Review Of The Paleo Diet


Review Of The Paleo Diet

This is a great, honest review of the Paleo diet. I suppose the biggest similarity between a standard diet and that of the Paleo diet. Is that it has, of course, come from our best guess of the diets of our ancestors.

WHAT? I hear you cry. No this does not mean a return to the primitive state of affairs that we used to be in. We do not have to hunt for our foods. Just to be a lot more careful about what we choose to eat.


The Paleo Diet Review

Now, this Paleo diet is predominantly meat based and some of its critics pounce on this. Although a large % of essential protein does actually come from plant sources. Then obviously, it is not going to be all meat, is it?

So, what the paleo diet tries to get you to do is quite simply to eat healthy, UNPROCESSED foods, And I am well aware as many of you is that this in itself is not a bad thing at all.

I always say to eat healthily, which is on this whole site. Goodness knows it came to a point in my life where I really needed it.

Whole Grains & The Paleo Diet

And so this recent debate about eating whole grains on the Paleo diet. Well, it is nothing more than some people with a now old-fashioned opinion causing trouble in my opinion.

Don’t Eat Unhealthy Process Grains

Well, mine and that of many others who are very knowledgeable about this Paleo way of eating. Of course, if you are going to eat processed, dyed, heavily preserved, fatty and enhanced grains then they will not be good for you. This is why the person should decide.

Is The Paleo Diet Good?

So, who is the paleo diet for exactly? Well, I guess that you could say this. The target market of this diet is absolutely anyone who is in need. Or has a desire to actually be brave and leave the modern day convenience foods well alone.

Cons Of The Paleo Diet

Choose the natural way.  It attracts anyone and everyone. From celebrities such as Jack Osbourne through to the guy next door who really wants to lose his gut. You name it they try it, and often with a great deal of success.

However, upon further research, I did find all of the Paleo products are expensive. For example, the average price for Tasty face body scrub was a high $39.99. Which I am sure is enough to stop people from entering into it.

Something that they feel they cannot get the full benefit of. Simply because they will not/Cannot pay such a high price for the products that go with the paleo diet.

Something else that I wonder about is what about condiments, as some of these sauces are full of sugar etc. But on my journey of research, I found a site where you can make your own ketchup, mayonnaise, horseradish.

And some Cucumber relish, brown sauce and also mustards (simple, plain and whole grain) So maybe you should check these condiments out?

To Sum Up This Review Of The Paleo Diet

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to your dietary foods on the Paleo diet. This comes from the fact that hunter-gatherers. (Our ancestors) would live on the foods that were available to them whenever there was an opportunity.

To eat healthily you need to be buying unprocessed, unsweetened, non-preserved foods. And they will look just like they do in nature. (Example of grapes)

To me, it seems like there is always someone. Who is trying to bring down or say something bad about anything that is new? I use the word new so carefully. As a matter of fact, it is not new at all as it is merely going back to the OLD way of eating.

And considering it worked well with our evolution. I can honestly see that it is indeed not an unhealthy, bad diet at all. What more proof do you need other than successful evolution. Mind you that opens up a whole other debate.

Once you have got your diet under control. All that you need to have is the other half of the equation. This will then mean your weight loss attempt will be a success. What am I saying? The exercise of course. Go here to read reviews on some awesome equipment. Click the titles or photographs).

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