1 List Of Foods For Weight Loss – 2) Be Safe And 3) Eat Some


Here’s a list of foods for weight loss. When you eat these instead of your regular “junk” foods, then you are on the right path. You should eat no rubbish at all if you want to be healthy and get lighter.

Some healthy foods that you may not have thought of much. These contain little or no sugar, and, if they do have sugar, it is natural sugar.

They also contain very little or no fat. That is much better than eating “junk” right? Yes, it is!

Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Following is more on a list of foods for weight loss. It will show you some of the meals you need to eat to help you with being a lot more healthy. That is on the inside as well as outside.  Each one will list what they are good for and what they contain.

White Cabbage

Delicious white cabbage Photo. It Is Definitely One Off a list of Foods To help you Lose Weight Fast

It’s first on a list of foods for weight loss is cabbage and for a good reason. We have all heard people say “Eat your greens, they are good for you” Well, that is very true of all the green vegetables that we eat a lot, and cabbage is no different. It can –

  • It will give you cholesterol-lowering benefits when you steam it.
  • As well as that, it has cancer-fighting properties when eaten raw or just cooked for a short time.
  • Colon, prostate, and bladder cancer have a common enemy. That is sinigrin, and this is in cabbage, particularly in the Savoy cabbage. It is fantastic at helping to fight these problems.

Foods For Weight Loss

Although “White” cabbage is by far and away from the most common of the two, let us not forget the red cabbage and all of its nutritional benefits. It is a dark red for a good reason.

That is down to the fact that it contains a lot of anthocyanin polyphenols. It then is yet another one on a list of foods for weight loss. That means, the red cabbage contains far more phytonutrients than the other, the”white” cabbage.

A Photo Of A Lovely Bowl Of Tofu. There Are Many Pieces Of It

People are now aware that Tofu has from a health and nutrition point of view. That is because any nutrients and is just as good for you as soya beans. Thinking of how good soybeans are for you, that is saying something. The foodstuff has to make it on a list of foods for weight loss.

  • Tofu helps in the fight against heart disease
  • It also helps by fighting against some cancers.
  • LDL cholesterol (LDL = Bad cholesterol) lowers due to the soya milk that is in tofu.
  • Some women swear by the use of tofu during the stages of menopause. Because it contains a chemical known as a phytoestrogen, this helps to stabilize the estrogen levels as the woman’s body is producing very little of it.

So, Yes It Is Super Healthy

In other words, it acts as a very weak estrogen, which will then help to relieve the menopausal symptoms. In some instances that are on record, it has been known even to reduce the hot flush sensation for women.

  • For just these reasons alone, I am sure you can see why soy-based produce is one of the best foods to lose weight fast, right?

I interrupt this intro to the list for a moment while you read this.

Do not fall for the rubbish that you hear about cereal bars. Here is a post that you really should read to learn more about them.

Take the point onboard.

Onwards we go with some more foods.

Foods For Weight Loss List

  • Garlic is a natural antibiotic and is used a lot in homeopathic remedies. Other than the fact that it leaves the person with a bad smell on their breath, it is full of health benefits for you. You should include it in a list of foods for weight loss.
  • It is well known in medicine, way back in the times of the ancient Greeks and before that even.
  • Now some of you may even be cooking with the use of garlic?  Although there is a strong smell, it has such a lovely taste to it.

I must say however that the primary use of the garlic “bulb” was for its medicinal properties in times long past! For example, the Romans, The Greeks And the Chinese even used it, so, people are using it for a long time.

The pomegranate is one of the foods of choices for many dieters.

They nickname it the seeded apple, and it is eaten throughout the world and through history. Even the Babylonians and Egyptians used to use them.

They do come into season in the winter people will say that it officially is one of the world’s most popular fruits. The pomegranate also must make a list of foods to help you lose weight.

Aside from tasting delicious (very lovely) They have some health benefits including –

  • The presence of the antioxidants in the pomegranate help to stop the growth of harmful cancer cells in our bodies and help with apoptosis (which is whereby unhealthy cells are killed off)Pomegranate Photo, A Realthy good And Healthy Food


These Too Are Very Healthy

  • As I am saying, pomegranates contain antioxidants polyphenols. They hold 3, and these are ellagic acid, tannins, and anthocyanins. As we may or may not know, these are all brilliantly healthy to absorb into our system.
  • They are packed full of vitamins C, K, and potassium.
  • The extract got from pomegranate may ease joint pain and offer some relief from the pain which is felt by people with arthritis
  • The tiny seeds (called arils) are full of nutrients. Those being antioxidants, minerals, and also vitamins.
  • In one study, it would conclude –

“PFE  or compounds derived from it may inhibit cartilage degradation in OA and may also be a useful nutritive supplement for maintaining joint integrity and function.”

Extracted From The Results Of A Survey. See Below.

You can read more about the pomegranate here

Blackberries are yet another food that you can eat to lose weight fast. Found very often in hedgerows these are tart berries can be used in certain wines, Jams or just eaten straight from the bush. (After rinsing under the tap of course)

Their health benefits are aplenty and are –

  • They are prolific (many of) in the USA and were much a part of the native Americans and become a firm favorite amongst the European settlers.
  • The fiber in Blackberries helps in the digestive process.
  • May also help to lower the cholesterol levels in/of a person.
  • A “ripe” blackberry owes its vibrant purple color to its content of the antioxidant anthocyanin. This though has significant cancer-fighting properties, and so, this is an excellent foodstuff to have in a list of foods to help you lose weight.
  • It is rich in vitamin A, which in this case helps to run a smooth digestive tract.
  • There is 0% in trans fats and of the saturated variety. Both of which are bad for your weight and your health.
  • May reduce the terrible effects of the age-related diseases Alzheimers and dementia. So to get a list of foods to help you lose weight is a great idea, do you understand more?

