Are Noodles Fattening? Yes, Instant Noodles Are Awful


Are Noodles Fattening?

Are noodles fattening?  They are delicious, simple as anything to prepare, but are noodles fattening we wonder? Well here is something worth saying for sure. Noodles contain a lot of sodium, and we should all be aware of just how BAD sodium is for our health.

Bad Health Conditions

It can be responsible for some terrible health conditions including Strokes, kidney damage, hypertension, and last but by no means least, heart disease. Having too much sodium intake is highly not recommended.

I mean, come on, in all honesty, you only have to look at the ingredients of instant noodles.  If you have never heard of some of them and do not know what it is/they are then there is a super chance that they are/It is not good for you.

These super quick and easy to make noodles contain:

  • Preservatives
  • Flavor enhancers
  • Stabilizers
  • Flour treatment agents
  • Anti-caking agents
  • Emulsifiers
  • Artificial colorings
  • Many more food additives

In short, they are nothing short of being classed as junk food.

So, be honest, how many of you dear readers even know anything about these terrible ingredients. Not a lot of you I’ll wager. But bad they are, so why do we insist on eating them then?

Well, let me tell you what the main reason is shall I? It is simply for convenience’s sake. Just either bring to the boil or add boiling water and add the flavoring that you got with the packet, and that is it. So simple, so easy to make, but.


Granted, in this post, I am referring to instant noodles, but from a health perspective, I think you should be made aware of just how unhealthy this type of food is.

My aim is to educate as many readers as is possible, so you become a lot more clued up of what the ill effects on your health that eating these what fast food is, really are!

Are Noodles Fattening? Instant Noodles Are Awful, And That Is A Fact

China produces the largest majority of instant noodles. I can remember 23 years ago when I was at college. I had a few Chinese friends, and they always used to bring back instant noodles after the term breaks.


Of course, back then I willingly ate them, without even a sideways glance, but had I known then what I know now, I would have politely refused and educated all of the Chinese people at my college on the negatives of eating this rubbish convenience food.

I am also assuming they too were completely unaware of the harm they were doing to themselves.

They (My fellow Chinese students) brought back with them some delicious sounding flavors, but it only disguised what ultimately was a poor choice of food to eat.

There have also reportedly been another worry for the consumer to be very concerned about, and I bet you did not know this.

When you are adding the boiling water to the noodles, it can cause nasty chemicals to be excreted by the container it comes in. These are exceptionally bad for you, so remember this  FACT when you are next gorging on a pot of them.

Ever Noticed? Chemicals

Here is another way that I think you can tell the have more things in them you would rather not be eating. Have you  EVER noticed little bit floating in the water they are in, chances are you have?

Well, this is simply a waxy compound that the manufacturers coat the noodles with to prevent them all from sticking together. It is relatively harmless but not nice when you stop and think about it.

Now here is something you may or may not have know. Instant noodles contain a lot of monosodium glutamate ( Or MSG) This is used to help boost the various flavors they have.

For example, if you were eating a chicken flavor noodle, without MSG then it would taste nowhere near as much like the chicken flavor you get when this enhancer which is then mixed in.

It is a known fact that a certain number of people have a reaction to MSG and it will not be known until you try it. So if you have not eaten any instant noodles yet, then, you certainly are not missing out and are avoiding the risk of having an adverse reaction yourself.

Yes, They Are Fattening (Instant)

To round things up. I will tell you that yes they are fattening. Here are some reasons not to eat them-

  • They are very unhealthy (For the reasons mentioned above)
  • They are fattening
  • The noodles contain a lot of carbohydrates
  • They are extremely low on other nutritious value
  • In other words, they are junk food containing calories as usual, “Empty Calories.”

This post is NOT in any way meant as a scare tactic, all that is said is factual. So are noodles fattening, instant noodle are awful yes? Stay away from them, especially when you are supposed to be dieting. The only purpose they serve is to stave off the hunger for a short period, nothing more.

And to boot, they are bad for you too.

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