5 Motivational Tips For Weight Loss: Put Them To Good Use


I will be sharing with you here some motivational tips for weight loss along with my personal story. The tips helped me shed the much-needed weight.

So I would write them down on this blog. Hopefully, the tips help someone who is stressing out.

Start Your Campaign With These 5 Motivational Tips For Weight Loss

Maybe you have started your campaign, or perhaps you have yet to start it? Whichever one I hope you will find this story inspirational and the tips very helpful.

I will not go into my accident all that much in this post. That is because you can read all about it in my about me page. There you can read all about the traumatic times which I faced.

Now, as I have said before, I started okay, fit, and very healthy. But, after I became disabled, the weight began to pile on me, and my diet was not helping me in the slightest.A Banner Saying "Motivate Yourself"

You see, before my accident, I would not eat well if I am honest. I would eat stuff like chocolate, crisps and pizzas, and so forth.

You see, I lived in the town by the name of Cheltenham. It was what is known as a Regency town on account of its beautiful architecture.

There was, however, one major problem with this quaint town. It was a student town consisting of 8000 students and only around 14000 full-time residents (Correct at the time I lived there.)

Motivational Tips For Weight Loss – University

I was a partner in a relationship there, and she was attending the university, It was the year that all the polytechnics changed over to universities.

Because of her friends, both the friends I had made, we became a part of a large social scene. It involved a lot of drinking, nightclubs, loud music, and generally partying when not at work.

Now, although I was enjoying this carefree lifestyle, my weight was never an issue. For whatever I ate or drank had no physical effect on me whatsoever.

Anyway, this lifestyle went on to last for six or so years. That was before I decided to head back up to the UK Midlands, back to my roots.

It was, again, as I say in the about me page, where myself and a friend set up a business, and on the very first day, I suffered my accident.

It was then that I should have adjusted my diet accordingly as, although I was now disabled, I carried on eating the same junk food I had been eating before this unfortunate event.

Well, I must admit to you that when I first put on a stone, I only noticed actually as when I was wriggling around my bed (dressing)

I could no longer even do up my trousers, never mind adjust my belt as I had previously been doing. So, I took the simple option and located some shorts which were too small to do up.

In A Wheelchair

But given to the fact I was in a wheelchair, there was never going to be the remotest chance of them falling.

So I continued to get away with it and wear shorts for the next 4.5 years. Then I had my annual medical. That said, It was meant to be annual, but the year previous, I would miss it due to a particular illness.

It was to my shock horror there when I would step on the scales (and when I say shock I mean it), I came in at a vast 39lbs heavier. That was an overall weight of 200 lbs, up from 147lbs.Motivational Tips For Weight Loss, A "Conquer Fear" Grapgic

That is 53lbs, which I found incredible as I had not done anything differently. Ah, you see, therein lay the problem I searched and came to realize.

Disabled And Calories

I had not made allowance for being disabled and, therefore, not burning off any calories. “This,” I thought to myself, was a big problem.

However, I went about my daily life without changing absolutely anything at all. My weight increased, but so distracted was I by my computer (which during this period in my life seemed to be my only friend) that I did not notice it going on.

Funnily enough, It was at another medical when I would step on the scales that I had reached a colossal 256.2lbs. That, I thought, was where the weight gain was going to stop – FACT.

So I returned dejected and demoralized about my whole issue with the weight I had gained. So, I took a couple of days to gather myself and, after talking to a gentleman whom I had befriended, decided in my heart to do something about it.

Now this man was a very lean bodied chap who regularly attended the gym. So it was with this in mind that I listened to him with a very open mind and well open ears.

Change Your Diet

I still remember it so well these years later. He said to me, “You need to change your diet and try to do whatever exercises are possible in your present condition.”

I listened, and I listened to all he was telling me, and sure enough, he was drawing a picture in my mind of how I could naturally lose the weight.

I was already taking a lot of medication for the brain injury I had suffered, so more pills were out of the question. Besides, I had already heard horror stories of certain people who had taken them through utter desperation and went on to die.

No, I needed to lose weight naturally so set about adjusting my diet to include plenty of non-fatty and none or low sugary foodstuff. Now we can fast forward several years, and well, I am currently feeling terrific indeed.

Fast Forward

Now we can fast forward several years, and well, I am currently feeling excellent indeed. I have lost nearly 59lbs, and although I still have a way to go, I’m going to see success. Let there be no doubts.

All is now good with my diet, and although I cannot exercise a lot, my sister bought me the opposite of chest expanders with which to try to get in shape.

That combined with half kind of squats (because although walking is impossible, standing is not) makes up for the majority of my exercises, Oh that and some sets of regular stomach crunches.

So I guess now you know how I did it, you are waiting for my motivation tips for weight loss and just how you can do it too.

Tip 1

Restructure, change your diet completely. You can remove the junk foods if you need to, but in all honesty, there are not a lot of us who eat healthy, to start.

So you should think of this as an OPPORTUNITY. Think of the good you will be doing for yourself and those around you. THINK about what I am saying.

What benefit will the others around you get?  They will get you for much longer! Might you already have had your children? Do you not want to see them mature and also maybe have grand-children possibly. Isn’t it worth sticking around and watching them grow up?

Tip 2A Graphic That Says "Smile"

When you think about all of the health risks for the overweight, then it really should become a no-brainer. So please start your attempt at weight loss naturally.

That should be the primary motivator, for no one wants to become ill or suffer for long periods. Heck, you may even develop something terminal. Losing weight for this reason alone should be a significant motivating factor!

Tip 3

Do whatever exercise you can do. Seriously. It is without question that this was a big part of my success as it burns those dreaded calories. And we have at least all heard of those, right?

Just think whatever the discomfort you are feeling during the exercise, it is all worth it to lose your excess weight and “Wear” a much better body as a result. Keep your mind’s eye on the new you and strive towards reaching that image.

Tip 4

Now, this was indeed a big one for me. You need to moderate and control your portion sizes. Reduce the amount of food you are eating. The body DOES NOT NEED the amount you are eating.

You will be practically force-feeding it. Remember this. NOTHING will change if you continually load your plate full of the bad things you HAVE been eating, NOTHING at all.

Tip 5

Now we come to what, in my opinion, is the single most crucial part of any weight loss campaign. The mindset. You must be in the correct frame of mind.

You must be 100% up for the challenge and have the ability to focus, be determined and consistent. For it is without this that all of the other tips I have just stated become useless.

So take some time out to focus, concentrate, and ready yourself for what will be a challenging time ahead.

These are the exact and only steps that I took. Although it took me a long time, please do not forget my disability limits me as to what exercises I can do.

So unless you to suffer a disability, then it will happen a lot faster, and really, there are zero excuses.

You must understand, I am in no way trying to state what is most apparent, but you would have a big surprise, how many people are clueless when it comes down to what steps it is they need to take.

I Am Thick, Not

By no means thick am I, but it wasn’t until I had the message relayed to me it sank in.

I sincerely hope you found my story, and these motivational weight loss tips helpful. Do them, and you will succeed as I succeeded.

You see, once you have got your diet under control. All that you need to have is the other half of the equation for your weight loss attempt to be a success. I am, of course, referring to the exercise.

Go to this link, “Home gym fitness equipment,” to see some hand-picked items which will rocket you to success with your weight loss mission.

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