Please, go here to see more healthy foods.

Now, the watermelon is something that a lot of which many people have heard. However, they do not know anything about the benefits of eating. It is beneficial for the body and your weight.

  • The antioxidant Lycopene is in the watermelon far more than in any other food. Lycopene is right for you as all antioxidants are. It is perfect for helping to avoid strokes.
  • Also drinking watermelon before a workout may help to relieve any muscle soreness which may develop. However, you must be careful when drinking watermelon juice as it has a high concentration of fructose (Natural sugar). You may be wiser to eat the whole fruit instead. It too wouldn’t be right if it weren’t on a list of foods to help you lose weight.
  • You can eat the rind and seeds if you wish for proper nutrition. However, please, do not expect them to taste the best.
  • The extract of the watermelon may significantly reduce your blood pressure.
  • Also, it is very rich in anti-inflammatory substances.
  • There are a massive 400 or so varieties of sweet potato, and some of them do vary in sweetness. It is also good to note that other than the taste, the difference between them is in the flesh and the skin color
  • We would first discover them as a source of food when Columbus would find them in the Americas. Originally from Peru, their cultivation as foods dates back to around 750 BC.A Photo Of A Lot Of Sweet Potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes contain several vital ingredients for your overall health. The sweet potato contains two excellent antioxidants, these being copper and zinc, and these are in plentiful supply in them.
  • They do also contain a lot of fiber, more than twice than the other kinds of potatoes. The stuff it has in it is high-quality. And it burns calories/energy a lot slower and more efficiently than other lower-quality fibers.
  • It also contains a lot of potassium, which is an essential ingredient as it rids the body of the too much sodium which may have built up. Also helps to lower high blood pressure — two excellent benefits.

The Potassium It Contains Is Very Beneficial

  • Potassium also helps to maintain the central nervous system and the brain. These are two critical factors to anyone and their well-being.
  • The eating of the sweet potato may also aid in the prevention of cancer as it contains  A LOT of beta-carotene (vitamin A) which is a potent antioxidant. Eating sweet potato supplies the body with an entire day of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A.
  • Sweet potato is will also give you a lot of the mineral manganese. Now, granted this mineral goes under the radar, and people do not talk about much at all although it is, however, necessary for helping to maintain a healthy and stable blood sugar level.

So why not get a helping hand with this by eating some?

It is a well known black current (In the UK anyway) and is in a lot of juices and jams. A great food choice to go on a list of foods to help you lose weight. It is less prevalent in the United States on account of it carrying a fungus that kills pine trees. For this reason, growing them was banned for several decades.

However, having a multitude of health benefits. The black currant helps to ease some of the symptoms-

  • It contains a lot of  GLA. (Gamma-linolenic acid) That may help inflammation in a person’s bodies.A Photo Of Some Natural Black currents On A Branch
  • Can help to reduce joint pain.
  • As well as stiffness
  • Eases PMT (Premenstrual tension)
  • Ease symptoms associated with the menopause.
  • You can use it as a diuretic which helps you to urinate frequently, thus ridding the body of any excess water.
  • It treats symptoms of cold, fever, and Flu. A perfect food choice to have in a list of foods to help you lose weight.
  • There are supplements available to use as dietary aids.
  • They contain something called prostaglandin
  • . That helps the muscles and blood vessels relax and contract; thus, it helps to promote a more efficient immune system.
  • May also assist in preventing the buildup of plaque in/on the artery walls by “oxidizing” the lousy cholesterol before t his can occur.

Red Currents are another beautiful berry that you really should be eating a lot more. They can be bought frozen all year round or can be eaten fresh during the summer months. Whichever it is, then when they are munched on as part of a well-balanced diet, they will prove to be a very healthy addition. Another one is joining a list of foods to help you lose weight.

More Foods For Weight Loss

The Benefits of these lovely red currents are as follows –

  • Red currants are low in fat.
  • They are very low in calories.
  • They go a considerable way to achieving your RDA of fiber. They supply 5 grams per cup of the ideal requirement of the 25 g for women and the 38 g for men.
  • As well as their fiber content, they also contain potassium, and this helps to regulate our blood pressure.
  • Red currents also play a pivotal role in the health of our nerves, heart, and muscles on account of the magnesium they contain.

All of these lead me to say one thing,  YES, THEY ARE VERY HEALTHY.

Photo Of A Bowl Of Brown Rice

Rice is a widely consumed foodstuff, particularly in parts of Asia. The lesser-known variety of this being brown rice.

The health benefits of brown rice far outweigh its more common white rice cousin. They include –

  • Brown rice is relatively low in calories. (216 per small serving)
  • It is high in fiber this foodstuff.
  • It is an excellent source of vitamin B’s thiamin, niacin, selenium, and B6.
  • It also contains a lot of magnesium. It holds 88% RDA in just one cooked cup-full.
  • Click here to read the results of a study already published on brown rice.

Final Thoughts On Healthy Foods For Weight Loss

All, in all I have shown you a list of random 11 best foods to eat and lose weight. Not only can you lose weight when you eat them, but, you will become a lot more healthy in the process.

So please. Do yourself a big favor and try to include some of a list of foods to help you lose weight in your diet and, do eat them regularly

All you have to do is to write a list of foods to help you lose weight. Have them in your diet. Then all that you need to have is the other half of the solution. For your weight loss to be a success.

I am, of course, referring to the exercise. Go to this link, “Home gym fitness equipment” to see some hand-picked items which will rocket you to success with your weight loss mission.

Please leave any comments or questions below, and I’ll reply ASAP.

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