Is Yogurt Fattening, Most Of Them Are


Is Yogurt Fattening?

When you ask is yogurt fattening? It is a hard question to answer. That is because there are lots of different types of yogurt available.

One thing I will say though is this. The cheaper the yogurts are then, the more fattening they will be. At least that is the general rule of thumb as I state in other posts.

Is Yogurt Fattening? Even Low-Fat Options?

The cheaper the ingredients, the lower the quality, and, the so they will have in the extra fat and sugar.

Now we all know just how BAD sugar is in our diet, right? If it is you are not aware of the extent the negative impact of it has on our eating, then read that post.

Now it may be a case of “I am eating low-fat yogurts, so I am fine!” However, you should view these as it is a fact that although the yogurt may be much lower in fat content, well –

Most Yogurt Has Added Sugars, Flavoring, And Sweeteners

The manufacturers (To re-boost the sweetness and flavor) add a lot more sugar to it, and along with even more added flavorings, it makes for a not-so-healthy snack after all. 

I know from personal experience, as I ate a lot of yogurts and biscuits on a more or less daily basis. Not only did my skin get much worse, I slowly began to put on weight as well.

When I finally got rid of them from my diet, I was losing weight naturally without a lot of effort at all. So, this is how I know that yogurts ARE FATTENING, NO DOUBTS.

One Yogurt Occasionally But Do Not Snack On Them Regularly

Now do not get me wrong; I am not saying to not eat a yogurt. I am aware most people like one as an after-meal snack. But, watch how many you are consuming that is all. And do not, repeat, not eat if you are undergoing any diet.

A Photograph Of Some Super Looking Yogurt

Also, there are some healthier ones available to us for purchase, which are of a kind of benefit to using. They contain good bacteria to have healthy guts. But, generally, the negatives outweigh the positives.

I Love It, But Is Yogurt Fattening?

So, what do you do if you love yogurts? Well, let us say, you will no doubt be eating them for the convenience or taste rather than the health benefits they provide you with, am I correct? Well, you should LIMIT your eating of them.

It is when you start eating them every day a problem may begin to happen. Namely, your weight will increase. So please, do not do as I did and eat them all of the time. Turn them into the delicious treat they are meant to be!

After all, an average yogurt has no nutritious value at all, so, other than the fact the foodstuff tastes excellent, there is not a lot of point in eating it. Sure it feels good, but you should be eating them every now and again. That is all.

If it pleases you then why not look at these two posts? One leads to another. Here you will find YET MORE about foods and get ideas as to what you can and should eat, not just when you are dieting. Try reading a list of healthy foods to lose weight. And even if you do not need to lose any, you will still benefit from looking and reading it!

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