Show Me How To Lose The Weight: Do These 2 Easy Things


Show Me How To Lose Weight

When you say, “Show me how to lose weight,” I will think that you are at the Start. At the very beginning of your journey. But something that you should be aware of now, it is not all about how to lose weight fast.

It is about effort and also a lifestyle change. Do these right, and you will see success. Do the two wrong, and you won’t, it is that simple.

I Didn’t Have A Clue Where To Start?

Now, take your time and read on. Because, when I began, I didn’t have a clue where to start either. I was just sure that I would want someone to show me how to lose the weight. I was in real need of some weight loss.

And before I would start, I would be sure to have everything that I would need on my journey. Yes, my trip to a lighter me.

I Was Never More Sure Of Anything

It did seem more comfortable to me in the first place. That is because I had my focus on the one thing that I had to have WEIGHT LOSS. So, in other words. When you become aware of just what goal it is that you need to reach. Then to put, nothing else should matter. Did you arrive at this point in your life yet? If you do, you should be asking, “show me how to lose the weight?”

As you certainly need to. That is when you will feel all-powerful and ready to do anything, be what may to reach your target weight. For it is without a doubt that I am aware of how you are feeling right now. Why? Because I too was there not all that long ago.

That was until I would ask someone, “Show me how to lose the weight?.”  And this is why I am sure that the next two things will be the start of a big success.

Let’s Talk About Stage 1 – The Diet

The words “I am on a diet” are in use far too much these days. Lots of people are saying it all of the time. What most of them mean is, “I am eating normally now.”

Because this much is true. Most of us lead an unhealthy lifestyle these days, with fast foods and easy to cook products everywhere.

Eating Normally, Never?

They eat “normally” (Or as nature would intend) for only short periods. That means that they have broken the first rule of any real weight loss attempt. And just what might that be you ask? YOU NEED TO HAVE A CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE. In other words, when you say “show me how to lose the weight,” you must listen and act.

You see, the people who say that they are on a diet. Well, they do not commit to it being a permanent change. That is where they go wrong. Only when you decide on this change, and for the foreseeable future.  Yes, only then will you see real success. Tour question of “show me how to lose the weight?” will slowly start working now, for sure.

As these people who keep on saying, “I am on a “diet.” They quite obviously do not care about the real meaning behind it. There is no doubt why they are on a diet, and off it again, a lot of the time Because THEY ARE DOING IT WRONG.

When you ask someone, “show me how to lose the weight?” These are some of the things to look for when you choose your foods.

  • Be sure it is low in SUGAR.
  • Be aware of what kind of FAT you are eating.
  • Have foods that have a lot of PROTEIN in them
  • However, go for foods with low amounts of SALT in them.
  • Also, you should choose foods that are low in CALORIES.

You will find that if you follow the advice that is on those pages. Then they will be low in calories anyway.

Some Weights An Exercise Ball Both Ready For You To Exercise That Is On Show In This Photgraph

Let’s Talk About Stage 2 – The Exercise

Now you must do this next step along with your diet. That is so so you can get the best weight loss possible. Don’t get me wrong as you can certainly lose weight with dieting alone.

But, as I say all over this website. It is nothing when in comparison to when you do exercise along with your diet.

As I am saying to you, I too have someone to show me how to lose the weight. However, I was lucky. I had a friend of mine from not far away at all. He tells me everything about diets and exercises too.


I will get advice, even to this day. Why? Because I have the lifestyle change to consider. That is why I do it. He has a fitness background and regularly goes to his local gym. It would happen to allow his brain to fill with all things fitness to grow. An excellent source of helpful information he is.

Although, when we are talking about exercise, you must remember this. Advice only does so much for you as it is you who has to do it. So choose a task or activity. But, think long and hard about it.

You Must Like It

Are you thinking of one, yes? Well, you must like it. It is because you will have to do it a lot and regularly too. Therefore, choosing one that you enjoy and want will mean that you will look forward to doing it. In other words, you will not try and have excuses not to do it. As it is straightforward to talk yourself out of something that you do not like, right?

Of course, it is!

Great, so now you have your diet ready. Then you have the simple things about the exercise. You are thinking already about which  1 or 2 you wish to do. Next, we have the problem of whether to go to a local gym or do some home exercises to lose weight?

Do I Need The Gym

You certainly may have some surprise by my next few comments. But you can leave the gym well alone. For the time being, at least. As you will more than likely be all too aware that you are not in the best of shape.

And, although there is no time like the now to join a gym. (When you are out of shape I mean).You will feel like everyone is looking at you. It will affect how you do your exercises, whether you are getting the most from them. Maybe in the speed, the weight, or the time of them.

You will probably want to avoid feeling like this and get out of there. It is not a good feeling, and I am aware of this.

No, you can most definitely workout at home. And when you are out of shape. Then, you will probably do more of an exercise than when you are down at your local gym anyway.  So, asking someone to “Show me how to lose the weight” and reading this post. They will be your only two choices. Below this will be a list of products that I recommend.

Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Exercise Bike Reviews

Rowing Machine Reviews

Treadmill Reviews

Show Me How To Lose The Weight?

So, you should no longer be asking, “Show me how to lose the weight“? As this post covers everything. Yes, everything that you need to do to start your way to lose weight naturally. It is quite simple. Just do exercise and diet together, and you will be a sure-fire winner, no doubts at all.

Please leave any comments or questions that you may have on this post below, please.

The eBook that follows is not “A diet” as such. However, it is YOURS. A DIET means restrictions, and your DIET is everything that passes your lips. So if you have a healthy one, then everything that goes by your lips is right for you. Read the contents of my eBook and see what you think?


A Picture Of The Clean Eating Guide eBook

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