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RUNOW Curved Treadmill

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The RUNOW Curved Treadmill

With the RUNOW Curved Treadmill you will burn more calories compared to traditional treadmills.  It also can consume 30% more calories than what you do outdoors.  

Even more good news it boasts that it doesn’t affect your ankles, knees, hips, or back!

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Included in this article:

  • Pros & Cons
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is It Worth The Price?

More Info Discussed

Discussed In This Article:

  • Does it help with Toning?
  • What’s Included?
  • Pricing


Is The RUNOW Curved Treadmill Worth It?

While there are other treadmills out there that help lose weight, burn calories, and have features this treadmill does not.  You must look at all the benefits vs features.  Some personal trainers swear by this machine and with its more calorie-burning design you will shed pounds faster thus saving you time on your workout.

This machine is good for those who are dedicated to losing weight and/or staying in shape.  No treadmill will lose weight for you, so as long as you set goals that are easy to do with the built-in LCD display that tracks your goals, times, and calories.

Why The RUNOW Treadmill?

The design of this treadmill really has the user in mind.  Its easy operation and less impact on your knees, back, hips, and ankles makes this treadmill a must for those with predisposed conditions even the elderly can exercise feely.



After the pros and cons, we’ll see if it’ll be taking your money, but not adding anything useful to your life?

With its no electricity design you won’t be paying for energy.  It also has zero maintenance so you won’t be getting dirty oiling the machine as other treadmills require.

Multiple running modes, double training, correct running posture, and widen running platform as well as it’s anti-skid & shop absorption make this a must-have treadmill.

Other treadmills have different speeds which means it’s not a natural run.  You don’t actually get all the benefits of running and can also pose a danger or hazard of falling off or being thrown off by the machine.  The RUNOW doesn’t use electricity and you can run at your pace which is much more natural thus it burns more calories than most traditional treadmills.

12 Exercises In One Item

I will say this. Think long and hard as to where else you will have so many workouts. Well, in other words, Wonder Core 2 is a 12-in-1 muscle toning system. I’ll tell you, shall I? There isn’t anywhere else.

  • Workout your arms with this fitness equipment
  • You can do rowing with this machine.
  • And, that means it is for your back muscles too.
  • It is for both stretching, as well as a full-body workout.
  • In these other Wonder Core 2 reviews of this fitness kit, they will tell you that as well.
  • And, as we should be aware, push-ups are excellent. Your armschest, and your shoulders will become much bigger and stronger. It will take so much longer for them to grow tired as well. So use Wonder Core 2 to have the best ones you can.

Use Wonder Core 2 At Least 7-Hours A Week

It is always better to use it for long spells. Although you can cut and run with only 7-hours per week. However, that is the least amount of time that you need to have some abs you can see.

Although you need to eat healthily too, I cannot say this enough. Why? Because there is no point in buying the Wonder Core 2 exerciser if firstly, you don’t sort that out. That is a fact.

There is a saying, “YOU CAN’T OUT-TRAIN A BAD DIET.”

Click on the link below to read about some healthy foods to eat to lose weight. It will be a choice that you will be happy about in the future. Be sure to include some of them in your diet as they will be of benefit to you.

Have You Seen Before And After Pictures?

You have no doubt seen the Wonder Core 2 fitness Kit in ads on the TV. But does it help you? That’s the question you have. Well, first of all, we will look into the features that it has.

You’ll need to learn what it allows you to do to get that slim and healthy body. Because let’s face it, nearly everyone on this planet wants people to look at them. You know what I mean, to think, “Wow, he’s looking good.”

Is Your Belly To Big?

Is your belly too big? Does it stick out, leaving you feeling aware of it all the time? Well, do not worry about it. Because, if you read any Wonder Core 2 review, then be sure it’s this one. That’s when you will see if it is for you.

It will help you to grow your abs, yes, it will help you gain muscles in the stomach.

Wonder Core 2 Features

This Wonder Core 2 review that you will read will list its many features.

  • You use it for toning, and to strengthen your abs and core muscles.
  • You can do Ab Tucks on Wonder Core 2. (Ab exercises)
  • Or, you can do sit-ups/Crunches, which are the best exercises for getting a flat belly. However, you should not forget that your diet will play a big part in this. As the lower body-fat % you have, the more you will be able to have abs that you can see.
  • Work out your arms.
  • You can do rowing with this machine.
  • And, that means it is for your back muscles too.
  • It is for both stretching, as well as a full-body workout.
  • In other Wonder Core 2 reviews, they will tell you that they can do push-ups with it. So, you can have bigger arms.
  • And, as we’re aware, push-ups are excellent. Your armschest, and your shoulders will become much a lot bigger and stronger. They will also not tire out as quickly.

