Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer Review (The xR4ci)


Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer Review

Welcome, ‘Gym-goers’! Greetings to you all for our helpful and reliable reviews. It is not often that we find elliptical machines that have exercise bikes like comfort and recumbent-style design. However, the Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer is just this. And it does enable you to tone up your upper and lower body too.

Thus, improve your overall fitness in such an easy-going way, talking about this elliptical trainer’s pros and cons. The review will help to ease your buying decision as to why you should buy this model.

What Is the Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer?

The Octane Elliptical Trainer is an all-over body workout machine. It offers a high seat position. It is ideal for intense training sessions that one wishes to complete over a series of short training.

Moreover, this recumbent exercise it has one of the most effective workouts while sitting. The Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer lets you position your body that it effectively burns 25% more calories. Thus, this activates three times more muscles if you compare it to other elliptical trainers.

Pros Of The Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer

PowerStroke Technology

  • It has a design to deliver optimal leg extension and engage more muscles. Its 16” PowerStroke technology allows users power drive.

Customizable Fit

  • Fit for users of any level, the xR4ci has 15 seat height positions and five-seat angle settings. Moreover, its built-in software enables users to workout specific training. Just as if you are under the guidance of some personal trainer.

    Workout Booster

    • If you wish to do HIIT-style workouts, there are three workout boosters. Like chest-press, leg-press, and X-mode that you can adjust in the settings. It is by the large display screen that helps monitor your performance.

    6 Diverse Programs

    • Its program menu comes up with a relatively short but vast amount of programs that consist of six choices. Because, with 20 resistance levels to add variety to your training sessions, you will never have any boredom. Moreover, being able to lose weight naturally is a very positive thing. Please, no pills.

    Requires Less Space

    • This recumbent elliptical trainer comes in size 53 (L) × 35 (W), so it won’t take as much space as other elliptical.

Cons Of The Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer

Lack Of Power Incline Settings

  • Like some other elliptical trainers, this machine doesn’t have incline power settings and adjustable stride length.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Apps

  • Likewise, the console of this xR4ci model doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity. It also doesn’t feature apps to monitor users’ performance over time.

Cooling Fan

  • Unlike some other Octane ellipticals, this model doesn’t have a cooling fan.

Key Features Of The Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer

  • Suitable for users up to 300 pounds.
  • 20 resistance levels.
  •  Built-in pulse sensor.
  • Tracks time, calories, distance, and also speed.
  •  It exercises the whole body.
  •  It has a water bottle holder for easy drinking.
  • Large display console

Our Final Verdict of Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer

It is a great trainer. However, it is the most affordable trainer of this style from Octane Fitness. Although, you like the brand and want its state-of-the-art model with a recumbent design.

Then, because you can boost the workout, the x4Rci model is worth considering. Concerning value, this model is the best mid-level elliptical machine for home users and with its smooth ride.

It indeed is an excellent introduction for the gym-goers who are new to elliptical machines.

Of course, like other machines, it does have its bad points. But on the whole, there’s a lot of value to this Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer.

And we recommend considering it for those who want to bring out their best workouts in a comfortable and easy-going manner. It’s a good buy!

So, get healthy with Octane Fitness Elliptical Trainer. Moreover, you should not have to pay the cost of a gym membership. And you can do all those low to reasonably hard workouts in the comfort of your home soon.

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