Best Dance Exercise DVD: 1 To Have Fun And Be Healthy


Have a much smoother, quicker, and above all, more natural weight loss and health challenge with the best dance exercise DVD. As much as you want a slimmer body, you will not get it without some work. You CAN try this guys and GIRLS.

Indeed, doing Zumba is one of the best ways that you can get yourself in great shape. And, who said that working out was boring? Certainly, not anymore. Unlike a lot of other exercises, you can have real fun with this one.

Music? Choose Your Own

After all, when can you choose the pace, intensity, and the music to go along with your exercise? Well, any activity? Yes, indeed, any action. But, most other tasks are severe indeed.

Whereas, this one does not need to be so severe. Being that losing weight is just a big bonus that comes along with you and your time of fun.


Firstly, I will tell you all this, and we should all be aware of this fact.  Zumba is an excellent cardio workout while we aren’t even thinking about exercise. Generally, you have to listen to the beat and let your body move to the rhythm. And, as a result, your heart rate will go up until your body enters the fat-burning zone.

Best Dance Exercise DVD: Just 1 To Consider

Number 1 – Zumba Fitness Incredible Results – Premium Ultimate DVD system.Best Dance Exercise DVD. A Complete System.


Zumba is an excellent choice for anyone who is wishing to lose weight. Or be able to move that much easier. It is not difficult to learn, and you can start to do it pretty much straight away.

In the videos that I have chosen for you above, you really will get the ultimate workout. Of this, there are no doubts. Oh,  I should not forget you will enjoy it as well as losing weight and getting healthier.

The Zumba System will include:

  • Firstly, it has a workout that lasts approximately 40-minutes called the “Quickstart.”
  • A “Burn” Workout. It is around 30-minutes in length
  • The “Express” Workout which lasts around 20-minutes
  • It has a bonus video named “Amazing Abs” which is 15-minutes long too
  • Then there is the “Zumba Step” Video. It features the use of the green Rizer that you can see in the photograph. It goes on for 45-minutes
  • The Rizer is with the DVD system
  • There is a nutrition book as well
  • Moreover, there is a program guide to help you out

However, It Will Also Include

All of this you get with the starter system. You will have it in this best dance exercise DVD. On top of all that you will also get:

  • The “Zumba Max” DVD. With super-fun dance moves and crazy fast beat music. This hour-long live class will push you to your limits
  • Although you will be thinking about resting after that DVD, there is always the option to do the “Crazy Core” DVD. That, too, features the use of the Rizer. It will get you the ultimate results for the core, of that I am sure. The video lasts around 30-minutes
  • And of course, everyone wants the perfect bottom. Well, try the “Glute Pursuit.” It is a 30-minute video that again uses the Rizer. It will concentrate on the glutes and legs — pure brilliance.
  • Moreover, to get you in the mood, and to give you something with which to work out. Yes, there is a CD to0. It is called “Incredible beats.” And unlike some of the more “normal” music. It will feature Flamenco, Salsa, Electro Dance, and many more of the different styles of music.

Near To Conclusion

  • The Zumba “Latin Burst” is yet another 30-minute DVD. It gives you some fast-paced Latino music to provide you with that extra bit of a burst of energy. You will need this to burn those calories off quickly. And if you are to do this regularly, lose them, you will.
  • As well as all of this that comes with the best dance exercise DVD as there is an awesome totes bag too, you can carry around all that you need in the need drawstring bag they will give to you.
  • And finally, there is the Zumba lovers cookbook. There are more than 80 recipes from all over the world. It is all from fellow Zumba lovers like you.

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