The Percentage Of Americans Overweight: (Hint) Big Numbers


The percentage of Americans overweight has reached an all-time high. And this is only going to get much worse. So, why are the numbers so high? It is simple.

It is mainly down to an inferior diet with US people being the worst in the world. Fast foods and junk foods are a significant reason. Although, we should be aware of these foods not being suitable for us. We go on to eat it anyway.

The Percentage Of Americans Overweight

Second, to a poor choice of diet is this.  WE DO NOT DO ENOUGH ACTIVITY. Therefore, people do not use the calories they eat. And, as a result of this, they store it as fat. Hence the rise in obesity. Yes, I am sorry guys and girls. You need to do an activity.

The Percentage Of Americans Overweight Is In This Graph


Infographic courtesy of  Statistics Canada

Mississippi Have The Fattest People, Colorado The Slimmest by the way.

The % Is BIG

The proof is in the figures. A massive 67% of 20-74-year-olds are overweight.  So let us stop and think about that for a second. Tell me, what kind of example do you think that it is saying to our children. “We do not care how we look.” As much as we would all like to have respect from our children. How can we expect this if we have no respect for ourselves?

Please, read that last sentence again. Take note of it.

Eat More Healthily

It is a widespread fact that a lot of people in America are overweight. I am in the UK. Guess what, we all know that the clothing sizes in the USA are so much bigger than our own. Even well-known brands do much bigger clothing, obviously for much larger people.

The American people need to eat healthy foods to lose weight, and there is no question about it. Those food are some of the best foods to lose weight naturally.

You see if you think about it this way. Buying fast and junk foods are just putting more of a divide between the people. The people in big corporations and businesses are getting more prosperous.

While the average person gets poorer and poorer health, it is a simple case of supply and demand.

They supply what the people demand, and if there were not so many people buying this unhealthy food, then there would be no demand. If we as a people were to eat more healthily then they would lose weight and become better all around.

Do An Exercise Or Activity

It is just as important as having the right diet. There is far too much laziness when you have to do an exercise or activity. You would have a great surprise at just how good doing some of them can be for your weight.

Once you do one of these, it gets your heart rate pumping the blood around your body. That is when your body enters the fat-burning mode.

Here, take a look at the three links. In them, you will find some great pieces of equipment. These will help you to lose some of your weight. You will look so much slimmer. But above all, you will be a great deal healthier.

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Remember this though please. If you are going to change your diet in a big way. The firstly, get advice from a medical professional.

You do not want to be another one, do you? The percentage of Americans overweight?  No, well do something about it.

So there you have it. Leave me any questions or comments below.

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