Are Apples Bad For You?


Are Apple Bad For You?

In the post which follows, I am going to answer the general query, are apples bad for you? Well, this could be a short post because the answer is a simple NO. Of course, they are not bad for you.

Very much the opposite, apples are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals.

So, let us go a little deeper into the good things about eating them, shall we?

Are Apples Bad For You? Or, Guilt-Free Weight Loss

Apples are eaten for millennia, mainly for their health-giving, and also for their delicious taste.

As far as history records in text form, they even go back to the beginning of the bible. We have most of us heard about Adam and Eve how he picked an apple from the tree all of those many years ago.

In that story, are apples bad for you? YES. However, in the real world, they are NOT.

Apples Are Indeed, Highly Nutritious, So Are Apples Bad For You?

One thing I will do here, though, is to get a lousy point straight out of the way. Eating too many of these delicious fruits, and most other fruits also. Well, it can cause the erosion of the protective layer of our outer teeth.

It is because the fruit is acidic. And this damages the outer layer that shields our teeth from anything that may harm them.

How Much Fruit Should I Eat? Are Apples Bad For You?

Also, be careful not to eat too many fruits, as there is a high chance that you will become a victim of tooth decay. That is due to fruits being high in natural sugar content, as well.

Although it is less harmful to you than artificial sugar, which is now present in most foods, it is still, nonetheless, sugar. That, however, I feel, you can fix by regularly brushing your teeth, especially when you have just eaten one. I know that you may not always be in a position to do this, but it helps!

Even The British Dental Association Agrees

Jacinta Yeo, who is a spokesperson for the British Dental Association, said this. “People think that all fruit is fabulous for them. But they need to be aware that eating an apple has its downsides for their teeth*.”

She then goes on to say – ‘Ideally, you should rinse your mouth with water after eating fruit or drinking fruit juice. And then allow 45 minutes before brushing. So that your saliva has a chance to work against the harmful effects.’

From Negatives To Positives Of Apples

Still, it is not all that bad news for apple. For a start eating an apple a day has its positives. It is much better in terms of health than eating a whole chocolate bar, or some other unhealthy junk food snack.

Studies by scientists show that the apple is full of something called flavonoids.

As I am saying in many other posts on this site, they are very good at fighting off bad things from our bodies. Moreover, protecting us against certain forms of cancer.

They Will Reduce The Risk Of Alzheimer’s – Are Apples Bad?

Eating them a lot can also help to limit the risk of getting Alzheimer’s in later life. They will contain something they call Quercetin, which is a powerful antioxidant.

The flavonoids do this by protecting the brain cells from degenerating — so, a better functioning brain.

Better functioning brain cells, therefore, means a healthier older age — a massive positive in my book.

So, Are Apples Bad For You? No, Here’s More Good Things

People go and see their doctor over a variety of ailments. Not least cholesterol levels. As in some people, they can go up to a dangerous level.

Well now, we have undoubtedly heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Yes? Well, therefore, in this case, it is very accurate as apples may also help to lower cholesterol. So, are apples bad for you? It looks as if they are not, right?

Do Apples Contain Pectin? Does That Make Them Bad?

It contains something which goes by the name of pectin. And, this pectin fights the buildup of cholesterol on the inside of our artery walls.

It is also of great benefit to us as it cuts down the chances of contracting heart disease — another big plus point for eating apples.

They Contain Fiber, Lots Of It – So Are Apples Bad?

We should know cereals contain fiber. Well, a single apple contains a whopping 5 grams of fiber. Which just so happens to be more than most of it that we eat.

Therefore, this would stand to reason, because fiber is only present in foods that come from plants. Meat and so on do not contain any whatsoever.

Also, there is strong evidence that also suggests this. A diet that is rich in antioxidants and vitamins can help people who have asthma.

Do Apples Contain Flavanoids?

Apples contain phenolic acid and flavonoids, which make up the phytochemicals in apples. They stop (calm down) the swelling in a person’s airways.

Studies have decided that eating an apple every day or two helps to prevent skin disease.

And are apples bad for you? No. Another reason for this is they contain the minerals calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Vitamins A and C are also in them. We need all of these to help our bodies to work to the best of their ability!

Apples also provide a great source of potassium, which also helps our heart health.

So when you ask me are apples bad for you, I repeat, I say  NO they are not, really they are not. Aside from the damage to our teeth. (Which as I say, we can stop by regular brushing.)

Because they are full of goodness that our body wants.

An Apple Contains What?

So, in other words, you get lots of vitamins and minerals. All nicely in an apple, which tastes fabulous. Are apples bad for you? NO, they are a real winner.

Once you have got your diet under control, all that you need to have is the other half of it. This way, your weight loss attempt will be a success. I am, of course, referring to the exercise.

Please leave any comments or questions below on this “Are apples bad for you” post.


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