7 Reasons That Answer “Are Chips Bad For You?” Read This


Are Chips Bad For You?

Before revealing to you the risks of eating this inexpensive, and an available snack everywhere, we really should know, are chips bad for you or not? We should gather some knowledge about its history and invention to start us off.

Then you are free to eat them if you choose to once you have read this post. But you have to stop what you are doing and ask yourself, are chips healthy foods to consume?

What Are Chips?

Chips are wafer-thin slices of potatoes that you can have as a snack.

These chips you can find very quickly in almost all stores. They are crunchy, and so most of the people mix them with their meals, and that is the reason also why nearly all children like them.

You will probably love to munch chips while watching a movie, for example. You can eat them in many ways with cheese sauce, with spicy ketchup and anything of your choosing. But, are chips bad for you? Well, as much as they seem delicious, yes, they are.

But eating chips has another side too. Let us find out what it is, and, can you naturally lose weight while still eating them?

The History Of Chips

Chips were the invention of a chef George Crum in 1853. He was a chef at an elegant resort in Saratoga Springs in New York City. There is an interesting story behind his “invention” of making potato chips.

He made French fries for one of his guests, and the guest did not like them what he made because it was very thick. So he rejected his order. In his frustration, this time, he served his guest French fries, to thin and crispy, in fact, so that he could not pick at it with his fork. Yes, but, are chips bad for you? Wait, we’re getting to that.

Are Chips Good For You

This time, the guest was so joyful with brown paper-thin potatoes that other guests also started ordering this snack.

And that is how potato chips are a lovely snack these days for children as well as adults.

These colored packets and fun logos have risks too. Let us go through these essential things:

Are Chips Bad For You – Risks

There has been researching done that eating a packet of chips can develop into a risk of heart disease, cancer in adults, obesity, and, most importantly, it can become very addictive for children.

These can provide ill-health to children by eating in large amounts like a packet of chips every day. That, I earnestly recommend you do not let your child do. Are chips bad for you, well yes, they are, indeed?

You can find high-intensity fat, sugar, and is salt bad for you and your weight as well? Well, there is a lot of salt in each packet of chips, which can lead to obesity, type-2 diabetes, coronary disease.

Modern chips have lots of fats.

If you are eating a lot amount of chips every day, this could have harmful effects on unborn babies. There are toxic chemicals present in the snacks that are called ACRYLAMIDE.

It is odorless, tasteless, and invisible but can prove to be dangerous to DNA. It is a nerve poison that first discovered in plastics and dyeing industries.

For adults also eating them can develop into a hyperactive behavioral pattern. It is because areas of the brain that usually associate themselves with sleeping do not work correctly, while areas that have a relationship with body movement showed significantly more activity than usual.

There are brain scans through which, in reality, there are highly active areas of the brain with a link to hunger, which will have an increase. That is not good.

These are bad for your teeth also as they can stick to the surface for hours. On the packet, you can find on the ingredients list that the sugar content is low, but actually, that list only displays low sugar contents, not that carbohydrates in which the mouth breaks down into sugar. So do not go by this,  NO.

The oil used for frying potato chips are fats which contain high levels of cholesterol. Most of the potatoes are deep-fried, and high levels of oil can increase the risk of high blood pressure.

They generally have 120 and 180 milligrams of sodium per ounce. So people are consuming more sodium and fat without even realizing it.

Eating more salt will make you feel like eating more food and in which case you take in more fat and calories.

If you feel like eating these and are addicted, you can opt for tortilla chips. These chips are corn, vegetable oil, salt, and water.

They are Mexican food, and they would start in 1950. The chip certainly will not help you to lose weight, but they are the lesser of two evils.

Are Chips Bad For You? Some Research And Testing

A regular plain salted Potato chip contains 223 calories+14 grams of fats and 221 mg of sodium. Research says that if you are having them once in a while that this is okay.

Tobias Hoch, Ph.D.

Fabtqastic Chipsm Butm Are The Good For You Though?

The National meeting and exposition of the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest chemical society, well, in this the World Series of Science reveals the term “Hedonic Hyperphagia” that affects millions of people in the world

Hedonic Hyperphagia is a term for excessive eating for pleasure rather than for hunger, and in the US, health problems are increasing for two out of every three people.

High In Carbohydrates

Research has shown that in potato chips, there are high levels of carbohydrates and fats, which sends a pleasing message to our brains.

The answer was unsatisfactory to Mr. Hoch, so to prove more about the addictive potential of potato chips, they have done another study.

In the study, rats were offered them, standard chow pellets, and powdered standard animal chow. They saw rats more actively pursue the potato chips.

They were most active after they eat this snack food. The team mapped the rat’s brain using Manganese-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MEMRI) to monitor brain activity.

Further Research

They found that the food intake and motion areas were stimulated significantly differently by eating the potato chips.

The different reward systems react in different individuals who are why some individuals do not like to eat them.

Well, in that research, there comes a possibility of drugs and nutrients to block these eating attractions to sweets and snacks, but Dr. Hoch was not ready to agree on this.

Here Is What Dr. Hoch Says

In answer to “Are chips bad for you?” he says this. Instead of drugs and nutrients, we should add some Brussels sprouts to make brains react in the right way when they eat the food.

After reading the whole of the article, he said, “I think you should choose whether eating snacks like potato chips if they are healthy or riskier to your life.

With much research on healthy foods, it nowadays means you can study on the internet, but to maintain a proper diet and with a healthy lifestyle, it is in your hands. These oily foods are delicious but unhealthy. So, YOUR CHOICE, YOUR LIFE.

You see, once you have got your diet under control, all that you need to have is the other half of the equation for your weight loss attempt to be a success.

I Want To Be Healthy – Now You Can

I guess that all I can say is if you love chips, then go ahead and eat them. However, you must eat them in moderation as too much will not be healthy, nor suitable for your weight. Read all about exercise and the proper equipment on this website. But, for now, the answer to are chips bad for you? Well, it’s a big fat, yes, they are.

For A Much Healthier Version Of You Try These 

These are a fantastic healthy alternative to crisps/chips, especially when on a diet. Even when you are not, they are by far a much wiser choice. They are virtually fat-free with very little in the way of saturates. Some makes have zero.

A Packet Of The Healthy Alternative, Kale Chips

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