Menopausal Belly Fat: How to Lose It


Did you know that belly fat is the most difficult to lose? Menopausal women are especially prone to this type of weight gain because their body’s natural production of estrogen slows down. If you’re struggling with menopausal belly fat, don’t worry! This blog post will tell you how to get rid of it.

What is menopause?

Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when her body stops producing eggs and she can no longer become pregnant. It usually starts between the ages of 45-55 but may occur as early as age 40 or as late as 60. This transition often brings on an array of symptoms including vaginal dryness, hot flashes, fatigue, night sweats and irregular periods.

Menopausal Belly Fat

Belly fat

Belly fat is the result of the visceral abdominal fat which gathers around your stomach area. All women are prone to these types of fats, but menopausal women especially so because their body’s natural production of estrogen slow down. You can try to lose this type of belly fat through these techniques:

  1. Eating omega-3 fatty acids for putting out hunger signals
  2. Exercising at least 3 times a week
  3. Eating well by avoiding processed foods and sugar ̶ even if it means cutting off wine, caffeine or sugar entirely for a few weeks at a time.
  4. Losing weight gradually instead of quickly by cutting out 500 calories each day until you reach your desired goal ̶ this will help prevent the loss of bone density and muscle mass that is so common with sudden, dramatic weight loss.

There are many other factors involved in losing belly fat besides simply exercising more and eating less. There are also some factors that increase the likelihood of gaining belly fat.

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Weight gain during the menopause

Weight gain during menopause is not inevitable. There are many steps you can take to lose belly fat and reduce your risk of weight gain after 50:

Replace refined carbohydrates with whole grains ̶ this will help prevent insulin spikes that lead to extra calories being stored as fat instead of burned for energy.

Improve your sleep quality by going to bed at the same time each night and by turning off all screens before you get into bed.

Increase your activity level ̶ this doesn’t have to mean hours of strenuous exercise, just opting for a daily walk can help reduce belly fat.

Keep stress levels low because it increases cortisol which leads to weight gain in the mid-section.

Take a daily multivitamin containing iron, zinc and magnesium ̶ these minerals help regulate insulin levels so you don’t have as many sugar cravings.

Incorporate lots of healthy fats into your diet because they control metabolism and the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel over glucose from carbs. This includes avocados, olive oil, coconut products and nuts.

Some forms of belly fat can be especially difficult to lose because the body has been storing those fats for a long time ̶ it’s important to stay positive! The best thing you can do is start with small steps towards getting rid of that stubborn belly fat by following these few simple guidelines:

Eating smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day so you don’t get too hungry and overeat

Making sure to exercise every day because it boosts mood and energy levels which helps fight off the stress that causes weight gain in menopausal women

Staying positive by surrounding yourself with uplifting friends or family members who can help motivate you when times get tough. Eventually, you will start to see changes in your body and feel more confident.

You can also try some natural remedies to help with weight loss during menopause, including:

Garcinia Cambogia green ̶ this is a pumpkin-shaped fruit found on the Indian subcontinent that has been shown to suppress appetite and increase fat metabolism by 30%

Caffeine ̶ is found in coffee and green tea, which helps burn fat cells for energy. It also stimulates thermogenesis or the body’s ability to produce heat which increases your metabolic rate. Caffeinated beverages like coffee can be enjoyed ad libitum (that means as much as you want) without any negative effects on weight.

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Body fat percentage

It is possible to lose weight through these techniques:

Eating omega-three fatty acids for putting out hunger signals ̶ includes sources of healthy fats like olives, olive oil and avocados. It also means eating lots of fish so you are getting enough good fat in your diet. Even if it means cutting off wine, you will be doing yourself a favour in the long run.

Eating lots of fibre is also helpful for losing weight and keeping it off because it reduces insulin levels which means you won’t experience as many cravings between meals. This includes eating whole grains, beans and green vegetables like broccoli and spinach. Fibre gives your body the ability to absorb water more efficiently, which means you feel full more quickly and stay fuller for longer.

Don’t make a habit of eating too much sugar

it leads to increased insulin levels which means you get hungrier faster and more of the fat in your diet is stored as belly fat.

Incorporate some vitamin-rich foods into your diet because they have been shown to increase weight loss by improving insulin response. This includes eating lots of green vegetables like spinach and broccoli, as well as berries which are high in antioxidants that help burn belly fat for energy.

Don’t make a habit of skipping meals ̶ this can lead to overeating, which leads to weight gain and makes it more difficult for you to lose that stubborn belly fat. You should always eat breakfast because your body needs fuel in the morning; eating a healthy snack mid-morning and lunch will also help keep sugar cravings at bay and contribute towards losing belly fat.

Don’t make any drastic changes like going on a fad diet ̶ the best thing you can do is implement small changes in your daily routine that will eventually add up, helping you to lose belly fat.

Don’t give up if things aren’t happening quickly for you ̶ it takes time to see results so try not to get discouraged. If anything this just means that there may be another underlying health issue at play and you should always go to a doctor if your weight loss has plateaued.

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Exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes

This is the bare minimum for making changes in your body. If you are not able to exercise three times a week, try walking at least five days per week.

Don’t eat immediately before exercising ̶ have some water or a healthy snack about an hour before so you can maximize energy during workouts without feeling faint because you’re hungry!

Reward yourself after a workout ̶ treat yourself with something nice, like an hour of reading in bed or going out to do some shopping. This will help you keep exercising because it is fun and rewarding!

Add strength training into your routine for losing belly fat ̶ this means doing exercises that work the large muscle groups in your body which burn more calories than smaller muscle groups. It also means you’ll be able to see defined muscles once your belly fat is gone, so it’s a win-win!

Adding weights into these exercises can help increase your metabolism even more because the body has to work harder for longer periods of time which means burning off that stubborn belly fat much quicker. You should try to do strength training at least three times per week.

It is possible to lose belly fat with diet and exercise ̶ these are the basic guidelines for weight loss, but there are many more advanced options that can help you achieve your goals even faster! You should always consult a doctor if you have any questions or concerns about losing weight.

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Try not to drink any alcohol

Alcohol is full of empty calories which means you’re more likely to gain weight and those extra pounds will go straight towards your waistline. It also disrupts the normal metabolic function, so it becomes even harder for you to lose belly fat! If you do drink alcohol try not to have any more than one or two units at a time – this will help you keep track of how much alcohol you are having and it’s also better for your waistline.

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Eat healthy foods

Meat, eggs and dairy products provide the body with many vitamins that help to burn belly fat. If you want to lose weight it is important to eat foods high in protein because your body uses more energy digesting proteins than fats or carbs. This means you will get hungry less often so there’s no need for snacking between meals, and when you do eat it will be healthier because proteins are more likely to fill you up.

There are many healthy foods that can help with weight loss ̶ some of these include vegetables like kale which is high in fibre so keeps your digestive system moving properly without bloating or constipation. You should also drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your metabolism ticking over nicely.

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Keep stress levels down by practising relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation 

When you are under stress your body releases cortisol into the bloodstream which causes weight gain all over, including in your belly. Relaxation techniques like yoga and mediation can help to keep cortisol levels down because they teach you how to relax effectively when life gets tough. It’s important not to neglect taking care of yourself ̶ it will make losing weight much harder!

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Final thoughts

If you’re looking to lose weight, the key is to focus on your diet and exercise. You can also reap some additional benefits by reducing stress levels with relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation. To get started, try incorporating these four tips into your life: eat healthy foods; add strength training exercises at least thrice a week for best results; never drink alcohol–it’s full of empty calories that will lead to more belly fat! Lastly, reward yourself after working out ̶ it helps keep up the motivation!

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