I Want It, 9 Foods And Drinks That’ll Help Your Sexy Time


For you to say, “I want it,” well, it is a pretty bold claim to speak. Some people are still unsure about the use of foods for making a person’s sex drive better. But I for one, let’s say, I know what I know. Because there are foods out there that do just this, one such good one is oysters.

1. Oysters Are Great For Saying I Want It

Half A Dozen Or More Oysters On A Single Plate


They will improve dopamine levels in the bodies of both sexes, and this makes the sex drive better. They also contain a good source of zinc. That is very important for healthy sperm, and it will also help the growth of testosterone in men.

Testosterone is the male hormone; estrogen is the female.) They are the ones that make you say, “I want it.”

About A Handful Of Pumpkin Seeds

2. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are yet another kind of food with which you get a better sex drive in both sexes. I understand that you are saying, “I want it” for sure. Oh, and they are high in zinc as well (See the paragraph above).

A Couple Of Pieces Of Asparagus

3. Asparagus

Asparagus also is another that “Help.” Asparagus is excellent for your sex drive. It bears an uncanny resemblance to the phallic shape of the male’s reproductive organ. A lot of testing will show us that they are very high in vitamin B. That is something that will get you in the mood and make you say, “I want it.”

That helps the body produce histamine in which the eating will not only help you in the loss of weight naturally, but also, histamine is crucial for a healthy sex drive.

11 pieces of asparagus

Asparagus (Cont’d)

So go ahead and purchase some and why not metaphorically kill two birds with one stone. They are widely available, as are oysters and pumpkin seeds.

A food (If you can call it that) That will also make you say “I Want it” is what some may consider, a bland stick that is celery. However, there is a method of eating this as it stimulates the production of pheromones in the males cooling system.

Thus, the need for sexual activity from those females nearby grows. I believe that it acts on the primal instinct.

A Bulb Of Garlic With 2 Separated Cloves

4. Garlic

And then there is garlic, and we know this to be the case. It is somewhat of a joke as “Someone having garlic breath.” Surely you have heard that? When talking about a person if their breath is terrible, garlic contains allicin. Which, it is thought, ensures better than the average supply of blood to the sexual organs.

We say this, though, because it does not have an immediate effect on the person. However, when you say, “I want it,” you must eat it for at least four weeks.

An Avocado Split In Half

5. Avocado

The humble avocado is another one. Cool as a natural libido enhancer. Once banned in an area of South America because it would look like part of the male sexual organs. It will boost the libido in both men and women as it has high amounts of potassium in it.

That is common amongst the medical profession for its aiding in the regulation of hormones. A little-known fact is how important a part the prostate gland plays in the male’s sexual well-being, and soy is excellent for increasing the pleasure felt in men. Something that will make you say “I want it” a lot more.

There are many foods available for us to eat for sexual attraction if only we knew which ones would help us to lose weight, right? Well, be not afraid as I will give you some pointers as to the right healthy natural weight loss foods that will make you say “I want it” more.

9 Drinks And Food That have you saying I Want It, Now. A Big Man Standing Next To A Slim And Well Built Man (Cartoon)

Do Not Go For The Short-Term Fix

All too often, we as a species have this terrible way of feeling the need to eat by allowing ourselves a short-term fix, Not even thinking of the consequences and what it might be doing to our body. It is this blissful ignorance that leads some of us getting overweight or even obese.

Most of us, at one time or another, had a crush on someone but not dared to tell. That was because of fear of rejection, whether this is because of our looks or our weight.

The appearance is something that few of us can afford to change. But heavy you are, well, if you eat the right natural weight loss foods. Then you fix this.

Furthermore, Look At These Next Foods

When seeking to attract the opposite sex, the saying rings true that “ You only get one chance to make a first impression,” and this is correct. It does not matter if you have got the best personality in the world. The person won’t get to see it because your first look might not be good enough.

