Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike Review: A True Winner


Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike Review

The Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike is most definitely one of my best recommendations. That is because of some great reasons. I will list the target market, the pros and ALSO its cons, rounding off with my final verdict.

The company who develops it has a lot of trusts. They have been doing superb fitness equipment for some time now. The apparatus is for the individual to perform a full body workout/exercise.

Firstly, the size of this product is; Length 59.7 Inches x Width 25.7 Inches x Height 50.9 Inches.

Who Is This Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike For

This Schwinn  Airdyne AD6 exercise bike has its target market. The aim is to help both beginners and those riders with more experience. That means no matter what level you are at you can use all of its many features. Because wow, it will have a lot of them.

As much as I can, I want to recommend it highly it. And following this review, I think that you will like it also. It is for all levels of users because it is a better bike than the old one. Schwinn quite obviously listens to their customer’s views, and it is now straightforward to use.

Yes, they listen.

The Many Pros Of The Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike

  • It is a very compact design. The exercise bike fits nicely out of the way in the corner of your room.
  • It has a big fan, thus giving that extra sensation of real riding with the wind all around you, superb.
  • Takes under an hour to assemble.
  • Infinite wind resistance (the harder you pedal, the more resistance there is).
  • When you compare it to other exercise bikes, the fan is pretty quiet.
  • The onboard fan blows cold air, so it makes you feel a lot more comfortable.
  • Has six automatic program workout metrics to try.
  • The bike has a convenient water bottle holder.
  • Has 4 “feet” for that extra stability
  • The exercise bike feels very sturdy.
  • It is on wheels for secure storage.
  • It is easy to set up and “ride.”
  • The fitness equipment has a superb warranty of 15 years on the frame — also, two years on all electronics, three years on parts, six months of labor.
  • Dual motion (Works arms and legs)
  • The exercise bike has a 300 pounds weight capacity.
  • Although, there is extra padding on the seat to avoid the horrible saddle-sore.
  • There are straps on the self-balancing peddles for total motion control.
  • RPM gauge (How many times the pedals will turn in a minute). That is perfect for HIIT (High-intensity interval training).

 Cons Of The Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike

They Are

  • However, it is quite hard to move around on a floor that has a carpet.
  • The LCD console/Panel is not backlit.
  • The apparatus has a 300 lbs (pounds) weight limit. Which may or may not be right?
  • Reports mention that it is not suitable for anyone under 5 feet 4 inches.
  • If you want to use the heart rate monitor you need the strap, it is available separately.
  • Batteries for the actual computer are not in with the kit.

Final Thoughts

Schwinn is a brilliant company. Trustworthy and reliable and what it is with this Schwinn Aiefyne AD6 exercise bike you can undoubtedly tell where this reputation did arrive.  With the superb warranty, Schwinn has got you for any bad things that may happen with the exercise bike.

I don’t honestly know whether or not the lack of a backlit LCD is terrible. Although, most people like to perform their workout in the evening when the light is not so good. As a result, it is nothing that a well-placed lamp could not solve.

As for the difficulty moving over the carpet, this is something on which I can’t I comment. That is because it would all have to depend on whether you need to wheel it away anywhere. And how much floor space you have to move it across.

As for the “not over 300 lbs (pounds) limit, I honestly feel that commercial equipment is in need in these cases anyway. That is because the person will undoubtedly need to contact very safe and secure. Do you not think?

Questions That People Ask About The Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike

There are six months on the labor, 15 years on the frame. Moreover, there are two years on the electricals and three years on the parts.

No, you do not need a mat as it has leveling screws.

As much as I wish to say yes, in short, the answer is no. Why? Because this bike has a design to exercise both the arms and legs.

No, this exercise bike does not ship worldwide, Although, quite naturally, it sends to the mainland of the USA

Once again, the product size is –

Length 59.7 Inches x Width 25.7 Inches x Height 50.9 Inches.

Overal Score


However, once you have got your diet under control, all that you need is the other half to fix it. That is for your weight loss attempt to be a success. Although, I am of course talking about the exercise. Got to this link “Home gym fitness equipment” to see some chosen items which will have you winning your weight loss mission.

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