Stamina Air Rower, Good?


The Stamina Air Rower gets a complete breakdown in this review of it here. (Black, Chrome) We tell you this, the information is very accurate.

We will list its pros and its cons and also the target market of the rowing machine.

I shall finish this review with an overall score. It is from everything we have learned. (Value for money, usability, and so on.)

The equipment does use a slightly different resistance system than “normal” rowing machines. And as the title suggests, it uses air, and it will help you naturally lose the weight. So you know, right from the start, the Stamina Air Rower is different.



For The Fitness Enthusiast And The Beginner

It does go without saying, this rower has a design which is for both a fit person and the beginner. It is a good rowing machine made by a company with a great name for quality.

They have got a name for themselves in making quality fitness equipment. So, anyone who will buy this product will not have to be let-down by any underperformance.

So, (I shall send the message clearly). The manufacturer’s solid reputation means this rower will be outstanding. And therefore, you will able to naturally lose the weight, safely.

Features Of The Stamina Air Rower (Black, Chrome)

There a lot of features on/in the Stamina, air rower. The features of the exercise machine are –

  • It measures a slightly larger than average 77 inches, L 18 inches, W 22 inches H.
  • It is bigger than average, but it easy to put away.
  • Adjustable foot straps.
  • The construction of the frame is a high-grade steel alloy.
  • Folded size  48 inches L, 28 inches W, 28 inches H.
  • Includes electronic monitor that measures speed, distance, calories burned, duration of the session.
  • It has a nylon rowing cord
  • And over-sized foot-plates too.
  • Protected feet

Stamina Air Rower, It Folds And You Can Very Easily Move It


  • With the rower folding away it then allows that more floor space is left free.
  • It caters for any size feet with adjustable straps and oversized foot plates.
  • The “Feet” protectors allow for use on bare/wooden floors without a scratching risk.
  • The nylon cord ensures durability.
  • It comes on wheels making placement of this rowing machine easy.
  • It is a very sturdy steel frame allowing for heavy usage.


  • When you do use it at a brisk pace, the Stamina rowing machine Can get very noisy.
  • Unfortunately, when you do the opposite and workout slow. You tend to find that it is the upper body that does most of the work during the exercise.

Final Thought

There we have it, my honest review of the Stamina rowing machine. I must say that from everything I have read this does appear to be an outstanding rowing machine.

The natural resistance of air to me seems genius as the fewer items that make up the rowing machine. Well then, the less that can go wrong with it.

We do think that what you are getting here is quality. And it really is at a very awesome price at that too.

So, if you are just starting your journey along the improvement path. Or maybe you are beginning your weight loss mission. We do believe that the stamina air rower machine will very nicely be able to help you along.

To go along with your daily training, you could choose some of these healthy foods for lunch and kill two birds with one stone. Your diet and the exercise. Surely now that is a winner.

Overall score 9/10

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Please leave any comments or questions below, and I’ll reply within 24 hours.


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