Gorilla Diet For Humans: 1 Way To Lose Weight Naturally

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Gorilla Diet For Humans

The Gorilla diet for humans, People will say that eating the gorilla diet for humans is the best way. Because you will live longer and have less illness, thus, you can lose weight naturally when you follow this diet.

(But hold on, you say nothing about being able to lose the weight naturally?) No, not yet, but in this post, as a matter of fact, it will all become clear. So, read on, and I shall tell you all about the diet and just how good OR bad it is for you.

For around 2.5 million years, our ancestors would eat these foods in the “New” diet. I say “New” because until recently, no one would pay a lot of attention to this old diet for humans. Only, with us as a people, ever looking for a new and healthy way to lose weight. Well, this is when we became aware of it.

Although I must ask, were you?

This paleolithic era, as the name went by, finished around 10,000 years ago. However, in more recent times, we have forgotten the “Paleo” diet in favor of quick and easy-to-cook foods. As we went through the process of evolution, so the old healthy menu for humans was all but forgotten.

The Gorilla Diet For Humans

When you are thinking about starting the gorilla diet for humans, you need to think of these good points. Not only will it lower the risk of suffering from a heart attack, having diabetes, or indeed having dementia when older. It is so good for you that there is an excellent chance that it could add years to your life.

Now, just a point that I wish to say straight away. The gorilla diet for humans may not be for everyone, but it is, as a matter of fact, one of THE most healthy ones that you can do. Just think for a minute, there is no excess sugar nor fat.

And there are no artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers, or indeed anything of the “Junk” that you will get in some of these modern-day foodstuffs.



There is nothing quite like the gorilla diet for humans. Eating healthy foods is always going to what I will say that you should do. Come in and read this helpful info. Read all about the benefits that eating like the master primate could give you?

You must have heard that the Gorilla is the largest primate in existence today, but do you know they are one of the closest animals to humans? Shockingly, the DNA of Gorilla is almost 98% the same as humans!

The same DNA means that their body chemistry and ours are nearly the same. Gorillas have the same digestive system that we have as well. Surprisingly, Gorillas do not eat meat or flesh. They are herbivorous!  However, some Gorillas recently have been discovered they do eat meat.  

The diet that gorillas follow is has a very similar protein content. Very similar indeed to the one that the American heart association says we should have. Surely now, this has to be a good thing, right?

The AHA (American Heart Association) suggests that we, as humans, have around 15% of our energy intake from protein-rich foods. It is very close to the average protein intake of the gorilla, which is 17%. Therefore, you should eat more protein-rich foods to be lean.

The Gorilla Diet Is Mostly Plants

You must be thinking that how can gorillas grow up to be so big and rough-tough without consuming any meat (other than a few termites), any eggs, any fish, or any dairy products? New information has led us to discover that some gorillas do eat some meat.

When gorillas were first in captivity in North America and European zoos, they used to eat the same kinds of foodstuffs that the local people were consuming. As a result, they started suffering from the same types of diseases that are the leading causes of death in Europe and the US.

Gorilla Diet For Humans, A Natural Diet

Switching the gorillas back to something like their natural diet would help to enhance their health. The same thing is happening with human populations — switching to a plant-oriented diet as a result of food rationing.

Everybody knows that Gorillas are huge weight-lifters, whereas non-specialists excel at long-distance running. The reason behind it is the gorilla’s leafy diet — One that scatters enough protein to build muscle.

In contrast, human beings eat more starchy staples such as rice or wheat or corn, potatoes, or sweet potatoes to get the same kind of energy.

Eating the same as the giant gorillas can help you to restore your health. And, who knows, the Gorilla diet might add some more years to your life by dropping the risk for killer diseases like heart attack, diabetes, dementia, and stroke as I say.

As per the gorilla diet, plant foods are approx. Sixty-four times more antioxidants than animal foods. If one gets most of his nutrition from whole plant foods, then he can quickly get a big bonus, instead of heavy baggage.

  • Lose Weight,
  • Maintain Blood Pressure
  • Live Longer
  • Prevent and Treat Diabetes and Heart Disease

We all know that it is very hard to have an exact diet like the Gorilla. And, many of us like red meat, so it would be quite challenging to lose it from our eating list.

What we can do in this case is that keep a balance between plant-based foods and non-vegetarian items. Eat both, but try to concentrate more on green veggies (nutrient-dense and has only a few calories).

A typical male gorilla eats 18 kg of vegetation every day, whereas a human male eats around 1.5-2 kilograms a day, so good luck fitting all that gorilla grass in your tiny human belly.

What to eat like gorillas:

  • According to a recent analysis of 17 earlier studies, consuming more low-density foods can be the best way to lose weight. Eat grapes more than raisins as a cup of grapes contains 104 calories, whereas a cup of raisins 434 calories.
  • Start having high-fiber foods, as it takes a long time to digest, which would automatically keep you full for longer.
  • When you are consuming more plant-based foods to get enough nutrition, energy, according to a Harvard study, this plant foods diet is very beneficial in reducing heart attack and stroke risk by up to 30 percent.

Gorillas can survive on vegetation such as stems, leaves, roots, herbs, vines, trees, and grasses. 67% of their diet is fruit, 17% is veggies, and only 3% is caterpillars and termites. See how much healthier they are. In other words, you to can be when too, you eat an excellent gorilla diet for humans.

Want to be like them, then eat like them!

Good luck!

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