The WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine: Easy Fitness Workouts


To begin with, the WaterRower Classic rowing machine in black walnut with S4 Monitor I can say is a great item. I can say this for sure.

Because surely, if it is good enough for hard training professional athletes, then it will be good enough for you.

Yes, it is quite correct that you may be wondering if it is right for you. Because as much as you’re still doubtful of how effective it is? You want to find out more.

WaterRower Classic Review

This WaterRower Classic review will answer all of your questions and any doubts that you may have. Whether it be about performance or value for money

As, when I use it every day as I do, my weight continues to go.

To date, I have lost 104 lbs, and therefore, you may need to use it daily too.

Although, you will need to use it and not let it just sit there.

The Waterrower Classic Rowing Machine, Black Walnut, S4 Monitor

About The WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Classic rowing machine with an S4 monitor has its design from a John Duke. He was a former US team rower. The company that will manufacture them would start in 1988.

A few years after John Duke was no longer rowing for the national team, the rowers became popular. However, these rowing machines are by no means cheap. But, will they help you to be healthy and maybe lose some weight? Read on.

Although regarding your health, fitness, and weight loss, you can have no price on it. As much as you may want to, it cannot and MUST not.

Moreover, and a point that I think that all of the “Greenies” will like. The WaterRower range is of wood. It is from the careful management of forests, so, how good is that, recycling at its best.

WaterRower Classic For Sale

The WaterRower Classic Rowing machine for sale here will mean that you can quickly begin to improve your health. However, before that, read on to learn all about it.

A front right image of the indoor rower on

When you mention a rowing machine to any professional rower, you also may be wondering what they would use. They will say that the two are worth the money.

These tend to either be the WaterRower or the Concept2. The Concept2 is in a similar price range to the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine.

The main difference is that it does not use water. You can read my review of the Concept2 Model E and Concept2 Model D here.

Pros Of The WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine, Black Walnut, S4 Monitor

But, what you will get when you buy the WaterRower Classic rowing machine in black walnut with the S4 monitor? You will get the rowing machine. And it will be in black walnut.

This much is apparent again. But, what is the S4 monitor? What is so good about it? Well, you will need to know this.

So, allow me to answer that, along with some other pros and cons of the rowing machine. If indeed, there are any cons.

WaterRower Classic With S4 Monitor

The WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine with an S4 monitor is excellent. It has an LCD that will show you –

  • The calories that you are using
  • How hard you are rowing
  • The distance that you are doing
  • What speed you are rowing at
  • Your heart rate
  • And also your stroke rate
  • It can work with just one push of a single button. That is how good this monitor is.
  • When you advance a bit too, it is where you can store up to 9 more workout programs.

It all records very well on the S4 monitor, and above all, I believe it to be reasonably accurate. That is unlike a lot of other rowing machines where the information can be very hit and miss.

And as a matter of fact, you really should keep an eye on the data that it will provide you. That is because it will show you if you are getting any better. Which, again, if you are using it a lot, you will be.

The WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine Reviews From Amazon



Some More Pros Of The WaterRower Classic

  • Firstly, it will have a massive 1000 lbs top user weight.
  • And secondly, it will come from wood or forest that is under close management.
  • It is tranquil. The main noise that you will hear is the sound of moving water. That will happen when you do a stroke. And, it adds to the realistic feel, like you would get if doing some outdoor rowing.
  • It comes in full packaging.
  • Of course, you will need the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine to arrive on time. However, that will depend on the delivery company, of course. I am talking about Amazon.
  • It will have a 3-year parts warranty
  • It will also have a 5-year warranty on the frame.
  • A very realistic feel. It is as close to rowing in nature that you can get.
  • The footrests and seat come from molds and have the design of the best comfort in mind.
  • The actual water tank of the WaterRower Classic rowing machine is stable. It will make it nearly unbreakable.

Now, Some Cons Of  The WaterRower Classic rowing machine

  • The WaterRower Classic rowing machine in black walnut with S4 Monitor is not silent. But the noise is indeed not too bad.
  • It is a very high price. However, there is a saying that says, “You get what you pay for.”
  • It is relatively big. Which in some cases, may make it difficult to store.


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An Important Question About The WaterRower Classic

Q. My mobility is not very good, can you have a high rise attachment for the rower?

A. Yes, you can. Indeed, it is an optional extra. It will be so much easier to get on and off the rowing machine.

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