It is always better to use it longer, although you can use it for around an hour a day. However, that is the least amount of time that you need to have some abs that you can see.

Remember, with the exercise thing, not only does it look excellent, you will be healthier too. That is, of course, if you use it a lot and use it the right way.

Wonder Core 2 Pros and Cons

After reading one of these Wonder Core 2 reviews, you will learn how you can buy it and then start to use it.

Firstly, the back design is for comfort while you are training.

You will also get a FREE exercise guide telling you about the exercises that Wonder Core 2 will do with you.

There is also a FREE workout DVD with it. There is a low-impact and even a higher level workout. The low-impact one is perfect for the person who is new to fitness and working out.

There is an extended range of motion, as I am saying in the next bit to tell you of its importance.

It features a built rowing machine attachment with dual resistance bands. That should be a big part of your total body workout.

It will act as an ideal guide for you so that you can look at it as your fitness manual. Therefore, you will do everything so much better.


  • Seeing that you may be new to health and fitness, it will also give a FREE 7-day meal plan as well. How good is that? It is, I think you will agree?
  • It will allow you a full range of motion. That is super for the best results for all your hard work.
  • You can target your whole core group of muscles when you use it correctly.
  • It has an excellent system, to both help and protect you on Wonder Core 2. Because with the springing support to helps you do the exercises, it will be just like having what they call a spotter. That is someone down at your local gym, which helps you with your weights and checks that you are OK.
  • In other words, you will have that extra helping hand.

As an example of this, when you are doing a sit-up, Wonder Core 2‘s flexible support helps to lift you back up. Because, at first, you may find that challenging if not, impossible.

  • The rollers that you will rest against for the support are very comfortable. That means you will do the best possible workout. Try reading this Total Gym XLS here for some more top-class equipment as well.
  • It will also have a built-in twisting seat. That will make it so simple to get on and off the product.
  • It is compact.
  • Wonder Core 2 is around 3-feet long x 1-foot in width x 1-foot deep when it folds. In other words, it is so easy to store.
  • The shipping weight of the item is 1.4 kg.


  • It is a shame, but this item will not suit tall people. You will not fit on the kit.
  • Even if you are under the weight limit, but are over 6ft, you will struggle to use this.
  • With the Wonder Core 2 weight limit being 264 lbs, if you weigh more than this, it won’t suit. We are sorry to bring you bad news.
  • The kit does have a 3-year warranty. However, this does not apply if you choose to pay in bits over 5-years.
  • Some people on Amazon say that it is poor quality. Seeing that they say this, it is something to think about, at least.
  • The people who will make Wonder Core 2 say something silly. They will speak of doing “Double the workout in half of the time.”
  • Sorry, this isn’t true. There is only one way of doing this. And that is by doing HIIT. (High-Intensity Interval Training).

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

That is when you do the exercise with as much effort as you can. However, only for a short time, and please, do not worry. Why? The time that you can do will get longer as you improve.

It is excellent, especially when you are trying to lose weight and grow muscle.

It is in a beautiful yellow and black color too. Nothing too fancy, as it is there to be useful, not pretty.

Some People Will Ask?

They will ask questions like, “what will you have when you buy Wonder Core 2?”

Well, let me tell you –

  • Equipment to do many exercises on
  • A sturdy piece too
  • And, one which you can store out of the way with ease

Wonder Core 2 Frequently Asked Questions

If you read the comments carefully, they will answer the question of what is Wonder Core 2 about, of course. These are genuine and by real people who’d either buy or are looking to own one. They will all be honest comments too.

You should read them and absorb what they disclose. Because undoubtedly, the reviews will further develop your knowledge about this product. And, we are all aware that the more you learn about a product, then, your decision becomes much more comfortable.

Yes, as you know, it enables your choice to be that much more straightforward.

Nevertheless, ultimately, the judgment is yours to call. Do you wish to acquire the gym equipment or not? Because at the end of the day, you would arrive at this page because you want to possess some abs. The Wonder core 2 is the best opportunity you will have at crafting them, no doubts.

