Is Milk Bad For You? The Answer To Your Question


Is Milk Bad For You?

When you ask, “why is milk bad for you?” You need to offset its negative points against its many positive ones. I will explain both sides of the argument to you in this post. I love milk and drink around two pints of it daily! That said, though, I do choose to drink fully skimmed milk on account of it having minimal fat content.

It is fine to drink full-fat milk, but you must drink it in strict moderation, or if you are undergoing any diet, I would only recommend skimmed milk.

Milk contains The Following Things That Are Very Beneficial.

CalciumSo, Why Is Milk Bad For You

First off, I would like to list a massive positive of milk. It is a superb deliverer of calcium. Calcium is fantastic for bone growth, development, and sustainability, and you will be far less likely to progress in later life and get osteoporosis which is also known as brittle bone disease.

So my advice, if you do not feel like you drink enough, try to drink at least a glass a day to reduce this risk.


Now that we have been made aware of the calcium which is in milk, It also needs to be noted that it too contains phosphorous and these two minerals are healthy for firstly the development and latterly the maintenance and continued help that it provides for a person’s teeth.

CaseinA White Sign On A Black Back Ground. The Sign Spells The Word Milk

These two minerals (Calcium and phosphorous) are both aided by a protein that the milk contains. That is called casein, and when you drink milk, it forms a protective micro-thin layer on the outside of the tooth. Thus, sealing in the phosphorous and calcium. As we may or may not know, milk is also has a deliverer of protein to us.

Potassium And Magnesium

Alongside this potassium and magnesium, there is calcium, and these three are very much responsible for keeping one’s blood pressure from climbing to an unhealthily high level. Although we do not know precisely why these three work as a threesome to reduce blood pressure, it never the less does. So accept it as a given.


Well, you must have heard the advice that we are to drink 8 cups/glasses of water each day, milk also happens to count. Given that it helps to rehydrate us as well as assist us in the optimum health of our teeth, it seems to me to be the right choice of liquid to drink.

That is why I drink it so regularly as I am aware of all of its fabulous nutrients.

A Baby And his/Her Bottle

Remember this; I was not always health-conscious, and it is only over the last 5-6 years that I became knowledgeable of the goodness that is out there and is readily available for us to eat and drink that I changed my lifestyle around and I have never felt better for altering my diet.

Fighting Cancer

There is, in fact, growing evidence that would tend to suggests that drinking a glass and a half of milk each day can dramatically reduce the risk of you contracting breast cancer or colorectal.

That, it has to be said, is reason enough to drink it surely? I know not of anyone who can’t drink milk ( Other than the lactose intolerant people of course)

Vitamin D

This vitamin works alongside the mineral calcium and assists the body in its absorption of it. It too can be found in the milk that we drink.

You Must Remember ThisLovely Fresh Glass Of Milk.

So, in summary, you must recall this about milk no matter what.

  1. A superb calcium intake promotes healthy teeth and bones. Milk provides this.
  2. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium ingested. Milk provides this too.
  3. Improves vitamin intake and also rehydrates you due to the water molecules it possesses.

So, Milk Is Bad For You, Why?

So, why is milk bad for you? Well, whether or not dairy is healthy for you is still up for debate, but In my opinion and a lot of others too, It is beautiful. Just stay away from full-fat milk and also this flavored milk. They are only sweetened with sugar and are an unhealthy choice.

I went through a phase of drinking 568 ml (pint) each day for several months, and my weight was dramatically increasing, so I stopped and switched over to skimmed milk to be on the safe side.

Granted that skimmed milk does not taste anywhere near as creamy but let me assure you now it does not take very long to adjust to it.

When you have, usually within a week, when you try the regular milk, you really will notice the difference as the full-fat milk will taste so thick and sickly sweet.

So, you may hear some negatives to taking milk, but the positive benefits far outweigh the negative points!

On the flip side, there are healthy alternatives to drinking cow’s milk. So please watch the video at the top of this post!

You see, once you have got your diet under control. Then, all that you need to have is the other half of the equation. For your weight loss attempt to be a success. To what am I referring? The exercise, of course.

Please leave any comments or questions below this post.


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