Lose Weight Quickly: These Are Some Musts If You Want It


In this post that follows, I would like to discuss with you some foods to lose weight quickly you must eat. Firstly may I ask is it a general lose weight quickly or is it for a reason, say an event like a wedding, a function, or something?

Whatever this reason is it is definitely POSSIBLE to lose a fair amount of weight in the time that is left, providing we are talking about a few months and not a couple of weeks?

If it is just a couple of weeks away then I cannot help you, as you cannot safely lose a massive amount without the “Aid” of diet pills and that is something I detest with a passion. This site is all about doing it the natural way.

Lose Weight Quickly Yes, But A Concern Of Mine

Taking pills is way too risky as I have just said in the article which is linked just before you are reading this little part.
A Sad Smiley, Down And Upset Just Like An Overweight Person When They Look In The Mirror

Now I must tell you this, it concerns me, but I am all too well aware of it being an issue with a lot of you readers of this post too. When I was at my heaviest (256 LBS) I really did not feel happy within myself.

Now, this next statement is often said as a joke and not meant at all, However, unless you have been there then it really is not funny. “I FEEL SO UGLY”.

I really did feel totally horrible. I had bulges in places where there should not have been any. And when I looked to what I saw, the only thing which was remaining of my former self, my face. I was looking at how round it had become.

I was looking like an oversized baked bean with two ears, eyes, a nose and a mouth.
Like This Person, Put On Some Trainers And Exercise

Now, obviously I do not know, but, maybe you have reached the point where you feel loathe to look in the mirror for the disgust at what you see staring back at you. If this is the case then you are certainly ready to find and eat some foods to lose weight quickly.

Foods To Lose Weight Quickly

As believe me when I say this. It is super-possible to lose weight as I did.

You simply need a list of healthy foods to help you lose weight drawn up, bought and then EATEN. The eating part is by far the best.  It means you are actually taking action so as to guide  YOURSELF towards becoming and all new healthier version of the old you.

So, when it comes down to it I am all of the proof and motivation you should need.

One thing you MUST DO before you settle down to attempt this weight loss diet is, STOP EATING JUNK FOOD! You really do need to stop eating  EVERY food that is bad for you as you will be sabotaging yourself if you continue consuming these rubbish and well called “junk foods”

Do Some Research If  You Want To Lose Weight Quickly

To lose weight naturally, will consist of two parts. The diet and the exercise. You must get the diet part in order first. Sure you can lose some weight by exercising alone but, it is absolutely nothing compared to what happens when these two are working together.
You Must Do Your Research On Some Foods To Eat To Lose Weight

As I have said in other posts you should make friends with the word research and either on your computer or down at the local library, you need to jot down a list of foods you like and can see yourself eating. For a start do a couple of weeks

Make sure you do LOOK at that lists of healthy foods I posted by clicking on the link. There are two posts, one which leads through to another. And from that, you will get some great ideas of some fantastic tasting foods which you can eat. With zero guilt.

So, write down as long of a list as you possibly can. Include as I said previously, all of the foods you really like the taste of. For surely, if you actually enjoy eating these foods anyway, it will not feel so much of a diet. write down 14 or more of them if at all possible.

The more foods you can manage to note down the obviously the wider the variety of meals you will be able to eat. When you have gone through them then change the order in which they were eaten and put together different ingredients so as not to get fed up with the routine of eating very healthily.

Why Do I Have To Exercise, Seriously?

“Why do I have to exercise?” Seriously? Exercise is the only way to burn those calories off that the body will store. And they are responsible for our weight. As I say a little earlier in this post. Weight loss works best when you have both diet and exercise.

Sure, as I say, a little weight can be lost with each one of them. But nothing as to what you can lose when they work with each other. I simply feel I must stress this “point”Like This Person, Put On Some Trainers And Exercise

If you feel up to the challenge you could always try these 6 home exercises to lose weight and see what joy and success they will bring you.

Or if this sounds like too much effort to you then you could simply try walking to lose weight fast.

And then, along with this, you could also combine it with some weight lifting at home.

The three last posts (Which you really should indeed read). Are with the person working out in the comfort of his/her home. To start off with, I really see no need to head straight down the gym. Maybe move onto that when you are a little more in shape. Plus, when you are in a bit better shape, which you certainly will be eventually. Then your confidence will grow and you will not be so nervous about joining your local gym.

You see, once you have got your diet under control. Then all that you need to have is the other half of the equation. This way your weight loss attempt will be a success. I am of course referring to the exercise. Go to this link “Home gym fitness equipment” to see some hand-picked items which will rocket you to success with your weight loss mission.

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