The Omron Fat Loss Monitor Review: Keep Track Of Weight Loss


Firstly, the Omron fat loss monitor helps to work out the percentage and body fat weight with clinically proven accuracy. That is for two kinds of people — athletes and non-athletes. This way, it is very accurate.

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor, A Photograph Of It

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Capture More Info On Your Health

  • You can regulate your body mass index (BMI) and also your body fat percentage with two separate fitness indicators,
  • Pick from standard or athlete type for better results
  • Record up to 9 profiles with a guest mode feature
  • The LCD shows the reading in US or Metric

Things To Remember About Using It

  • Try to use the Omron fat loss monitor right after you wake up and two hours after having a meal.
  • Do not use the Omron fat loss monitor after a heavy workout or exercise. For example, if you have just been on a rowing machine, exercise bike, or treadmill. Or do not use it if you have drunk a large amount of water. Nor while bathing since this may lead to results that are not accurate.
  • Furthermore, you should not be using the Omron fat loss monitor if you have any implanted medical device. Or a pacemaker even. And indeed, if you are pregnant. You should also seek advice from your physician before you start any weight loss program.

Things That You Will See On The Omron Fat Loss Monitor

Body Fat Percentage

Who won’t like to know results after they have put in so much effort to improve their health? Here, the Omron fat loss monitor helps you to see the amount of fat you lost from your exercise routines. That is, of course, apart from the weight you lose.

It Is Being Handheld As That Where ItIs Best To Read It. A Photograph Of It

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Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index is a measure of body fat. It is on the height and weight of adult men and women. It works out your overall body fat. Therefore, your health will be at higher risk if the BMI index turns out to be higher than the guidelines.

Why The Omron Fat Loss Monitor Is A Best Buy

  • Has a nine person’s memory profile, and a guest mode
  • You can have it for the US or metric measurement
  • Readings in just seconds
  • It has a cover to be free from defects in materials  appearing within one year

A Possible Big Bad Point, It May Not Give The Results You Want

And finally, there are specific reasons the product may give the wrong results. It is because our body undergoes alterations while it’s in changing stages, such as:

  • Children in the growth stage
  • Women who are pregnant
  • Elderly people
  • Women who have finished their periods
  • People with a fever
  • People who are swelling up
  • Bodybuilders or professional athletes
  • Patients undergoing dialysis
  • Patients with osteoporosis who have a very low bone density


Another Con Of The Omron Fat Loss Monitor

We guess that there is not a lot else to say for such a small thing,  apart from this. Above all else, a lot of people who bought it report that it is not 100% accurate — moreover, not 100 % of the time. In other words, you may not get the results from it that you want.

What does annoy us about this product is that it is not a scale. Therefore there is no weight measurement at all.

Go here to read some reviews of the product.

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The Reviews Are Here.


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