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This amazing innovative treadmill offers a subscription service which we assume will be workouts, tracks, and other awesome places to run.

Although we don’t know the price as of yet they do explain the Amazfit HomeStudio it’s much more affordable vs other options.

It’s equipped with a large screen they call “Glass” which has a camera that can track movement and ensure exercises are being performed properly.  It also will offer a subscription service which we can only assume is going to be workouts as well as environments which will look and feel like the real thing.

The AmaziFit HomeStudio is taking the treadmill to the next level!  We can’t wait to try it out ourselves!

Amazfit HomeStudio Features

  • JBL sound system (For realistic sounds & music) get in your groove while grooving out.
  • Turn on the smart mirror and access 1000’s of exercises.
  • The standard edition can reach speeds up to 12 miles per hour.
  • Foldable edition will reach 9 miles per hour.
  • It also offers exercises Yoga, stretching, and other options you can perform via the floor.


  • 43 Inch 1080P HD Smart Glass (video)
  • 3 High end 20W JBL Speakers (2 on the treadmill itself and 1 on the Glass (screen)
  • 12 MPH Slat Belt Technology and 20 inch wide and 53 inches long running surface
  • Amazfit AirRun – 9 MPH and Foldable
  • 3D TOF Camera Equipped With Computer Vision Detection

Amazifit HomeStudio

With the screen access tons of STUDIO’s classes, Amazfit HomeStudio offers exercises and experience in your own home. Some of the world’s best instructors with over 1,000 classes from treadmill, sculpt, stretch, and yoga.

The Amazifit HomeStudio Treadmill

It’s far from a traditional treadmill.  With it’s connectivity to your smart phone to workouts they have you covered it’s much like having your own in home personal trainer that’s ready to workout at any given time.

Have you ever wanted an in home personal trainer?  Then you are not alone!  One of the best features is it can instruct and ensure you are performing the exercises correctly to maximize your workout.  This truly is a miraculous machine and is literally a step in the right direction!

If this doesn’t motivate you to lose weight, build muscle, or train for the ironman I don’t know what will!  We are most certainly adding this machine to our arsenal of fitness equipment to maximize our performance and training.

The Amazfit HomeStudio once it hits the market people will be running to purchase this.  We know we can’t wait!  What more is there to say about this amazing new treadmill if you can even call it that!  No wonder they called it the Amazfit because it is truly amazing!

If you can afford it which honestly compared to the price of a personal trainer how could you not?

Amazfit HomeStudio Price

They haven’t officially release a price point as of yet but they are saying we will be pleased with the price as of right now similar machines (not even close in comparison of features) are running for around $5000 so if this is below that then I will be pleasantly surprised.  But as we stated if it saves you from paying a personal trainer per each workout it will easily pay for itself!

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