I Want To Lose Weight Where Do I Start? You Have No Idea


How To Start Losing Weight

I want to lose weight where do I start is exactly the question I was asking myself before I started my weight loss quest. I was clueless a novice and was 100 % like a fish out of the water. There was so much information that I was having to read it served only to confuse me more.

Growing up I had always heard the term “research is your friend” Especially through my exams. For some unknown reason, it just came back to me like a distant voice that was shouting “research is your friend”

You To Can Lose Weight Now

Well, I still wanted to lose weight now, but I actually knew where to start to naturally lose it and I grew ever eager to take on the challenge of weight loss head-on.

The first thing that I was going to do was something that had filled me with fear for a very long time indeed. I stood in front of my full -length mirror on the wardrobe door, looked at the pitiful reflection before me and I cried out loud “I am fat and I know it”. I am aware that it is a strange thing that I say next. However, it was like removing an invisible weight from me.

So Heavy

A Weight so heavy, yet I had become used to carrying it and it was only later that with the stress of my father passing through heart failure that I had been questioning my weight several times a day. I really did think to myself “My father lived to a good age but he was healthy. What if you have heart problems?” So immediately I jumped on the computer and began checking for any information on health risks for the overweight.

You see, I was quite happily cruising through life with little care for my health, in fact, I did not care at all and this had now become a big problem. I needed massive weight loss now so I began thinking about it until I could get down no more over it!

So I began to read. Everything I could get up in front of me on the computer and boy was there a lot of information. So much in fact that I had confusion with all facts and figures. All to do with losing weight naturally.

When Saying I Want To Lose Weight Where Do I Start Then Use A Computer Like This Laptop For Research

Time To Change My Diet

So desperate had I become, especially after reading all of the information that I thought to myself “right, time to change my diet!” Now if a normal person like me can find all of these hints and tips out there is no reason in the world why you cannot do it too! None whatsoever.

Although I knew that I had to stop eating crisps and chocolate completely (For as I learned they were bad news for any diet) I knew that it would be a good thing for me to do in the long run. I just knew that it was a fantastic thing and before reading, I had not ever given it a second thought.

Although I did want to lose weight I just couldn’t stop eating the junk and this was how things had become now. This was like one of those lightbulb moments. Where everything fell into place, and I knew just what it was that I had to do.

The more I read them, the more involved I felt I was becoming in achieving this new healthier me. This is something that you can do as well, there is no excuse.

As you look through the near endless lists of healthier/healthy foodstuffs. You will be in amazement at how truly delicious some of them look. As I have said before on this site and will say again.

Our science and, therefore, knowledge of foods has grown so much over the last 10 – 20 years .tTere has become an enormous variety of foods to eat that are really beneficial for us. They deliver a healthy supply of vitamins and mineral contents, so many.

I Want To Lose Weight Where Do I Start?

So to summarise what you must first do if you want to lose weight but don’t know where to start –

  • Do your research. Go to the library or even get on a computer and take a notepad and pen out. Jot down all of the relevant information. Not all of it will be relevant but you will soon understand this.
  • When you have jotted all of it down take a rest (because it will take a while)
  • Next throw away the foods that you do not like. Ones that you know that you could not eat!

A Big Library In Which To Do Your Research

Next, you really HAVE TO TAKE ACTION. There is no point in moaning people, saying “I want to lose weight but I don’t know where to start”. Not when you have got this post to hand. With these instructions there really is no excuse not to structure a breakfast, lunch and dinner food plan. Gained from your new found knowledge of the foods that you encounter.

Remember All This Information

Remember all this information which you have, be it on the computer or at the library was completely free. Amongst the weight loss community, there is a good saying, and this is “Weight loss begins in the kitchen”

So, once you have everything in place. Then you really can start to eat healthily and you will feel much better. And your physical appearance will slowly begin to improve as well.


A packet of Crisps Already Open. Some One Is Doing No Good For There Diet

This Next Advice Is A Piece Of Cake

Although the next piece of advice is a piece of cake, it may also be painful. It may be mental torture for you to do. However, you must do it if you are to succeed in your task. This is to throw away, get rid of all of your bad foods, your junk foods.

If at first, you were not sure what they were. Then you will have come across several of the ones that you eat on a regular basis. Especially during your time of researching into the foods that are beneficial. As there are often examples of their unhealthy alternatives. Therefore, I want to lose weight where do I start? Well, it will not need to be a question that you need to ask yourself, EVER.


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