Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine


Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Have burning the extra calories from your body become your priority on this New Year’s resolution list? Well, then the Goplus magnetic rowing machine can come to your help, as long as you have a proper diet in place.

Remember this. Any PHYSICAL ACTIVITY will help with your blood pressure and weight management! So watch your calorie intake and work out on this or something similar.

Use Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine

We should be aware, diet and exercise help us to win against the fat. Using this will not be for the short term. When you use it correctly, it will be a complete change of lifestyle.

The amount of weight that you’ll lose will depend on several things. For example, how often it is will you use it? Etc.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Go directly to Amazon and check out the reviews on their page.

It will have your thoughts on something other than the usual treadmills and the workout bikes you may want. Why, because the exercising equipment will give you all that you need.

It has a design for indoor use. What’s more, the Goplus magnetic rowing machine works the fatty areas of your body. Apart from calorie-burning, it also helps in the building of muscles in the safest way.

Although you can not choose where it is you wish to lose fat, the Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine is fantastic for overall weight loss.

This fitness equipment is with some excellent features. It is with an eight-level adjustable tension so that you can range the resistance to how hard or easy you want it.

Easy To Read Monitor On The Goplus Magnetic Rower

​The Goplus magnetic rowing machine comes with a secure read monitor, makes you aware of your health condition.

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It will read out the calories that you are burning and, likewise, the count of strokes and also the count of strokes per minute.

Move a step ahead to fitness with the Goplus magnetic rowing machine

Exercise is one of the important things today. The half a minute or an hour you do on being healthy will give you positive results.

However, some choose to ignore it and still get up late.

Going for a morning or evening, I will be impossible, due to their hectic schedule. Apart from that, there are those among us who don’t like the gym. Some people will prefer to have their fitness step-up. Because then, they can exercise on their terms.

What Is Weight Loss?

In this post on the website, What Is Weight Loss About, I ‘ll say that losing weight is essential for our health.

Being on a regular fitness routine gives you the exact curves on your body that you want. So, not only will you feel excellent, you’ll look at it too.

As well as the experience of fitting in every dress is just exciting. Apart from that, a session in exercise helps you in building your muscles and having you being healthy. DO NOT EVER FORGET THIS POINT.

Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise

  • Undoubtedly you’ll be healthy
  • Provides perfect shape to your body
  • Increases concentration
  •  Enhances alertness
  • Improves productivity
  •  Rejuvenates your spirit
  • Supports a healthy lifestyle

Review Of The Goplus Rowing Machine

Taking an in-depth look at the market, you can find various types of fitness equipment, especially treadmills and stationary bikes.

And, when you wish to enhance your experience and want to taste advance level of fitness routine, you need the Goplus magnetic rowing machine.

This low impact fitness equipment offers you a quiet, smooth, and long-lasting exercising experience.

Fat burning is better with this latest equipment. You need to spend some minutes for melting a small portion of fat accumulation, whereas an hour is enough for counting a more significant difference in your figure.

You will have a comfortable time on the Goplus magnetic rowing machine. It has large foot pedals along with anti-slip technology. That is advantageous when you are exercising intensely.

Also, it includes adjustable foot straps, which make sure that your feet stay in place during exercise. The whole design is very comfortable for having the most beneficial exercise sessions in which you’ll ever participate. It will be easy to chase that successful weight loss goal you have set.

The Goplus magnetic rowing machine comes with an LCD. As I say, the display unit is bright and makes reading out the simplest of activities.

Size Of The Goplus Magnetic Rower

  • Product dimensions: 21-inch width, 19-inch height, and 70-inch length
  • Pedal size: 5.3-inch x 12 inch
  • Seat size: 10 inch x 14 inch
  •  Weight: 49 lbs

A Quick Look At The Goplus Rower

  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • Made from durable material
  •  Magnetic tension system
  • Ten levels of adjustable resistance
  • Comfortable seat
  • Non-slip handlebars
  • Large foot pedals along with anti-slip technology
  • Foot straps which can you can adjust
  • LCD screen
  • Transportation wheels

A Study In Detail Of The Goplus

The Goplus magnetic rowing machine has a design from an aluminum beam, which makes it useable for all. It can support user weight up to 220 lbs. Hence, you can trust this machine regarding durability. So no need to have any concerns when you are exercising intensely to try and get that healthy weight.

You can workout out until your happy with what you do. (That is of course as long as you  don’t already have some health problems?)

This equipment can provide you with a better time than the regular ones.

The design of the Goplus magnetic rowing machine contains six wheels, which affirm a smooth and tension free session.

This fitness machine hardly makes any noise so that you can use it while watching your favorite movie. Or if you wish, you can entertain yourself with some music.

So that you can have a superb period of exercise, the Goplus magnetic rowing machine has non-slip grips. As well as these, the seat of these fitness machines has full padding so that you will have a comfortable feeling.

It is the same with the foot pedals because they will come in a large size to fit every foot. It also has anti-slip technology for giving you a firm gripping of the foot pedal.

The built-in wheels assure you of easy transportation from one place to another. You can take the equipment out for having your exercise, and shift it to a corner after your workout is over.

And, please, believe me, there is no doubt how easy this will be.

Rowing Machine Display

The Rowing machine display unit of the Goplus is a transparent LCD screen. It is unlike a lot of other rowers, as it will make reading out the figures so easy.

It displays calories, count, count per minute, time, and scan. Now, keeping a check on your health and any issues are simpler with this fitness machine.


The Goplus magnetic rowing machine has ten levels of adjustable resistance. You can change your resistance level as per your ability. It also includes a magnetic tension system.


  • Constructed from the best material
  • Likewise, user weight capacity is one of the best
  • Transparent LCD screen
  • Comfortable seat
  • Non-slip grips
  • Anti-slip foot pedals
  • Finally, it incorporates the noiseless operation
  • Price


• Neglects to have a backlit LCD
• Gives no reading regarding heart rate and pulse

However, you can fix the heart rate of the Goplus magnetic rowing machine by buying a chest strap.

Read the reviews on this item over on Amazon.

Final Thoughts On The Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine

The Goplus magnetic rowing machine is undoubtedly a beginner’s machine. It is unlike many others and will promise to last a considerable length of time and is perfect for weight loss.

This fitness equipment supports your weight, and when you see it, it will tell you that it wants a long-lasting relationship with you.

The six wheels make sure that you experience a noiseless workout session. Moreover, you can utilize any time of your day to employ in exercising with this machine. The price is also reasonable, which will mean it is OK for anyone.

So, in using this piece of apparatus, you are ensuring long term weight loss. As long as you continue to eat healthily and use this occasion, that is, you will end up a healthy weight.

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