Are Smoothies Fattening? This Info’ May Surprise You


Are Smoothies Fattening?

So, are smoothies fattening? Well, smoothies are fantastic, so they say. They are a way to get in your body all of the vitamins and minerals you ideally need to function best. What I will say is this, if you are buying your smoothies. Then, you put yourself at risk of not receiving all of the benefits of a smoothie.

For a start, when you juice a fruit (If you are making your own which is better), you are removing most of the fiber which contains a lot of the nutrients, so blending is a much better way to keep this and a part of the drink.

Are Smoothies fattening? It May Surprise You

If you are buying your smoothies then, also, you need to look to see if they process the fruits. If they do, it is no good!

The scientists will claim the juice from a smoothie contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and also sugar from the fruits. We absorb the sugar differently to when we eat it. In which case “It may not be any good for anyone who is maybe thinking about controlling their weight.” Moreover, it was also a contributing factor to many other diet-related issues.

That was both a big revelation and a shock to me.

Surely the simple smoothie was not  BAD for us, So I read into the matter some more.

  • Point number one, beware of the amount of your sugar intake. Adding sweeteners like honey, for example, will only increase the sugar levels, beware of this.



  • Make your own if possible as store-bought smoothies contain a lot of sugar already. They can have up to 58 grams of sugar in a 16-ounce bottle. That is very high indeed.


  • You get the vitamins and minerals from many different fruits. Often receiving a variety of these, more so than you would if you were to eat one or two of them.


  • The blades destroy most of the insoluble fiber. That, in turn, means that a gel that is on the inside of the intestinal wall. (Which acts as a barrier for sugar absorption). Well, it cannot form correctly. And so, the body absorbs the sugar at the highest rate. It is too much for the liver. It will force us to store the excess sugar as fat around the organ itself. Are smoothies fattening? Well, they could be.

But though, this cannot spell the end for what people consider the healthy drinks choice, surely not?

Well, it is not all bad news for the smoothie.

  • As I say, there are many smoothie benefits. They are a fantastic way to get all of the essential vitamins and minerals into your system.
  • They are a healthy way to use up fruit that has you get. And stop them/it from going to waste.
  • When you blend a drink, not in a juicer, it will have a lot more fiber. You will not break all of it down. You want to have a fiber intake of 38 grams for a man and 28 grams for a woman.


  • Each serving of fruits,  on average contains 2 – 4 grams of fiber with pears, with blackberries and apples having 5-7 grams. So I’m sure you can imagine how much you are getting from a smoothie in the blender. You do not destroy it all.
  • When you make your smoothie up, you do have the complete freedom to add whatever and how much of the various items of fruit or vegetable YOU CHOOSE. So use your mind and get creative and enjoy making them. Are smoothies fattening, no they are not.
  • One thing you are going to need to prepare your smoothies is a very powerful blender. Here is my number 1 recommended one. It has to be the fantastic Nutribullet.

To see a fantastic program all about having delicious smoothies, then :

Experts Try To Find Out

You have heard what I have to say about smoothies. However, it would seem to me that the “experts” are just trying to find reasons as to why. Why smoothies are not healthy for us. When in fact they are. Anything which is good always has somebody trying to attach bad things to it no matter what.

I am not aware of whether you are a  diabetic reader, but I will do another post specifically

Take a look at this product to replace any lost fiber.

A Photograph Of A Fibre Replacement Supplement Called Meta Appetite Control


I will end by saying this, one thing smoothies are NOT, is fattening.

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