Is Watermelon Fattening?


Is Watermelon Fattening?

Watermelon Is Mostly Water, But Is It Fattening?

Is watermelon fattening?  Well 90% of watermelon is water hence the name watermelon, it’s a great fruit to eat to help lose weight. 100-grams of watermelon only contains about 30 calories. Furthermore, it helps the body stay hydrated,  eating it will help you feel full and help with cravings between meals.

Also, Watermelon is surprisingly healthy. As mentioned it’s not only high in water content but also contains many important nutrients, including lycopene and vitamin C. This means that watermelon is not only low in calories it’s also good for your health.  So is watermelon fattening?

When Eating Watermelon To Lose Weight

I don’t recommend eating watermelon at night or right before going to bed. if you consume watermelon or any fruit for that matter after 7 pm (night). Because watermelon is slightly acidic, it may delay the process of digestion when your body is not active.

Doesn’t Watermelon Contain Tons Of Sugar?

How can watermelon be good for weight loss if it contains tons of sugar? Isn’t it pure sugar?

This is just not true. While watermelon contains natural sugar also known as fructose just like other fruits, it is almost 92 percent water. I know it tastes very sweet but that doesn’t make it high in sugar.  When it comes to glycemic load, it’s very low which means that your blood sugar doesn’t change very much after eating it.

Is Watermelon Healthy Or Can It Cause Diarreah? 

Watermelon does not contain a lot of fiber, because it’s high water content, this can encourage a bowel movement. Furthermore, it’s full of nutrients, including antioxidants that can help protect cells, also, other nutrients such as vitamin A, B, and C, and lycopene, which is known to help shield from suns UV rays.

Watermelon For Healthy Weight Loss (In Moderation)

  • Can cause Diarrhea and possibly other digestive problems.
  • Even though small it may increase your glucose levels
  • May increase liver inflammation
  • Can cause over-hydration or water intoxication
  • Some people say it may cause cardiovascular problems. (However, According To The CDN it helps prevent them)

Source: CDN “Watermelon has a great potential in preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD) due to its high levels of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and bioactive constituents such as L-citrulline, lycopene, and beta-carotene.”

Conclusion: Is Watermelon Healthy?

If eaten in large amounts it can cause some digestive issues, so you probably shouldn’t try to live only off watermelon!  But with it’s high water content and nutrients it’s a great resource for eating before or after a workout!  Remember to try to avoid eating fruits at night (due to slowing down digestion).  But it’s a great fruit to help keep you healthy and feel full!

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