Concept2 Model D With PM5, Suddenly You’ll Begin Weight Loss


Everyone would like the complete workout equipment however for the Concept2 Model D With PM5, you must pay extra.

Sometimes our pocket has limits, and we have to choose something within our budget. There are, however, some cheaper workout machines although, there are very few of them.

You should think of how many things it will do for your health and body shape if you can afford it.

For the rowing machine, you have to, again, look at the online sites for one. Because, with this, there will be nothing extra to pay at all.

A Top Rowing Machine

A Photograph Of The Concept2 Model D With PM5 Being Rowed

Lose The Belly Fat Now

So, instead, to lose belly fat now, many try different ways out. Some are helpful, but only after a lot of training. Whereas with some, you can hardly see the difference.

You want something that could burn fat quickly without any stress.

The Concept2 Model D with PM5 is one such thing that can quickly help you to lose weight. And, to do this, you will have to spend some time on this indoor rower.

It will come with the Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) that monitors the condition of your health.

You can rely on the info’ that it provides. You can use this machine for a full workout session, working on the areas that fat will store.

​The Concept2 Model D with PM5 Review

The Concept2 Model D with PM5 is complete body workout equipment for home use. You can do everything that you need to get lighter on this machine.

The indoor rower will also give you a smooth workout session to have you being healthy and your body in perfect shape.

You can also trust this machine for a long time relationship for your fitness. The device will come with secure attachments so that you can enjoy your workout session too. I am sure everyone wants to experience what can be a hard time otherwise.

The apparatus will be for distribution of forces through all the groups of muscles. You can experience a well-balanced workout with this rowing machine, no doubts.

Benefits Of Being Healthy

Fitness will give you several advantages. It lets us enjoy our life to the fullest without any tiredness. To say some of them;

  • Firstly, it burns off the excess fat
  • Secondly, it tones up muscles
  • Thirdly, it improves activeness
  • And, it acts as a depression reliever
  • Also, it lifts energy levels
  • Finally, it helps towards a healthier living experience

The Concept2 Model D In A Gym


  • 24” Height, 96” Length and a 14” Width


  • 57 lbs


  • Frame warranty – 5 years
  • Parts warranty – 2 years

Overview Of Concept2 Model D

  1. 500 lbs weight capacity
  2. 14 inches seat height
  3. Performance Monitor 5
  4. Wireless Bluetooth
  5. ANT+ compatibility
  6. Flywheel with air-resistance feature
  7. Spiral damper
  8. Ergonomic handle
  9. Adjustable footrests
  10. Caster wheels
  11. Battery power method
  12. Easy assembling

A Look In Detail At Concept2 Model D with PM5

Here is a look in more detail at the machine. It will tell you more about the PM5 monitor.

Weight Capacity

The Concept2 Model D with PM5 can bear user weight up to 500 lbs, which are quite high to count a lot of people. With such a weight capacity, this machine becomes ideal for a lot of people who want to regain the proper shape.

You can adjust the seat height to 14 inches, which again, makes it compatible for a lot of people to use.

Performance Monitor 5

If you wish to learn about your training feedback, you can trust the high tech’ Performance Monitor 5. It shows you complete information about your health condition.

You can connect the PM5 can to any computer with a USB cable, through which you can read the LogCard data.

The PM5 records the strokes you perform in a minute and distance traveled along with the number of calories burned in the process.  It monitors your heart rate and pulse rate to make you fit at the time of exercise.

The ANT+ compatibility and wireless Bluetooth is for watching your heart rate.

Only A Few Issues With The Model D

You don’t have to face a lot of issues for seeing the data, as it has a backlit LCD. You can even save your workout on the USB flash drive.  The PM5 helps you to connect with different fitness apps for getting into the online challenges or comparing your results with the others.

You can also sign up for the “Workout Of The Day” email from Concept2. Therefore, you will be able to store your workout progress on your Smartphone with the ErgData free app.

There Is No Noise When Using The Concept 2 Model D

The flywheel will have air resistance technology. That acts with every stroke. It will have ten levels (1-10), which controls the flow of the air.

This machine mainly has a design for indoor use. So, it will only have a very low-level noise. It will give you a smooth exercising session to, don’t forget.

4 Concept2 Model D's In A Gym

On Plateaus And Progress With The Concept2

Pros: A Number Of Them

    • Performance Monitor 5
    • Workout with low impact
    • 500 lbs weight capacity
    • Wireless Bluetooth
    • Easy storage facility
    • 5-year frame warranty

Cons Of Concept2 Model D With PM5:


Only One

Mostly, the price of the Concept2 Model D with PM5 is quite a lot to afford by anyone. But, easily sort that out if you choose, why? Because you can save some money, and, then decide to have this equipment at home, it’s natural right? Hence, you keep money back when you want/need something.

Our Final Thought On The Concept 2 Model D With PM5

Overall, the Concept2 Model D with PM5 brings with it a full workout regime. Moreover, you can trust it for getting the most top result. Indeed, the price is high, but, it is undoubtedly better to invest in one, rather than looking at a lot of different equipment.

You’d undoubtedly be crazy to overlook this equipment.

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