First Degree Fitness Rower Reviews: Is This For You?


It is one of the many First Degree Fitness rower reviews that you will see. Afterward, when you have read it all, you will be able to make your choice much more comfortable.

And, unlike some of the other reviews, I shall write down all of its pros and cons as well. So, therefore, you will have every piece of info’ that there is on it.

Some people want it to happen. Some wish it would happen. Others make it happen.”– Michael Jordan

Firstly, I’ll Introduce You To One Of These First Degree Fitness Rower Reviews

First Degree Fitness is pretty much new in the big world of fitness. However, they are quickly becoming a significant player in it. That is thanks to the great machines.

Not least the First Degree Fitness rowing machine. Yes, the indoor rower is one of their best items that they will do for you.


The Pros Of The Rower

  • It is so easy to look after. Why? Unlike a lot of expensive top of the range rowing machines. It uses a belt drive. This may not mean that much to you. But, by the time that you have read this next sentence, it will all make sense. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OIL THE CHAIN, EVER. Which is a great big bonus, and I am sure that you would agree?
  • It will give you a significant 20 levels of resistance. They will provide you with different kinds of workout. What do I mean by this? Well, I say this. If you want a more gentle exercise, you can count on one hand. But on the other side, if you’re going to do a hard workout, then you can also do this. Moreover, you only turn a dial for low to high; it is that easy.
  • Furthermore,, I am saying, the different kinds of workout intensity that you can do will be great for weight loss.
  • It will not only be good for weight loss, but it will also be useful for improving your fitness.

More Pros Of  Rower

  • All of these First Degree Fitness Rower reviews will say something pretty much the same. And that is this.
  • You cannot see the track that the seat will slide along. It is much better for the look of the indoor rowing machine.
  • People who will buy the first Degree Fitness Rower shout out about the significant change in the difficulty level.
  • The water tank has 2-3 years cover with it. Good, yes?
  • However, the warranty on the frame will change according to the model you buy. It is anywhere between 5-10 years. It too is an outstanding warranty.
  • The rowing machine is very comfortable indeed. The company has gone a long way to ensuring this.
  • As much as you wish that the weight would go, using a First Degree Fitness rower will get you the weight loss that you want. Just use it and watch it go.
  • You cannot see the track. That is the one that the seat slides along. It is so that you cannot cause any injury to yourself. For example, you are trapping your fingers in there. Ouch!

There Are Many Pros, But What About The Cons?

Here are some cons that I will say in one of these First Degree Fitness rower reviews.

  • Well, there are none to mention. Although I’ll quickly say, the belt drive is a different option. It can occasionally need adjusting. However, don’t worry, the instructions are in the manual.

To Sum Things Up In One Of These First Degree Fitness Rower Reviews

I will read many reviews before I say what I have to. And I will say this. Although the First Degree Fitness rower is expensive, it looks to be a great choice.

After I read everything, there is only one con. And even that is not a big problem, as you will not need to call anyone out. No, follow the instructions in the manual of the rowing machine and do it yourself.

The size is as follows: 84 inches in length x 22 inches in width x 23 inches in height

Resistance Monitor: Computer

Weight Capacity:330 LBS

Programs: Yes

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