10 Best Ways To Lose Weight After 40: Do Not Lose Hope


Weight loss is an important issue, and it is even more so if you want to find the best ways to lose weight after 40. Incredibly enough, some people continue to gain weight till the age of 50 or 60.

Therefore, they have to listen to their doctors about possible health risks for the overweight unless they do start taking care of themselves concerning their weight gain.

Some people have to work out for more than double the length of time as they get older in years. The main reasons behind that are your metabolism.

What Is Metabolism

A Strand Of Metabolic Structure Shown. Getting This Under Control Is One Of The Best Ways To Lose Weight After 40

It is the chemical processes in your body, which will help to make your organs function correctly, such as breathing, repairing cells, digestion to name but a few.

As you get older, the lean tissue of your body starts to decrease, and muscles and cells begin to shrink. These are all results of a decreasing metabolic rate. (slowing metabolism)

During your aging process, your hormones, which helps in the production many things in your body, start to decrease. There are fat cells in your body and to maintain those fat cells, muscles need more energy from your food.

Slow Is Bad For Weight Loss

The slower the metabolism, the more weight gain you will have. It is an all too common fact. So, the ideas in the post are the best ways to lose weight after 40. Please, follow them.

This rate depends on the person’s body size, age, gender, and therefore, these all play an essential role in determining how your metabolism will be!

However, certain foods and drinks that can help to boost your metabolism, so please, there is no need to worry. Follow what I explain, as they are the best ways to lose weight after 40.

Metabolic Syndrome

There is a high rate of metabolic syndrome, and presently, it is on the increase. Nearly 47 million Americans have it according to the American Heart Association. As your age increases, the risk of metabolic syndrome also increases.

It is not a disease. It is the build-up in the risk factors of contracting illness like high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, varying blood sugar, and abdominal fat.

For men, waist size can grow to 40 inches or larger, and for women, it can grow to 35 inches or larger. You can have a high blood pressure of 135/85.

High Blood Sugar Level

You can have a high blood sugar level of 100 mg/dl or higher than that. To diagnose the metabolic rate, at least one of these three factors will be present.

There is a hormone in your body, known as insulin, which helps your body to use glucose. In some people, these hormones don’t work correctly. Therefore, the levels of glucose increases, and increased level can cause diabetes.

There are some ways by which you can improve your metabolism while the aging process is going on.

Here, also read this article on losing weight after 40 by the Daily Mail.

The Best Ways To Lose Weight After 40

Handgrips Photo, They Are Used For Exercise and exercise should definitely be done as one of the best ways to lose weight after 40.

1. Workouts

Workouts are one of the best ways to lose weight after 40 and are critical to keeping your metabolism working. You should apply at least five times a week, and it will keep your metabolism in good shape and proper working order.

Aerobic exercises help to revive your metabolism after a few hours. It does not help build big muscles but always proves useful in improving it. As I have said before and I will repeat – Slow metabolism causes weight gain.

A Cup Of Green Tea, No Milk In It

2. Green Tea

Go for green tea to lose weight rather than having coffee. Drink 2-3 cups of green tea daily with half an hour of exercise, and you can lose 3-4 pounds per week.

Green tea contains antioxidants known as Catechins that helps the liver capacity and triggers the release of fat from fat cells. It turns fat into energy.

A Photo Of Some Tomatoes And Healthy Olive Oil

3. Olive Oil

Use more olive oil. It is the healthiest oil for your body to lose weight and maintain proper body function. This oil contains monounsaturated fat, and the fat does not make you increase in mass.

Olive oil helps to fight many diseases also, like cancer, osteoporosis, and brain deterioration because it contains antioxidants known as polyphenols.

4. CarbohydratesA Photo Of Rich Carbohydrate Bead As Is All Bread

Try to have carbs in your diet before the night, as your body stores them as fat. But if you will have them in the daytime, your body will burn them for energy. If you eat at the night time, it will also help in lowering your blood sugar levels.

Cartoon Drawing Of A Cow, A Fantastic Supplier Of Milk


5. Milk

Studies show that having calcium every day will help you make your metabolism maintain quicker, plus milk has lots of calcium.

Photograph of some wheat ears, for grain
6. Grains

Processed grains like flour, which are in the making of the bread are suitable for your metabolism. The whole foods are also luxurious fiber.

Photograph Of Some Sugar

7. No Sweeteners

According to Studies, drinking diet Soda can increase weight. And it can lead to metabolic syndrome. That is because it has artificial sweeteners present in it though it has the label of a zero-calorie drink. Therefore, it is NOT one of the best ways to lose weight after 40.

8. Oolong TeaPhoto Of Some Oolong Tea Granules

It is a traditional Chinese tea. Also, it helps in maintaining cholesterol also, and it has antioxidants. It is similar to Green tea, which has catechins as antioxidants. They are fantastic for us humans.

A Big Fat Bellied Buddha Statue

9. Belly Fat

For your belly fat, soluble fibers are the best for you. Have 25-30 grams of fiber every day, when you are at the age of 40 or more. Have one cup of raspberries or one bowl of oats. These contain lots of fiber.

Photo Of A Basket Of Organic Food.

10. Organic Food

Adding more organic food in your diet will help you in maintaining your metabolism.

Some of the studies have found that women lose more muscle mass than men. Especially when they are at the age of 40 or more, this is because some professionals do not recommend it.

When you want to lose weight, and you are at the age of 40 or more, it can worsen the problem. It can decrease the metabolic rate. Even 3-4% decrease in metabolic rate can add more weight.

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) has a link with an increase in abdominal fat with many scientific studies on it. It is a chemical compound known as 7-Keto Dhea or 7-Keto. Each decade, your metabolism slows by 5 percent.

So, after going through this article, I try to tell you about your metabolism. And how to keep your it healthy so that when you age, you do not become overweight. Therefore you will be in excellent health too.

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Have You Diet Under Control

Therefore, once you have got your diet under control, then, all that you need to have is the other half of the equation for your weight loss attempt to be a success. I am, of course, talking about the exercise.

In the post above, you have some of the foods and drinks that are the best ways to lose weight after 40. Now that you have the info use it!

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