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Lose Weight On A Treadmill (Basics)

—– Lose Weight On A Treadmill, You Can Do It!

You can lose weight on a treadmill. And, if you are indeed reading this site correctly, then you will be aware of the fact that exercise plays a vital role in any weight loss attempt. Because, without it, you will fail to lose weight, this is a fact.

The treadmill doesn’t just replace the task of having to go outside and do your run no matter how the weather is. No, it is an excellent exercise to do because it will help you to raise your heartbeat.

And, as we may or may not be aware? When it goes up to and above 140 beats per minute, well, this is when our body enters fat-burning “Mode.

How Long Will It Be Before I Lose Weight On A Treadmill?

The question that you are asking will be a tough one to answer. That is because there are several different things here. They must be thought about a whole lot before you can have an answer. However, the answer will  ALL depend on YOU.

  • Firstly, for example, how much weight do you have to lose? As a general rule of thumb. The more that you have to lose, the quicker you can become lighter.
  • And secondly, how much time do you have to do the workouts.? As, naturally, the more, the better.
  • Thirdly, how much do you want it? As, the more that it will mean to you, then, the harder you will try. So success for you will be quicker.

You really should work these three points out, before you begin to wonder about the speed of your weight loss. Unless you are going to an event or something, surely it does not matter how quickly you lose it? Just that you ARE becoming lighter?

All 4 of the primary equipment that you can use for weight loss are fantastic. However, I prefer choosing to lose weight on a treadmill above the others. That is because it will be the best cardio workout for you.

Although, the others as I say, are amazing. It is just that the method of using one for weight loss will see the most success.

But, Can You Be Sure To Lose Weight On A Treadmill?

As a matter of fact, unlike a lot of other “Choices” to lose weight out there that you will have. It is guaranteed to help you naturally lose the weight that you need.

You should, therefore, read this post for two types of exercises you can do to lose weight on a treadmill. Copy these exactly. Only you can change the times to suit you better. However, the outline to lose weight is there, so do them.

Although, remember this, start with low intensity first. Then you can work your way up to the high-intensity exercise when you improve a little. Because there will be nothing worse, no there won’t.

When you try and fail at the high-intensity workout, especially if you try too early in your weight loss attempt. You will have feelings of discouragement and failure. Moreover, this could lead you to pack it in altogether. We do not want or need this do we?

Scroll down to the treadmill exercises part.

Is Using A Treadmill The Same As Running Outdoors?

Is using a treadmill the same as running outside? Well, no, not exactly. However, they are both excellent forms of cardio for you to do. The difference between them is a simple one. Well, at least you would think. You see, nothing quite beats the open-air feeling and also running on different terrain and inclines (That is up hills, etc.).

But, most modern treadmills can simulate the last point. Why? Because they have something, they call the incline setting. That will let you pretend you are running up hills. It is usually effortless to adjust. The only thing they cannot do is bring fresh air into your lungs.


In the link below. It will guide you through 14 treadmill reviews. They are superb treadmills to help you along the way to losing your weight. Do yourself a favor and visit it and see what to what I am referring.

Reviews of treadmills

As ever, if you this post was of any help to you and you found it interesting. Or, even if you have any comments or questions about how to lose weight on a treadmill? Drop me a comment. Just leave it in the box below this post.

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