I’ve Lost Weight How Do I Keep It Off? 1 Way To Find Out


How To Keep The Weight Off

For me to answer the question, “I’ve lost weight how do I keep it off?” Firstly, I must say that this is a great question. And it is one that I certainly will answer for you in this post.

There are millions of people who  DO manage to lose the weight that they want. But, then they gain it all back.

Well, now, there are things that you need to do to keep it off. Although, they will be slightly different to what you have to do to lose it, to begin with, yes?

Otherwise, As A Result Of This Is You Will Gain Weight

Mostly, by typing in, I’ve lost weight how do I keep it off? Then I am aware of the fact that your weight loss attempt will have been a big success. So what is so crucial that we need to know? What do we do next? I’ll tell you.

You see, here I will use an example. It is like when you practice at something. And I mean practice until you are good at it. Then for a lengthy amount of time, you stop doing it. Well, when you return, you find that you do it poorly, right. That is because you have not played for a long time. Your body will “Reset” for want of a better word.

i've lost weight how do i keep it off

It happens to be much like weight loss. When you are conditioning your body through diet and exercise, it will become familiar with the routine of fitness and healthy eating. So, when you stop doing this. The body will alter back to how it was before.

But I’ve Lost Weight How Do I Keep It Off?

Unfortunately, a lot of people will eat healthily and exercise, only during their diet time. And then they will say, “I’ve lost weight how do I keep it off?” But, what most people don’t realize is that they need to be a lifestyle change, A  COMPLETE LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

You must not only do it for a short time. To a certain extent, you have to carry it on. I am not saying that you have to exercise wildly or be very VERY strict with your diet. But you should eat healthily at all times.

We are all, yes, all of us, guilty of eating unhealthily at times. Only some people are liable more than others. But, for us to remain at the goal weight, then we must continue to eat healthily. As I say, it is a lifestyle change.

Do not forget, however, you were doing yourself no favors eating poorly. It was harming you. UNDERSTAND THIS.

No, to remain as slim as you are, you must eat healthy foods for weight loss. Of this, there can be no question at all.

Exercise To Lose Weight Naturally

However, looking at and watching your diet alone will not keep the weight off. You must do some exercise to lose weight naturally and be in the best condition that is possible.

I do not mean that you have to do it as much as you do while you are losing weight. But you should keep a consistent standard of it up.

Although to do this, please don’t think that this will mean that you need a gym membership.  NO, IT DOES NOT, not at all. There are a lot of exercises that we can do at home. Just take one or more of this equipment on offer and USE IT.

You cannot seriously expect to lose weight OR maintain it without exercising if you were to use one of these machines at home. The challenge would be so much easier.

They are all reviews.

Exercise Bike Reviews

Elliptical Reviews

Rowing Machine Reviews

Treadmill Reviews

And in conclusion to this post, I wish to add this. You do the most challenging part and then worry about the next issue of putting it on again. Why? If you do the lifestyle change, then there is no need to concern yourself.

Just think of this. You did not try so hard, only to ruin it all at the end with some weight gain.  Do that lifestyle change, and then things will be OK. So, never again will you ask, “I’ve lost weight how do I keep it off?”

By the way, you are now aware of the fact that I say do some exercise. If you want to make it more fun, then you can try some dance exercise. Do it in your own home too. Just press play and go for it. It will undoubtedly keep you healthy. You will never again be asking, “I’ve lost weight how do I keep it off?”

I promise.

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