And, let’s face it. We live a world where our looks mean a lot. And our outward appearance does, unfortunately, say that. Well, it comes first in the attraction equation.

If you feel that your weight is an issue, then you can try my foods that you should be eating for fantastic nutritional options.

A Blue Bowl That Is Full Of Cottage Cheese

6. Cottage Cheese

Thatis available in a lot of places and is a vital food to eat. It has a lot of a kind of potassium that the body takes a long time to digest. That then means that you will feel fuller for much longer. And, hence, not eat for a while.

That will then stop you from gaining even more weight.  It can help to regulate your eating habits and then through your exercise, and you will lose weight.

Do I Want It? A Portion Of Salmon Graphic

7. I Want It – Salmon

Fish another fantastic food (Salmon in particular)

It is an excellent source of protein which is the body needs. And it has the bonus of being great for a healthy scalp and beautiful great looking hair.

Several different types of brown loaves

8. I Want It? Yes, But, White Or Brown Bread

Brown An White Bread, But, Which On Will Make You Say I Want It More?Well, now, here is where you need the information to back up your choice. Before you go around saying, “I want it.”

White or brown bread? They Bleach All White Bread, for starters. That means that it is not in its natural state. They remove both the bran and wheat germ from the flour in white bread. Moreover, before the bleaching process, they use something called potassium bromide. We can eat this, although it is unhealthy.

I Want It – Eat Brown Bread Not White

There is only one advantage that white bread has over brown bread. It will have a lot of calcium. But to fix this, the people who will produce have begun adding calcium to their loaves. Problem solved. Is it not?

With the brown bread you buy, always read the label. You are looking to see if it is with whole wheat or wholemeal flour. Being honest, either of these two is excellent. But, if it says “enriched,”

Then, you are getting the same stuff that will make the white bread. It has an agent in it to change the bread color, and that is all. So, when you say “I want it,” then all will go well if you stay away from white bread.

 I Want It Do I? Yes, A Lovely Fresh Glass Of Milk.

9. I Want It? Yes, Semi Skimmed Milk

Most are right in thinking that whole fat milk has terrible effects on us. Especially when you compare it to semi or skimmed milk. Being aware of what I am, I ALWAYS purchase skimmed milk. Some people wrongly think it is terrible for you, and it isn’t.

Although skimmed milk has fewer calories and fat than whole milk, it also has less calcium. If you took the time to read the label, you would see this. So I say that you should ditch the whole milk for the skimmed type. You will save yourself the taking in of lots more bad fats and calories.

I want it? Yes, You Really Need Vitamin A. Because This Photograph Is Of Some Vegetables And Fruits That Contain Vitamin A Such As These Tomatoes, Carrots, Strawberries and Peppers. These All Contain It

Therefore, these are 4 of my top recipe swaps. I am not saying that all cheese and milk is bad for you. It is just that it depends on what you mean by the word terrible.

These are the best four examples of these foodstuffs. “Swapping” to these will most definitely help. Yes, assist you in picking the right foods for sexual attraction, as they will bring out the best in your appearance; moreover, they will keep you healthy inside. It will have you saying, “I want it” a lot more often.

Must Be Pleasing To The Eye

As I say, we live in an age where everything has to be pleasing to the eye. And sexual attraction is no different from anything else in this world. It is how most of us pair ourselves with the right kind of person.

We can trace this physical pairing aspect back to Neolithic times. They used to say “I want it” all the time. lol

All of the foods that are above when you eat them regularly. Well, they will aid you in looking your best for the opposite sex. You may also wish to get some ideas about what foods for healthy skin to consume.

You Want To Have Your Diet Under Control

Once you have got your diet under control, All that you need to have is the second thing. That will mean your weight loss attempt to be a success. I am, of course, talking about the exercise.

Go to this link on some fitness equipment to have in your home gym? Here, you will see some items chosen for you. They will quickly take you to success with your weight loss.

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