What Are The Easy Ways to Lose Weight At Home


There are easy ways to lose weight at home! Now don’t get me wrong here, what I mean by natural, is that it IS easy to have the BEST workouts to lose that unwanted weight.

Yes, that it IS very SIMPLE once you have the know-how on what to do. However, here’s where many people get it wrong. The training and discipline required to do so are NOT secure!

If you’ve read many of the things that people post on here, you must already know by now that there’s no way you’d wake up overnight, and get so ripped and lean.

Like you were a majestic unicorn with six pack abs, you know it takes discipline to eat right and to train hard day in and day out.

These Are Some Of The Easy Ways To Lose Weight At Home

What I’m going to give you here, however, is four things that you NEED to know, right now. So you can quit your gym membership, forget about all the other “secrets” that the other people are telling you, and know the real deal, the real Mccoy, on how “easy” it is to lose fat at home.

Now let Captain Mccoy tell you how it is.

Number 1: Sets And Reps Don’t Matter And Frequency Of Training Rules All.

Go to any gym, or look at an online program and see that you have the plague with how many rest days you should have. Then, how many sets you should do, etc. Let me tell you right now. Forget all those cookie cutter programs.

If you want extreme results, you’re going to have to put forth a great effort. Instead of doing five sets of 10 on push-ups, do things for the time.

Believe me, after you do push-ups or squats, or burpees for a full 5 minutes. Well, doing your best to get as many as you can in that time frame, you KNOW you’ve worked. And you KNOW you’re well on your way to that “easy” weight loss, and right at the comfort of your home too!

Also, all this talk about how often you should train confuses a lot of people. So-called experts would tell you to prepare a body part once a week or train every other day.

Let me tell you right now. If you want to lose any considerable amount of weight in a less amount of time, apart from working hard, you’re going to have to do it frequently. TRAIN on most days.

That doesn’t mean to kill yourself every day, it is that you must listen to your body. Push yourself on days you feel good. However, do something light like go for a pleasant walk or go on a bike when you are sore and less energetic.

Number 2: Always Do Full-Body Movements, Don’t Do Isolation Movements

If you want the most bang for your buck and make weight loss at home easy. Because you’re going to have to use movements that use every muscle in your body at once, as opposed to something that only targets one part.

Examples of full-body movements are Bear crawls, push-ups, squat thrusts, burpees, sprints.

Examples of isolation exercises (Movements that only target one muscle)are bicep curls, pectoral deck flies, and also crunches.

easy ways to lose weight at home without the use of a gym
If it’s good enough for the military, it’s good enough for you.

Using every muscle at once demands a lot out of your body, and sticking with those full-body movements and hammering them is going to burn more calories in training and after training, and get you much faster to your weight loss goals — 30 minutes of burpees versus 30 minutes of crunches.

Trust me the burpees will beat the stomach crunches whenever your goal is to get those abs, and for the ladies, that firm hourglass figure.

another example of an easy way to lose weight.
You can even do your burpees at the beach while watching the gorgeous women.

Burpees, for the uninitiated, is performed by squatting down, hands touching the ground, kicking your legs back, so you’re now in a pushup position, doing a push-up (if you have the strength), bringing your feet back to your chest, and then jump up. That’s one rep.

Number 3: No Fancy Gadgets

There are so many gadgets out there, and daily, there, it would appear, to be new ones that pop up on the late-night commercials. Let this be a general rule for you when it comes to what to buy: Stick to the basics, and if it costs over $500 or has “x number of easy payments” don’t buy it.

Having said that, So, three things I recommend that will last you a lifetime and will make your weight loss at home much more manageable, other than your body weight.

1/2 50L BEER KEG


A beer keg will be all you might ever need. Why? You can do ANY exercise with it that you would at a gym and MORE! Also, you can bear hug carry it; you can squat with it bear hug style or on your back like a barbell squat, lunge with it, you can press it over your head, throw it up to your shoulder, do rows, etc.

The keg can even weigh over 100 KG (220 pounds) if you fill it with sand, and if you fill it almost full with water, you have a super core blaster because while the water sloshes around, your abs have to stabilize it no matter what exercise you do.

If you want grip strength, and a rock hard, functional core, then the keg should be done


lifting the the sand bag is yet another easy way to lose weight.

Sandbags are just like the keg except you can add even more to it if you chose. Not only that, but at higher weights, they become more awkward to handle, forcing your body to work harder, and in turn making your weight loss at home more comfortable.

Buy an army duffel bag, two heavy-duty contractor rubbish bags, zip ties, duck tape, and some play sand from the home depot.

Put the contractor bags in your duffel bag, dump the sand in, close bags with zipping ties, roll the top of the duffel bag, and duck tape the hell out of it. Now, you have one of the ultimate tools there is.

Instead of buying a 20 kg weight plate that costs you almost $100, you can get 20 kg of sand for $10 or less and adjust as needed.

Jump rope

One of the best cardiovascualar workouts to help you to lose weight.

A simple jump rope will whip you into such fantastic shape that the treadmill has no chance. Almost nothing else comes close when it comes to building that athletic, ripped body.

Not only that, but it’s fun, and you’ll look cool too when you start learning tricks that you see Rocky do. If it’s good enough for boxers, MMA fighters, and good enough for rocky, then it’s good enough for you. Once you get past the learning curve of knowing how to jump rope, you’ll see what it is about this rage.

Number 4: Keep Nutrition Simple

There are always new dietary fads out there, and nutrition is a complex subject, but here’s the best advice that you can always count on when it comes to an easy way to lose weight:

Don’t overeat, eat until satisfied and not full, and stick to fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, and also nuts. Drink plenty of water. That’s it, and that’s all.

Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want and never get packaged meat. CHEW your food too! Don’t just shovel it down, chew it. It will cause you to eat less than you usually would. That, in turn, means it will make you lose your weight that much easier!

And there we have it. 4 things that you can use as gospel that is a sure-fire way to get you into the best shape of your life at home! The only thing stopping you is you, so go ahead right now and do your push-ups, steal a keg at your friend’s BBQ, and become that one step closer to becoming seriously proud in the own comfort of your own home!

Once you have got your diet under control all that you need to have is the other part of the fix. That is for your weight loss attempt to be a success. To what am I referring? The exercise of course.

Check out the reviews at the top of this page and also check out the home gym fitness equipment, I am sure you will find something suitable for your budget, and more importantly, you.

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