I Am Fat: In That Case You Need To Read This Post For Certain


Well, I guess it is time for a big pat on the back. Because either you or someone you are aware of is one that says “I am fat”. Whichever, you must be proud of yourself for either reading up on it for yourself or on someone’s behalf. It shows that you really do care whichever way it may be.

fat man holding a measurement tape Being a person of a larger size(Not including medical problems). I’m afraid to say is your fault. It comes from lack of activity and the terrible diet that you have been using on a regularly. This is why you are now saying “I am fat”.  You see with eating all of this junk food, well let’s just say it is not “junk” food for nothing. It why your body is so big in size anyway. You know what I’m on about right?

Eating “Junk” Is Pointless

There is little value to eating it. Other than the fact that for a time it stops the hunger, for a time. In other words, eating junk is pointless. Not only does it do this though, but it also fills you full of rubbish that the body will just store as fat. As is it highly likely that you do little or no exercise at all.

Photograph. This man proudly stands there and says "I am fat"There are just so many bad health implications of the eating all of this “junk” It can and will definitely have consequences now and in later life and for certain they can end up being absolutely awful,  so much so that if you could rewind time and go back you would definitely avoid the bad dietary choices you made.

Help, I Am Fat

Take a look at some of these ailments –

Do any of the following sound familiar? But fear, not Mr/Mrs “I am fat” Because once you have the mindset and meet the requirements to take this challenge head-on. Although, losing it will be tough but you can certainly do it.

  • So you get short of breath.
  • You get chest pains
  • Your legs ache when just walking short distances.
  • You have to buy very big or specialist clothes. 
  • Furniture is/ Or does struggle to cope with your weight.
  • There are rides at theme parks or other apparatus you cannot use due to your size.
  • Your underarms and inner legs hurt from the skin chafing and rubbing together

All of the above can only improve and it will if you ditch the “junk” and eat a healthy diet menu. For sure this will all change.

If You Say “I Am Fat” Only You Can Change It

 Again, I am afraid to say that this, but is all your own doing. The fact still remains, only you can make any difference to your appearance. Although, there may be obvious reasons as to why people pile on the lbs like bereavement and so on. But ultimately, your body is your responsibility, yours and yours alone.

No-one can make adjustments for you. You must grab the bull by the horns and face the facts. The only way from here is to be slimmer. This is what you must do in order for that to even become a possibility.


Now let’s face it the thought of exercising most probably makes you turn your nose up. Why? Because you just simply do not want to spend the time doing it. Well let me tell you, you will definitely not get very far with that kind of attitude. Let me be straight with you.

Gym Is A No-No To Start With

As I have said in various other posts joining the gym a no-no. And most probably is not an option for you right now. It is a no-no to start with at least. So wait until at least some of the weight before going down that road.

You see, once you have got your diet under control. Then all that you need to have is the other half of the fix. In order for your weight loss attempt to be a success. What am I talking about? The exercise of course.

Go to this post where you will see some cheap weight loss programs that work?

Please leave any comments or queries regarding weight loss below and I will reply to you within 24 hours

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