True Fitness M30 Treadmill Review: Is It Easily The Best?


True Fitness M30 Treadmill Review

Welcome to the review of the True Fitness M30 Treadmill. Often the thought of treadmill will come first when we think of buying fitness equipment.

A treadmill will give you a full-body workout experience, one that’ll help you to be healthy and lose weight. Of this, there is no doubt.

The Treadmill True Fitness M30 Review

It not only works as a calorie-burning machine but also a fitness machine that enables you to stay busy. And, when you long for the best, you need to have the True Fitness M30 Treadmill. (1)

Please, allow me to point out a fact first,


I will be assuming from here on in that these are two things that you want?

True Fitness M30 Treadmill Review

In this True Fitness M30 treadmill review, I will tell you that they gain worldwide fame for their revolutionary work regarding fitness equipment. That is because their machines have great design, quality, and also performance.

The True Fitness M30 Treadmill is undoubtedly one of the most excellent pieces of fitness equipment from the industry leader.

When keeping human needs in mind, it is so that you can have an excellent time exercising. That, in turn, acts effectively towards your body. With this machine being your workout partner, you don’t have to compromise with your needs.

Instead, explore a whole new world of a healthy lifestyle. The True Fitness M30 Treadmill will give you the most comfortable time while you are working out.

An Easy Way Of Burning Fat

You need an easy way of burning fat if you want to be living a healthy life. Indeed, when you have it all over your body, it will have you looking flabby as it affects your outer look. But don’t think that it does not affect your health, as the treadmill review will point out what you need.

In many cases, when you are overweight, that is the main reason for some health issues. So, change it.

In this world where junk, unhealthy foods have taken over the industry, you can’t skip fat intake. No matter how hard you try, these stubborn fats never tend to shed off from your body.

And so, you will need to do some exercise to look good and have a healthier living.

Can You  Afford Lots Of Different Equipment?

Of course, I do not advise different equipment, as having many machines takes a lot of space as well as money. In that case, the True Fitness M30 Treadmill works as the best option. 

It is a fantastic cardio machine. As you may be aware, You cannot target one area of fat. It will leave your body from all over. However, it is a fact that cardio is the best form of exercise for this to happen.

Pros of losing weight

  • It will enable you to have the proper shape to your body
  • Helps in fighting diseases
  • It has you being your more active
  • And, it will boost your mood
  • It will increase alertness
  • You will be ready for healthy living

Treadmill Overall Review

The True Fitness M30 Treadmill fits all your needs for modern fitness equipment. Thus, it will meet all your fitness need as this machine is one that gives you a full-body workout.  The sleek design of the True Fitness M30 Treadmill gives you quick storage.

Moreover, this is a machine that has everything to compete with any other one of its type. Yes, you will have a good time with the True Fitness M30 Treadmill. It will also have a soft deck while you will have firm control over your fitness session.

It will keep the budget low for anyone looking to buy an outstanding machine. Hence, you should look at it as the healthier investment that you make toward your well-being.

The True Fitness comes with a tracking device that monitors your health condition when you are on this treadmill. Thus, the TRUE HRC Cruise control helps in locking your heart rate to your desired point.

The Size Of The True Fitness M30 Treadmill

  • Overall footprint: 74 Inches length x 29 Inches width
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • Warranty:
  • Frame Warranty: Lifetime
  • Motor Warranty: 30 years
  • Parts Warranty: 5 years
  • Labor Warranty: 1 year

What The True Fitness M30 Treadmill Will Have

  • Firstly, it has a 300 lbs user weight capacity
  • TRUE 3hp DC drive motor
  • 110 Volt/ 15 amp dedicated power source
  • TRUE Soft impact system
  • Multi-ply PVC surface Polyester Belt
  • Heavy gauge robotically welded steel frame
  • Dipped foam flared protective handrails
  • Integrated 7” display unit
  • Tracking system
  • HRC Cruise control
  • Performance workouts
  • Weight loss workouts
  • Wireless Polar heart rate monitor
  • 2 Target Heart rate control
  • 0 to 15% incline range
  • 7 Preset Programs
  • It autosaves exercises that will be with it
  • Reading Rack
  • Water Bottle dual holders
  • Bigger accessory tray
  • Safety clip

More On The True Fitness M30 Treadmill

Anyone weighing around 300 lbs can use the True Fitness M30 Treadmill as their perfect fitness machine. Thus, the M30 constructs the treadmill from heavy-gauge robotically welded steel, which means it will last a long time.

It will have a multi-ply PVC surface polyester belt and dipped foam flared protective handrails. These are so you can enjoy this machine better. It is unlike some other treadmills.

Thus, when you consider this equipment as your partner, you don’t have to get off it a lot. Moreover, it has a reading rack, water bottle dual holders, and a bigger accessory tray. It will then mean that everything you need can be close to you.

The True Fitness M30 Treadmill will have a 7” display unit that keeps records of your exercising session along with your health. Thus, you do have full control of your workout, recording your heart rate with the TRUE HRC Cruise control.

It also displays exercises for weight loss, speed, hill, and performance. Also, you have a program for heart rate control. In total, you get seven preset programs along with two workouts you can save.

The M30 Treadmill has a TRUE 3 hp DC motor with a 110 Volt/ 15 Amp power source. The melamine One Deck ensures smoother running with the multi-ply PVC surface polyester belt and TRUE Soft Impact System.

You can go through a 0-15% incline range when you use the True Fitness M30 Treadmill for your workout.


  • First it Will Last A Long Time
  • Secondly. there Is An Excellent Health Monitoring Device
  • And thirdly, the Cost For What You Will Have Is Fantastic


The Noise Could Be A Concern For Some

And Finally, Our Thoughts On The True Fitness M30 Home Treadmill

The True Fitness Treadmill should undoubtedly be your choice when you look for something that will last, within a tight budget. You can give it a try when you are looking out for a top buy.

The machine will give you the best effects, offering a full-body exercise, although the noise may be a problem. However, that’s OK when you get a good result by using it for a short time. I am sure that you will agree.

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