What Is Weight Loss About? 9 Reasons For Unintentional Weight Loss


This site is for everyone who wants to lose weight. However, the title suggests another possibility. In this post, I will delve deeper into some of the possible/probable causes of the person’s unintentional weight loss, after all, what is weight loss about?

It can be a grave concern when you don’t know, so here are some things that you should consider.

What Is Weight Loss About

Updated 10/03/2019

Please remember that without any form of diet in place or a cut back on the intake of foods OR a significant dietary change happening. Well then, you really should seek medical attention sooner rather than later as it indeed is not healthy to lose weight without these points.

A lot of question marks asking what is weight loss about?

So, What Is Weight Loss About

As I would allude to, it really can be a bad sign indeed, and you should seek medical advice. Although you can add humor to the equation as ” If only my diet would work as well as yours!” However, it is missing the point entirely.

Top 10 Causes Of Unintentional Weight Loss

Unintentional weight loss can be a terrible sign indeed. Especially when you have not altered your diet in any way. It can be a sign of any number of illnesses or diseases. It is very merely known as unintentional weight loss as I have just said.

I will now list the more commonly associated illnesses or diseases as more often than not is to be considered a cause for concern.

If you are unsure about contracting one of the below-mentioned ones, then contact your medical professional and to not let time pass. They are in no particular order –

Lung Cancer

1 – The first one to be aware of is Lung cancer. That is very serious and will result in death.

There are two main kinds of lung cancer. There is NON-small cell and small cell. The NSMC (Non-small cell carcinoma) These are then divided up into subcategories –

Large cell carcinoma


Squamous cell carcinoma

The three subcategories mainly affect smokers.

According to the ACS (American cancer society) Non-small cell lung, This is by far the most common cancer of all the reported lung cancers and is responsible for around 90%.

The gender question of which contract it more often males or females? Is a fascinating one as during the past 30 or so years the number of cases of lung cancer “Victims” has dropped in males yet it has risen in females?

NSCLC  – (Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer) This is by far the most common cancer

Epidermoid – cell carcinoma (small cell cancer) is responsible for 25%-30% of all reported cases of lung cancers, and the leading cause of this disease is smoking.

Adenocarcinoma – It is responsible for around 40% of all cases of lung cancer. It has ties to smoking. However, this form of cancer is the most common one in non-smokers as well.

Large cell carcinoma is the most aggressive form of lung cancer spreading very quickly, and it accounts for around 15% of all reported cancers)

SCLC – (Small Cell Lung Cancer)

It is also referred to as oat cell cancer mainly by the medical profession. It is sporadic indeed for a non-smoker to contract this form of the disease as it is predominantly smoking related.

Now it is possible to have developed lung cancer even though it did not start there. The treatment for this however very much depends on where it did originate (start from.)

So, if you have the diagnosis of lung cancer, ask your medical professional to try and find out where actual disease would originate. It is essential for you so that you can find out the correct information on the type of cancer in question.

Some Fruit as NUTRITION

  • Nutritional Deficiencies

On a slightly lighter note, we can take a quick look at deficiencies in nutrients. It is also known as malnutrition. Primarily, it is the body not receiving enough of a particular nutrient.

It can cause unexplained weight loss also. You should always try to have a diet rich in nutrients to stop the chance of this happening to you.

You need to eat the best breakfast foods available and also some healthy food for lunch as your diet must be a balanced one.

Ignore the reference to weight loss in the first post as I am aware you need to gain it, but please be aware that the foods which are suggested help to make up a balanced diet and this is what you need, for sure!

If you are going to change your diet, then it is always a good idea to talk with your doctor or a dietician if you have one, about the alteration.


Diabetes is a condition whereby you are producing too much glucose for your body to use up. It is carried throughout your body by the blood.

It happens when the bodies organ, the pancreas, either does not produce enough insulin or in fact, provides none at all as is in some cases.  The hormone insulin allows the body to absorb the glucose that is in the system.

When the glucose does enter the cells, it is used by them as energy to help us perform our daily routines such as going to work.

So if you have diabetes, then what happens is that the body does not correctly use this glucose, so it saves it in the blood. That is where it can get to very high levels. This glucose will also not be in use as fuel for energy.

Type 1 Diabetes And Type 2 Diabetes

There are two main types of diabetes, and they are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. T1 is what is known as insulin dependent. It happens when the bodies pancreas produces no insulin at all.

It is very VERY important if you think you may have diabetes to have the diagnosis as soon as you possibly can. Because it only gets progressively worse if you do not treat it.

Children, unfortunately, often have type one diabetes. Hence, it is one of the early onsets of juvenile diabetes.

So, with the pancreas not producing any insulin at all in type one diabetes it has to be from somewhere else. However, the only way we as a species can locate it is via injection. Hence the insulin-dependent name.

Type 2 diabetes is not insulin dependent. It is by far the most common kind of diabetes, usually appearing in people over the age of 40 although it can you can have the diagnosis at an earlier age than this.

With type 2 diabetes the insulin either does not work correctly, or there is not enough producing of it. That is because it will absorb the glucose by the bodies cells.

Diabetes Effects On A Weight loss

Let me start this section off by pointing you in the direction of a fabulous website that will explain all about diabetes and unintentional weight loss. The site to which I refer is called diabetes.co.uk

A steady decrease in our weight using nutritional changes and some exercise as I have said throughout this website is considered very healthy and a positive for our health.

(Heart, Cholesterol and blood pressure) but, what you may be completely unaware of is that getting healthier in terms of getting “healthier” and losing weight reduces insulin resistance.

So in short, we do not want to be very resistant to insulin. Because it will result in us needing higher than normal levels of it for it to enter our cells to convert into energy for us to use. Hence type to diabetes occurs. It can and does happen in a very inactive person.  BUT –

Although you can look at unintentional weight loss, if anything, a benefit to people with diabetes, it can be awful for it as well. People with high blood sugar tend to urinate more than the average person.

That then leads to dehydration which has links to an unhealthy weight loss — also, muscles breakdown which too can cause weight loss. As we should know, muscle is even more substantial than fat.

Have a professional look at you if you have concerns

The Chemical Dopamine

What Is Weight Loss About – Parkinsons Disease

Again, very simply put Parkinson’s disease is one that affects people who do not have enough of the chemical called dopamine in their brain. That is due to some of their nerve cells have died.

A common trait of people with Parkinson’s is that they take longer to perform movements and indeed tasks in general certainly more extended than it has would previously take.

Although there are countless studies and lots of research, we’re still not aware of why we contract Parkinson’s to start.

The primary and most noticeable symptom of this disease is the dreaded tremors — a constant shaking. You can usually tell a sufferer of this disease by taking a look at the hands.

It is possible to have Parkinson’s yet have absolutely no tremor. Although it is uncommon, it does happen.

Parkinsons Disease Effects On Weight Loss

Weight loss is something of a common occurrence with people who have Parkinson’s disease. The theory behind this is that we ingest fewer nutrients and expend far more energy. That will result in unintentional weight loss.

  • Tuberculosis

  • Hypercalcemia

  • UC (Ulcerative Colitis)

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Crohn’s Disease

  • Celiac Disease

You could always try some of these supplements BUT make sure that you consult your medical professional before you start taking them. IT IS A MUST DO!


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