Proform 935 e Elliptical Trainer: Is This Machine For You?


Proform 935e

Today, the turn comes to give you a review on the Proform 935 e Elliptical Trainer. Our aim in providing this review is to offer you a brief idea for whom this fitness machine is for and what the pros and cons of it are.

And, at the end of the review, we will give our final verdict to ease your buying decision as to whether you should get this model.

Before I continue, I need to be clear on one thing. This review is not pro or anti the Proform 935 e Elliptical Trainer. And, as a matter of fact, though, we will discuss how easy to use it is.

For Whom Is The Proform 935 e Elliptical Trainer?

It has plenty of top-grade features, and the Proform 935 e Elliptical Trainer has this design for fitness trainers and office goers alike. Who wants a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Operating on a rear-drive system, this is a machine that would be best suited to those who are looking to get in shape, tone up and increase stamina afterward, using an intensive cardio regime.

Pros Of The Proform 935 e Elliptical Trainer

Right below this, I write some of the advantages of the Proform 935 e Elliptical Trainer.

Power Incline

The incline changes the slope of your elliptical path. By doing this, you can do different lower body muscle exercises to get a more effective result. You get up to 10-degree incline – and you can change the slope easily from your console or moving your armbars.

Full-Color Console With Web Browser

It comes with a large, multi-color console with a web browser so that you can surf the net while doing a workout. It alone can make your workouts a lot more fun and entertaining.

iFit Life

  • It connects your elliptical to the Internet. Moreover, from there, you can track your workouts over time and set new goals.
  • And afterward, you can even run famous world trails like Paris or Hawaii and watch real-life landmarks pass you by in the console screen!

Arm Bars Control

  • You can easily change your resistance level or incline from the moving armbar controls so that you can continue to work your arms without reaching up to the console.

Easy To Fold Up

  • You can fold it up quickly to save space. That makes it ideal for apartments or smaller workout areas.

Comes Almost Fully Assembled

  • Nevertheless, you don’t want to spend hours putting your elliptical together, do you? No problem. It happens almost complete in the box. So that you can be working out within minutes.

Cons Of The Proform 935 e Elliptical Trainer

Now, I shall write down some of the drawbacks of the Proform 935 e Elliptical Trainer.

iFit Live Subscription

While you don’t need iFit to use this trainer. If you want to try iFit out, it’s about $99 a year.

Hard To Move

Because the trainer comes almost fully assembled, you can’t just move the pieces into another room while joining it together.


Sometimes, it develops squeaking over time, especially when you do excessive and intense workouts.

A little shaky

However, the machine is a little bit shaky. And, as much as this could be a problem for some. Although this will not cause any significant issues. And you will not lose your balance.

Key Features Of The Proform 935 e Elliptical Trainer

  • A 7-inch color touch display with an Android web browser.
  • iPod compatible audio.
  • It has inbuilt iFit wireless technology.
  • An adjustable incline that is adjustable by the angle
  •  A “CoolAire” workout fan for cooling
  •  EKG Grip Pulse that comes with wireless chest strap (Polar wireless heart rate monitoring system).
  •  Soft-touch upper body grips.
  • Transport wheels for portability.
  • Space saver design for easy folding.
  • 30 Workout Apps.

Our Final Verdict Of The Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machines

The ProForm 935 E offers some terrific settings that you can’t find in other brands. Like the full-color web browser, 30 workout apps, and much more.

Plus, iFit will keep you entertained with new world trails to run. And then there is the iPod dock. It will keep you rocking to your favorite workout music.

Although, not only this, this model has a lifetime frame warranty, 3-year parts warranty, and 1-year labor warranty. And, as much as you may want to own one, it may not meet the budget requirements of some.

But, for those that can afford it, there are tons of fantastic training options. They can help you achieve muscle gains. As well as the fat loss you need. Either way, there is enough value in it that it is worthy of consideration at the very least.




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