First Degree Fitness Rowers Review – Newport AR, Is It For You?


First Degree Fitness Rowers Review

In one of these First Degree Fitness Rowers, we will discuss the pros and cons of it. And, if you are looking for high-quality fitness equipment that can offer a total body workout then it is for you –

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I am featuring indoor water rowers, the First Degree Fitness Rowers, in particular. The Newport AR is workout equipment like no other as its design is for those who like to row to be healthy.

For all levels of fitness, this fluid rower will give you low impact and flowing movements at a reasonable price.


The Newport AR introduces a mix of water resistance, a beautiful metal frame, and highly developed session feedback. These models, by First Degree Fitness Rowers, are a very long-lasting ride.

And it copies just what it is like to row outdoors. It helps you to do a full stroke easily. Plus, it offers a pleasant sound and the sight of splashing water.

Because, as with all of these First Degree Fitness Rowers with fluid, that is, you’ll have that.

Delivering a lot of rowing resistance levels, Newport AR will surely help you to push yourself. However, you will have the sound, sight, and feel of the real on-water rowing.

Pros of First Degree Fitness Fluid Rower – Newport AR

  • Extended warranty: These unique First Degree Fitness Rowers have a competitive warranty of up to 10 years on the row
  • Ergonomic handle: Throughout the rowing, the grip is comfortable, which would reduce strain on the wrists, arms, and hands.
  • Fluid technology: Users can adjust water from the inner tank to the outer to alter the resistance profile on the whole.
  • Robust construction: The machine is from solid American ash. This Ash blends with the metal fixtures, which make the fluid rower last for a lifetime.
  • Tidy Away and move: These First Degree Fitness Rowers are lightweight products that you can quickly move around. It is quite easy to set up with a trouble-free tilt frame.
  • There is a multi-use monitor. It tracks fitness with a lot of data such as distance, heart rate, time, watts, calories, strokes, and also interval training.
  • The size of the Rower is 38 inches long x 22 inches wide x 22 inches tall. A nice size.

Some More Pros of These First Degree Fitness Rowers – Newport AR

  •  It provides a long-lasting belt drive.
  • For a comfortable rowing experience, it offers a padded seat.
  • The rower has well-functioning footrests that make your feet adjustable to them.
  • It has an excellent design, with dual caster wheels to enable the rower machine to move around comfortably.
  • It allows users to analyze workout data and race other rowers with its computer programs.

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The Cons of These First Degree Fitness Rowers – Newport AR

  •  Due to the ridge at the center, you might feel uncomfortable sitting after doing some time working out on one of these First Degree Fitness Rowers.
  • Tall users more than 6 ft 6 in’ might face problems while fitting on the rower.
  •  The performance monitor requires proficient smart connectivity.
  • First Degree Fitness Rowers are the ultimate fluid rower workout machines. In this competitive market, there are a good number of exercise machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes, and weight lifting machines.
  • That can help you to meet your fitness goals. But the sort of workouts the Newport AR offers is better! If you are a fitness lover and want some lifestyle changes, then you must go for this rower model.
  • Beginners, who have never done a workout before, can enjoy this machine with little difficulty. So, why wait? Go and purchase this fitness model today!

Overall score – 9

Resistance – WATER


Keep It Upright? – YES

Programs – YES

Takes A Weight – Of  UP TO 330 LBS

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Common Questions

Can You Store It In An Upright Position Without Losing Water?

Yes, it can. The water holder has a seal.

Where Do You But Thet Optional Heart Rate Monitor From For The Rower?

Simple, you contact their helpful customer service, who will refer you to a local outlet for it.

Does It Make A Lot Of Sound When You Are Using It?

It is not super quiet, although the only sound that you will hear is the sound of the water. It is just like real rowing.

Are The First Degree Fitness Rowers New Port AR ready to use?

The rowing machine does not take a lot of putting together, as it is 95% complete.

Is The Rower From The USA?

No, it is from Taiwan, although this is a great machine.

Do You Need A Floor Mat For A Laminate Wooden Floor?

We are not sure if the Rower will scratch it. BUT it will slide around.


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