B12 Shots Benefits For Weight Loss


B12 Shots Benefits For Weight Loss, Side Effects, And More!

In this article we will discuss B12 shots benfits, pros, and cons of B12 injections for weight loss.  Is it bad for your health?  Does it actually work?  Keep reading and find out.

What Is B12 And What Is It For?

Vitamin B12 shots Benefits are inections of B12 which is a nutrient that’s primary function is to keep your body’s nerve,blood cells healthy, and helps create your DNA, which is in all cells. It can help prevent one type of anemia which is also known as “megaloblastic anemia” which makes those with it very tired and weak.

B12 Shot Benefits, Does it Help With Weight Loss?

There are claims that B12 shots benefits by boosting your metabolism, energy levels, and even more such as weight loss.  This sounds great right?  Right now we all would love to line up for such an easy fix!  But… Here is the catch, “There’s no solid evidence that vitamin B-12 injections aid weight loss.


However, Vitamin B12 is an important nurtrient that our bodies need to thrive and one of it’s most important tasks is it helps red blood cells carry oxygen all over the body.

Can Vitamin B12 Help You Lose Weight?

For the most people the answer is would be no, however, if you are one of the people who experience fatigue, drowsiness, and an overwhelming feeling of tiredness this could be due to insufficient amounts of vitamin B12 and your blood cells aren’t forming and carrying oxygen to the various parts of the body and could hurt motivation to exercise.  Because if that’s the case then B12 injections could be beneficial in eliminating this feeling of sluggishness.  I would advise speaking to your doctor and checking your B12 levels prior to starting any weight loss program.

Lack Of Vitamin B12

Can cause all sorts of problems including anxiety, panic, depression, paranoia, tiredness, fatigued, and more!  As if weight loss wasn’t hard enough!  If you indeed have a deficiency then B12 injections could be beneficial to losing weight.


High Risk Of B12 Deficiency:

  • If you are a vegan then you are at a higher risk of B12 deficiency because plants don’t produce B-12
  • is the most common nutritional deficiency in people who have had gastric bypass surgery
  • Some older people also are at high risk of deficiency
  • People who have pernicious anemia


Are Vitamin B12 Shots Too Much?

Since vitamin B12 is a water soluble nutrient and unlike some vitamins such as vitamin D, Vitamin A, and some others can be harmful if taken excessively.  Vitamin B12 it seems safe to take even in high doses,  A lot of the times a doctor will prescribe a much higher dose than required if you are diagnosed with a deficiency.

Does B12 Shots Benefit with weight loss?

That’s the million dollar question right?  If you aren’t B12 deficient then getting B12 shots isn’t going to do much for you because you already have the optimal amount of B12 in your body.  However, If you are deficient it could boost your energy levels by helping with your fatigue and tiredness.

B12 Injections Are They Safe For Weightloss?

Our Conclusion

As far as safe the answer seems to point to “yes”.  However as mentioned previously there is no scientific proof that it aids in weight loss.  Furthermore, if you are experiencing tiredness, fatigue, and overwhelming sluggish including depression these are all signs of a deficiency and you should have your levels checked by a doctor.  If you find your levels are low it can aid in losing weight because you will feel less fatigued and more motivated to get out and exercise and lose weight.  So even though it’s not a miracle fix for being overweight it most certainly can aid in certain senarios.

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