Are Biscuits Fattening? The Easy Answers To Your Questions


Are Biscuits Fattening?

When you ask, are biscuits fattening? You are requesting a very open-ended question. That is because there are so many different types of ones available for us to eat.

I do know from personal experience just how bad they really can be for your weight. As I put on weight over the 7-8 months, I was eating them. On average, half a packet every day.

Are Biscuits Fattening?

I would go to bed at around four in the afternoon. And, then, I would snack on the biscuits to approximately nine at night. That would be a part of my daily thing. I have explained a little about me over on that page.

Now, I am an ectomorph (slim), ?or at least I certainly was before I began eating biscuits. That is why I KNOW what I am talking about when it comes to putting on weight. I do.

I have since then found out chocolate biscuits are awful for you. As it is full of trans-fats, and the chocolate is of poor quality.

Pink Wafers, You Are Aware Of  The Ones  I Mean?

My favorites were the chocolate biscuit and these pink wafers, which you can buy. However, when I began to put on weight, then I would need a significant rethink of my eating habits. But, they were just so lovely, So, continue eating them I did, for a time at least.

Although I am telling you my favorite two kinds of biscuits, I did not care about which ones I was eating. Even though I knew they were adding to my already growing size.

You could say the bad habit I was in was because they had become comfort food. I felt horrible about life in general after my accident, and they seem to offer me some pleasure.

Well, in a seven or eight months time period, I had said out loud enough is enough. I was over 14 lbs (that is 1 Stone UK).

I feel this gives me the right, and the knowledge through being there to answer your question are biscuits fattening based on my unintentional findings, YES?

Are Biscuits Fattening? They Have Trans Fats That Are, Yes

Since then, I have found out, like cakes, they have a lot of trans-fats. That is terrible fat which the body doesn’t need. You will store it as fat. Therefore, it will have you piling on lots of weight,

something I found out the hard way, much to my horror.

As a matter of fact, please listen to what I am saying? Biscuits are fattening, especially if they just so happen to be one of your favorite snacks. Be very careful about how many you eat!

The advice I and many other nutritionists and medical professionals are to stay away from them if you are on any diet. They will go against your efforts for the weight you are trying to lose.

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