Are Onions Good For You? They Are Tasty!


Are Onions Good For You?

Today, eating onions are just a regular event whether we eat them on our pizzas, in our curries, or in our salads when we cook them or eat them raw. Many people will like them. But, are onions good for you?

Well in the post that follows I will break down the onion and its content, ending with its negative and positive points.

Although we will not have a great deal of choice, the crying is because of the sulfur compounds it will have. That is also what gives the onion its sharp, intense taste. And this is also why we get a feeling of fumes through the nose when we eat a large piece of raw onion.

More commonly thought of for their metal qualities, onions contain a very high amount of chromium. It helps to control the actions of insulin which we may or may not know is directly responsible in turn for regulating our blood sugar levels. So, this helps us with our blood sugar levels. Then, there is more risk of heart disease. And it may help to control the blood sugar if you have diabetes.

Blood Sugar Levels

Generally, more controlled blood sugar levels will mean more controlled weight. So, again I say to you that you should eat more onions if you do not eat enough of them.

The fact that onions can and do make us cry is a testament to their powerful ingredients. Surely, you will realize that something as small as an onion if it can induce (cause) a physical reaction. Then it is a sign of its strength.

It is so so powerful, and it is also extremely versatile as well. As you can boil it, saute it, fry it, bake it, steam it or eat it raw. You can eat it in many ways

Are Onions Good For You? Well, The Negatives

As well as possibly assisting in the management of asthma. Also, hypertension and diabetes not to forget its bold cancer-fighting properties. There are, however, a few negatives to eating the simple, yet not so simple onion. These are as follows –


It is unfortunate. But, if you have an allergy to onions. Then I am afraid that you will not see it until you try them. Take comfort, please. Safe, that you are aware that people do not report any severe allergic reactions from eating them.

The sufferers of an allergic reaction to onions commonly suffer from a red and itchy rash when the onion comes into contact with a person’s skin.

If this happens to you, then you should stay away from them and consult your medical professional about the situation.

A Delicious Looking Red Onion Cut In Two, But Are Onions Good For You?


Some people eating the onion say that they sometimes have heartburn. If you are not aware of what heartburn is, then I will quickly tell you. It is excruciating (in some instances) Whereby, stomach acid travels up the esophagus (Windpipe). And as a result, it then creates a constant burning feeling in the chest. It can, on occasion, last for a long time.

Wind (Intestinal Gas)

People will often say that this “Wind” happens like this. The stomach is unable to break down the sugars in a certain food type. It then has to rely on the bacteria in the intestines to do the “Work.”

During this process, you can have gas which can lead to a person having bad breath.

Now, although I have told you some negatives, I feel that the vast majority of us are free to eat this superfood. And, in answer to your question of are onions good for you. Then, I would have to say that the right things are far more than the bad stuff.

So, Are Onions Good For You?

So unless you are one of those unlucky people who suffer from one of the things I say, then the answer would have to be yes, they are right for you. I would even go as far as to tell you that they are great.

You see, once you have got your diet under control. Then,  all that you need to have is the other half of the fix. That is for you to win at this weight loss attempt. Of what am I talking? The exercise of course.

Please look at this equipment as it will help you to lose weight.

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