Is Ice Cream Bad For You? Read About It Here


Is Ice Cream Bad For You?

Now, I must say that nothing quite beats the refreshing taste of one in the heart of a hot summer day, but is ice cream bad for you? That is the question that I aim to answer for you.

The selling of this delightful ice cream started about 90 odd years ago when it rapidly became a big part of the foods eaten in American society. But, it does not, however, target just the older generation, it has become multi-generational with children loving it just as much as adults.

It may to some seem odd but if you think about it part of the reason that it is still eaten so frequently even in this horrible economic climate is that it is a lovely treat, something special. It also helps that it is very very affordable too.

Is Ice Cream Bad For You?

Well Is Ice Cream Bad For You?

Ice cream makers such as Ben and Jerry’s and Haagen-Dazs are to name but two delicious ice creams to eat but they are full fat and therefore in no way good at all for a healthy weight loss diet.

However, I genuinely feel that your desire to eat ice cream will somewhat diminish as I make my next point no doubt. The point that I will be making does not just apply to supermarkets, but it is primarily for them.

It is unfortunate but, the industry as you can, I’m sure, imagine, relies on increasing the shelf life of its ice cream to conserve spending and bring in a lot more revenue from its sales. That means that a vast majority of your ice cream contains a lot of stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavorings, and also sweeteners.Well, is ice cream bad for you?

A Lot Are Not Natural


All of those above are not natural, I repeat, they are not NATURAL. And to make matters yet worse, in the old days the ice cream that you buy from mobile vans was “filled” with pig fat which we know is unhealthy.

Nowadays vegetable oil is often used as the “filler.” Now vegetable oil itself is not awful for you but should be had sparingly. In moderation in other words.

Sadly it happens to be the fact that a vast majority of supermarket brands and even Carte D’or heavily rely on adding this to their “recipes” for their ice cream.

There is something you most likely were well unaware of, but it is genuine.

Here is another fact. Some of the oils used to make up ice cream are of inferior quality and unhealthy. The same oils are used elsewhere in things such as lipstick, detergents, and also margarine. Now come on. Think for a minute, how bad has that got to be?


Is Ice Cream Bad For You

A commonly used emulsifier is Polysorbate80. That has been found to be particularly unhealthy for humans. It can cause anaphylactic shock which in extreme cases is lethal. Not only this but it does have a negative impact on our immune system as well.

A study by the “Allergy, asthma and immunology” journal concluded that Polysorbate80 was indeed an inductor of anaphylactoid reactions.

According to further research that has been carried out in the fields of chemical and food toxicology when rats had an injection of Polysorbate80 shortly after birth they grew to have both internal and external deformities and defects. Surely this cannot be a good sign, and yet we still eat this excellent supermarket “treat.”

Vanilla And Chocolate Ice Scream In A Bowl With Cocolate Flakes Sprinkled On It

Mono And Diglycerides


People use this emulsifying agent worldwide. It does contain monounsaturated oils which are right for you. However, it includes a lot of hydrogenated fat too, and it is this that is very unhealthy, it is. When you have glycerol with alcohol, it then forms an emulsifying agent.

It is regrettable, but most the food oil producing companies use hydrogenated fat oils including Gillco the largest provider of them in the world.

So it should be easy to conclude that generally, ice cream is not at all suitable for you. Especially if it is that you are on a diet. It would be terrible for that

I am not saying never eat ice cream but to eat the stuff in moderation as you have just read, it contains some genuinely unhealthy set of ingredients.

You see, once you have got your diet under control all that you need to have is the other half of the equation for your weight loss attempt to be a success. To what am I referring? The exercise of course.

I am sure you will find something that is suitable for your budget, and more importantly, for you. Go to the reviews in the categories tab in the main menu.


They Might Be YUM,


They’re No Good For Your Tummy.

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