I Am Dieting But Not Losing Weight: Read For Solutions


Sometimes people say to me, “I am dieting but not losing weight.” Well, I then tell them that they quite simply are overeating the wrong types of food.

You need to control the amount of food you eat and also foods which are high in calories. According to American Psychologist diets done for the short term have less effect than dieting continuously.

“BANTING” was the first diet named after the person called William Banting. He told of the details of low carbohydrates, low-calorie diet that worked for him during his Weight loss period.

George Cheyne was the first English dietitian. He was very obese, so he started with a meatless diet, drinking and eating only milk and vegetables. Soon, he was in good health. You never heard him saying, “I am dieting but not losing weight?”

A Fork With A Tape Measure Wrapped Around It As If To Say Consider What You Are Eating, Will You Put On Weight?

In our history also we have seen that eating more meat in our diet always makes for ill health, then after that, it is challenging to lose weight.

On the internet, you can find lots of diet plans like the 3-day diet plan where you eat in small portions, cabbage soup plan, fat flush plan, and several others.

But did any of these inform you that with dieting you need to do exercises or physical activity also? It does not wholly depend on a diet. You have to do the other as well.

I have heard women say “I am dieting but not losing weight, it is not fair” and leave the path that they have chosen far too early.

How can it work if you are sitting in one place and not pushing your body to move to work hard for yourself? Studies have shown although women live longer than men, they live in poorer health.

Diseases like breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and maybe Osteoporosis, occurs more in women than men. Now, balance is a word of which you should take care.

The combination of diet with exercise will keep your life in balance. Kindly watch the points below for physical exercises or activities that you should do with dieting.

I Am Dieting But Not Losing Weight,

Well Then Take Note –

1. Push-upsYou Will Have No Reason To Say I Am Dieting But Not Losing Weight If You Do Some Of These Push Ups Like The Man In This Photo

Push-ups are excellent before starting your new day. It works on your whole body, not just on certain parts. If you are obese or having problems doing push-ups take someone’s help present at home. This exercise is not only for men. Women can also do it.

 2. WaterA Nearly Empty Glass Of Water

Drink lots of water while exercising in a gym or at home. And, whether you are doing it at a gym or doing physical activity at home? If you are sweating and feeling immense thirst. Then, drink plain water rather than other sodas or kinds of drinks. It will keep you active also and will get rid of pounds from your body.

 3. Legs-lifts exerciseA Flamingo Lifting Its Leg Up

This exercise you can do in your home too, on a mat. To do this exercise, you have to lie down on the mat facing upwards and then lift your straight legs, at the height of 6-10 inches from the floor for 30 seconds, before slowly lowering them to the ground again. Excellent for your stomach muscles.

 4. Jump SquatsEnjoy Your Jumping Exarcise Like These Three Smiley People Jumping

It is a compelling cardiovascular exercise to lose weight. If you are doing it for the first time, do it in front of a mirror while performing the task will help you. The first step is that you have to bend down, keeping your hips back, and your head facing forward.

The second one, immediately jumping upwards as high as you can. Land in the same position where you started. This exercise will work up a sweat and keep your heartbeat up. Anything that raises your BPM (heart rate beats per minute) is a fantastic activity/exercise for weight loss.

5. Fitness and gardeningA Gardener Which In Itself Is Great Exercise

Gardening includes all types of tasks. It provides endurance, flexibility, and strength. This purposeful exercise can benefit you. It also boosts the soul and mind, so it also acts as a relaxing therapy. They do not say that gardening is therapeutic without reason.

 6. Heavy bags, liftingA Brown Grocerie Bag That You Should Carry Yourself For Exercise

The lifting of heavy bags is another type of exercise for your muscles. Whether you go to a market for buying lots of vegetables. Or, in a shopping mall for big expensive dresses, do not let the driver carry your bags. Carry them yourself. Do not make others active by allowing them to take your things. Do it yourself.

There has been a lot of studies, and they say that dieting does not always work alone. As I am saying to you must combine the diet with exercises also.

Let your body to sweat, let your body do a lot of hard work. The small physical activities in your daily routines are like great exercises which commonly people ignore.

A Diet Full Of Vegetables And Other Healthy Foods

So it is better to carry things yourself, do morning or evening push-ups, do gardening, with your diet full of vegetables and other healthy foods. Then you will no longer keep saying, “I am dieting but not losing weight.” I hope you will follow my points and if you do, you will see significant changes in your life. Thanks for reading.

Click on the link to see the prices on Amazon of some home exercise equipment. You will most definitely need it along your journey if it is that you choose to lose your excess weight. They will make the whole process much easier for you, and you will undoubtedly see more rapid results.

You see, once you have got your diet under control all that you need to have is the other half of the equation for your weight loss attempt to be a success. I am, of course, referring to the exercise. Go to this link, “Home gym fitness equipment” to see some hand-picked items which will rocket you to success with your weight loss mission. And so, never again after LEARNING what is in this post. Will, you ever say “I am dieting but not losing weight,” EVER?

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