Weight Loss Cleanse to Lose Weight Fast: Should I Do It?


Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss Cleanse

Does a weight loss cleanse work?  In our fast-paced society, you may expect instant gratification, and everybody wants to see results as soon as possible. That is especially true when it comes to weight loss. That is why you need to weight loss cleanse to lose weight fast.

With summer just around the corner, get that summer body, people want to lose weight fast and are willing to try extreme weight loss methods like the “diet detox cleanse” to see quick results.

Can you lose 10 pounds in 1 week? Should you? Read on to see how to lose weight fast and if this is the correct weight loss method for you.

If fast weight loss is your goal, there are some different methods you can use to lose 10 pounds of weight in as little as one week.

One weight loss technique that we have heard a lot about at Right Weigh: Weight Loss; in the last few years is the diet detox “Cleanse.” What is a cleanse?

What is a weight loss cleanse?

What is a weight loss cleanse, well it usually lasts for a short amount of time – anywhere from 3 days to 1 month in length – and typically involves temporarily limiting your diet to a small variety of healthy food or liquid to achieve fast health and “detox” benefits.

Popular cleanses in 2019 include consuming only tea, fresh juice, or even healthy soup for a limited period.

While improving one’s health is usually the main focus of a cleanse, achieving fast weight loss is also a valuable bonus for many people.

Should I do a diet cleanse to lose weight?

Though not quite as extreme as fasting, partaking in a cleanse usually involves consuming a much smaller amount of calories than usual.

Taking in a small number of calories for a set period will result in fast weight loss, but is this the best method for lasting weight loss?

Detox cleanses promise quick results, but for many people, the weight they lose during a diet will come back as quickly as it goes. However, it is possible to lose 10 pounds in 1 week during a detox cleanse.

Most of this weight loss is usually water weight that will return once you go back to following a healthy diet and caloric intake. Is doing a cleanse a good idea?

Doing a detox may help you see the numbers on the scale go down relatively quickly, but if you have any interest in permanent weight loss, then this might not be the best option for you.

Instead of doing a crash diet or detox cleanse, you will probably see longer-lasting results by losing weight the old-fashioned way: with regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.

Have you ever tried a detox cleanse? What were your results? Did you maintain your weight loss? Let us know in the comments!

Starting A Weight Loss Cleanse

Before you start a weight loss cleanse there are a few things you should consider. Not all weight loss cleanses work the same for everybody. There are some who may get very sick from a cleanse, while others will not experience any adverse side effects.

If you are contemplating starting a weight loss cleanse be sure to research your diet first. Be aware of what is going into your body, and be sure to discuss it with your doctor. They can help you figure out which foods to avoid.

Furthermore, before you begin a weight loss cleanse be sure to prepare your body by drinking enough water. Drinking enough water reduces the chances of becoming dehydrated during a weight loss cleanse. Keep track of how much water you drink, and if necessary begin to add more after you get through the first stage of your cleanse.

If you are on an acid reflux diet it might make sense to avoid consuming citrus fruits during a weight loss cleanse. If you happen to be a smoker and have problems with bad breath, a citrus cleanse may be a little difficult. With either type of person, you will be ingesting excess oxygen into your body.

While most people experience headaches during a cleanse, there are some who experience a very intense migraine like headache. If you are in this group, you should know that this will pass and will become less severe as you go along. This type of headache is very common, and is simply an allergic reaction to the colon cleanser.


This type of headache is a symptom of excess weight that is being drawn into the body. Again, you need to be aware of this, and be aware of the foods that you eat. You should ask your doctor for suggestions about what you should be eating for a healthy weight loss cleanse.

When beginning a weight loss cleanse you will see a few different reactions. Some people will lose their appetite. Others may feel nauseous or develop rashes that are caused by the cleaning agent.

Many people find that they lose some or all of their energy during a cleanse. Some of them will develop sleeping problems, while others find that they have to wake up earlier and go to bed later.


Generally, once you begin a weight loss cleanse the symptoms will diminish as you continue. If you do begin to have problems it is wise to take time off from the cleanse. You should always use caution when starting a new diet, so it is important to check with your doctor before starting the cleanse.

Because, you should not stop taking any medications while on a weight loss cleanse. You may experience side effects to the pills that you are taking. Discuss this with your doctor before you start the cleanse.

There is no set period of time that you should be on a weight loss cleanse. You should always follow the directions that come with the cleansing product carefully.

There are so many supplements available that the effectiveness of a cleanse can vary. The safest thing to do is to research each product thoroughly before starting a cleanse. You should also be mindful of the foods that you eat during a cleanse and try to modify your diet as much as possible.

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