In fact, no, I won’t, what I will do, however, is post such questions instead. Each is having their answer after it.

Yes, it does, as the support it has will guide you back up to the position you would start.

But, if you are not sure, read the Wonder Core 2 review carefully, as well as asking your Doctor. That is, of course, if you have existing medical conditions.

My reply to this is, yes, it will. The fitness equipment is also useful to perform along with some other exercises as well.

From the start, you will feel the change, no doubts at all.

It can have up to 264 lbs on it.

Yes, it does. The DVD has beginner and advanced user features. And, before you buy, think about what you are going to have. Can you see yourself owning it? If yes, then go for it.

Yes, you can still use it, because people that have had shattered bones in their back will say they are managing to use it.

No, it does not cause any discomfort to your back, as the support with the machine will ensure its protection.

Yes, there is a free chart telling you how to use Wonder Core 2.

Yes, it does sound brilliant, and that is because it is. You will be able to prepare the Wonder Core 2 very quickly. Although, the only way that you will be a winner is if you use it.

Yes, you can get parts pretty quickly for the Wonder Core 2. These are available direct from the manufacturer’s website.

Eat Healthy As Well As Using Wonder Core 2

You need to be eating healthily, too, and I cannot stress this enough. Why? Because there is no point in purchasing the Wonder Core 2 exerciser if firstly, you don’t address it. That is a fact.

Click on the link below to read about some healthy foods to eat to lose weight. It will be a decision that you will thank yourself for in the future. As you should try to have some of them in your diet, they will benefit you.

More Reasons You Should Own It

Why is that then? Well, let me show you all of the reasons you should buy the product. So far, I discuss what this item can do for you. However, heed this, no amount of exercise will give you a six-pack if at first, you don’t initiate a nutritious diet.

However, right now, you are maybe betwixt and between as to whether to buy one of these things. But allay your fears, you must read this first, as I will go into EVERYTHING. Because, Wonder Core 2‘s price is excellent, so, please, read on for more.

  1. Of course, it will work for you because it will help to strengthen your stomach muscles. Have a try with it. Wonder Core 2 has to work because it primarily works out your abs.
  2. Now come on, it is hard to have any money limit for your health and how you look. So, if you want to look and feel better, then this is for you.
  3. And to answer the third thing, there is a complimentary return on Wonder Core 2, and 100% money-back promise too. That is if it is WITHIN 30-DAYS. So, if anything is non-functioning with it, then do not worry, because you will have a cover.

Have Any More Questions About The Wonder Core 2?

I relish the fact that you will be enjoying reading this Wonder Core 2 review. It should answer multiple questions that you may have. So please, go ahead raise your query below.

Try and recall what I am saying to you if you hit a roadblock while you are thinking about it. Ask any queries you may have at all about this equipment. You will not face any rejection whatsoever. I will assist you and will respond to you quickly as well.

An enormous number of people incorporate the assistance of Wonder Core 2. So yes, it will bring contentment and value to your life. Because when it is contributing, you WILL develop your Rectus Abdominis, no doubts at all. (Your Stomach muscles, in other words, both the upper middle abs.)

Remember, it has 180 with an extended motion for the full exercise.

Wonder Core 2 Pricing

The Wonder Core 2 Pricing is pretty competitive compared to other all in one exercise machines out there. It provides GREAT value for money. For the latest price, please click THIS link.

Wonder Core 2 is a great overall home machine. What makes it so attractive is the Wonder Core 2 Price. It will do most workouts you need to lose weight in the comfort of your own home.

Is The Wonder Core 2 Worth Buying?

We think that overall, it is a remarkable buy. Although, that is if you do not weigh over 264 lbs. Wonder Core 2 will offer you the ability to try so many different exercises that can only be a huge positive.

All in all, the Wonder Core 2 price is excellent. Why do I say this? Because of the number of exercises that you can do.

It is also excellent because it is a modest size. Moreover, it mainly concentrates on the area that you are so desperate to improve the most, YOUR ABS.

Wonder Core 2 Conclusion

We hope that this Wonder Core 2 review helps because it’ll offer you some good advice. So, with this in mind, if you buy it or not, we wish you good luck.

So, there you have it, and I hope that the post on this fitness equipment gave you a lot of value. The aim was to help you with your buying decision, so good luck. Remember, you should have some joyous times ahead with your Wonder Core 2.

Use it to grow them, train hard, and you can show them.

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