Progear 555lxt Recumbent Bike: Great Basic Training For You?


The Progear 555lxt recumbent bike is equipment that offers you the chance of setting and chasing your goal. And if it means everything to you, then it is best for you.

Some people like to play with goals, and they love beating them.

It might not be only in the case of their career, but also for everything else, as well as their exercise routine. Recumbent bikes will come with a high price tag that will be costly for the average person to afford.

The Progear 555lxt Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike Photograph

Is The Progear 555lxt Recumbent Bike The Best Option?

But there is a choice with everything, and we have the best option for your exercise. It’s a Progear 555lxt recumbent bike, and, it has a compact design.

Its design is to achieve the workout goals you target. The Progear 555lxt recumbent bike has programs with your time, the calories you burn, and the distance you are doing. You can also program it with workout goals. It will then set a healthier workout session for you.

Exercising benefits;

  • Shed off the extra fat
  • Tones your muscles
  • Makes you flexible and more energetic
  • Improves your mental alertness
  • Helps to skip depression
  • Renders a better living

Dimensions Of The Progear 555lxt

  • Product dimensions: 49 inches length, 22 inches width and 43 inches height
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty
  1. 250 pounds weight capacity
  2. 14 levels of magnetic tension
  3. Widescreen LCD computer display
  4. Steel frame architecture
  5. Tablet / smartphone holder
  6. Expanded cushioned seat
  7. Backrest with cushion
  8. The position adjustment of slider seat
  9. Transportation wheel
  10. Extended pedals
  11. Foot strap for a firm grip
  12. Built-in holder for water bottles
  13. ‘Quiet Drive’ belt system
  14. Recumbent handlebars
  15. Floor adjustable stabilizers
  16. 2AAA batteries included
  17. Tools provided for assembling

A Photograph Of The Seat Of The Exercise Bike

A Rundown Of The Magnetic Tension Bike

A detailed study will help you with a better understanding of the qualities of Progear 555lxt recumbent bike. So let’s take a look:

250 Pounds Weight Capacity

With the steel frame architecture, the exercise bike can comfortably hold up to 250 pounds of weight. So if you are 250 lbs or less, then you can certainly use this exercise bike as a part of your exercising routine. Besides, getting on and down is instead very easy due to the design. The bike supports user height from 5’ to 6’3”.

14 Levels Of Magnetic Tension

None is capable of taking higher exercising session from the very beginning. You need to start with lesser exercises accompanied by the tougher as you gain your confidence over it.

However, the Progear 555lxt recumbent bike comes with 14 levels of magnetic restriction. So you can enjoy your session as a beginner with lighter tension modes and move towards tougher ones as per your expertise.

You can monitor your exercise level in the widescreen monitor that keeps the record of calorie burned, speed, distance, and time. And, moreover, it will come with a tablet/smartphone holder and bottle holder too.

Comfortable Seats And Other Arrangements

For making comfortable seating for all sizes, the manufacturer has added expanded cushioned seats with adjustment facility to make it convenient for every user’s height.  Support for your back at the time of exercise is why the backrest has a lot of cushioning.

And so goes the handlebars, which include the soft recumbent grip that assists with intense workout sessions. Even much attention is on the pedals, which are larger and are accompanied with foot straps to avoid slipping off your foot during exercise. Relocation is not an issue as it comes with transportation wheels.

‘Quiet Drive’ Belt System

The ‘Quiet Drive’ belt system ensures that your machine doesn’t make noise even at intense workout sessions. You can watch television, movies or also enjoy some favorite music while working on the fitness equipment.

Pros: Many, But Here Are A Few That Count The Most

  • Choose your resistance level
  • Comfortable calorie burning process
  • Moreover, it will monitor your health
  • There is a storage facility
  • Efficient equipment at an affordable price

Cons: Negligible

  • User height is 5’ to 6’3” which makes it difficult for those who are not in this range
  • No pulse rate monitoring
  • Smartphone/ tablet holder when used may hide your LCD screen
  • It can hold 250 lbs, which makes it hard for those who are beyond that.



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Our Final Thoughts On The Progear 555lxt Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike

However, I must say that the Progear 555lxt magnetic tension recumbent bike is a useful machine with an affordable price tag. Moreover, you should seriously give it a try. Why, because we are sure that you will have no disappointment with the result.

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