Good Workouts to Lose Weight: Easy Workouts For Weight Loss


Who does not want to look tasty and healthy? Everybody knows that to achieve something, one has to work hard, right? So, to look suitable and fit, you will need to do some good workouts to lose weight. However, there is no point in imagining that you are doing them. You must put them into action.

Try These Good Workouts To Lose Weight


The American College of Sports Medicine suggests that one can raise his metabolism for up to 24 hours. Just by adding one little twist to your exercise practices.

For intervals as an example, all you need to do is have brief periods of intense effort.

Do this in your regular exercise, such as running, walking, swimming, bicycling, elliptical sessions, etc. Whatever the workout you do, your efforts help to reset your metabolism to a slightly higher rate. That will help you to burn more calories. (Study)


The exercise does not need any introduction.

Yoga alone is one of the good workouts to lose weight. Many experts say that when you do it regularly. Then it can be a secret weapon in your weight loss arsenal. As it keeps you flexible and healthy for your other, more powerful workouts.

It is beneficial to adapt because it assists your body to burn the hidden fat and calories. (Study) Which workout is best for weight loss? Well, this is one that you should not pass on.

Swimming Is A Good Workout To Lose Weight

Many of us are very lazy. Which will mean that we do not want to walk or run to be in shape? But this does not provide any solution. Do not worry, though, as swimming is the area which everyone likes, especially in the summer season.

You can burn over 750 calories in an hour of swimming. Isn’t it interesting? You can workout while having fun. (Analysis and review)

Running is an exercise with which we remember from our childhood. It’s a very cool workout that one can do as much as he/she wants for proper weight loss. There is no limitation or restriction to it.

It’s okay if you run in the early morning and when you have to run, not to rush. Do this workout for half-an-hour daily and see the result. (Study)

Likewise, crunches work in the same way as push-ups. The belly crunch is very famous among youngsters and for a reason. It is one of the good workouts to lose weight. It is great for your shoulders, chest, arms, and has your abs into looking trim and healthy, sexy even (News Report)

Boxing is another form of interval training that everyone loves to do. While doing boxing, you can burn 250 calories within half-an-hour. Yes, you heard it right!

But, for that, you have to put a lot of effort in, and you must work up a sweat everywhere. You can do either at home or in the gym.

These are the new workouts that you can do for significant weight loss. Please, though, do not ever opt for any pills to lose weight! If you want to look fabulous and healthy as a model? Then do these workouts and see the results, fast. (Article)

Therefore, as I am saying, doing these exercises will not only have you being healthy. Because the activities will undoubtedly help you to lose weight. Do some or all of them and watch yourself be lighter. Moreover, they are ALL good workouts to lose weight.


However, weight loss is not only about burning calories. No, it is about how good your body looks and is. A stomach crunch is a unique kind of workout that one can do anywhere and anytime. It is merely an effective way to tone your abs.  (Article)

Many of us always focus on burning unwanted fat hidden in our belly and arms. But we become forgetful when it comes to our thighs and butt. Try to do squats and trim your legs and sculpt your butt with this powerhouse lower-body workout. ( Article)

Good Luck!

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