and reduce high blood pressure.

10. Vitamins

Cinnamon is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium also.

11. Drupe

There is a dark purple fruit that you can find on the tree, and that fruit is Drupe. This fruit contains only one seed, and it is 0.5 inches long.

  1. Cinnaman Plants

12. Cinnamon Trees

People grow cinnamon trees for their smell.

So, after reading this article choose the right amount of it for you and live a healthy and prosperous life. And also take care if you have allergies to it, be careful, and consult a medical professional.

However, please leave any comments or questions you may have below?

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