Are Chips Good For You?


Are Chips Good For You?

Chips, well, they have to be one of the foods which we eat the most. But are chips good for you? With all of their flavors and variety of styles. They have become a favorite of ours to eat. Either whilst sitting in front of the T.V, or on the go. They are quick to eat and the packet is very easy to throw away.

About Are Chips Good For You?

So To The Question Are Chips Good For You?

This is how many packets of chips the average household eats in the U.S from 2011-2015. Frankly, it is a little worrying that we eat so many bags of them.  Americans ate over 1.6 billion tons of them.

Well, Are Chips Good For You? Here Are Some Cons
Eating just 1 packet of chips every day for a year. Is the same as drinking almost 5 liters of cooking oil. Now, surely anyone and everyone know this cannot be a good thing, at all. Well, let me tell you for a fact, it is not.

To make matters much worse, eating lot of chips has a link to cancers in adults and hyperactivity in children. These points surely shows you what eating too many of them can do to you. And it is not good in any way, shape or form.

The packets also contain lots of sugar and fat not to mention salt.A Mound Of Delicious Looking Chips, But, Are Chips Good For You?

Chips contain BHT (Butylhydroxytoluene). Which is you know your chemicals, then this should answer the question are chips good for you. This is a particularly nasty used as a preservative. When you eat them in large amounts as I say. Then they increase the chances of you going on to develop certain kinds of cancer.

Are Doritos Good For You?

Well, the first clue would be to check the nutritional facts on the bag if you can call it that.  Based on that information you can ask yourself are Doritos good for you?  I would lean to no based on the salt, fats, and oils in these chips.

Are Cheetos Good For You?

Considering most chips are fried in oil they typically have a high-fat content.  Major salt and other factors so if you are wondering if Cheetos are good for you?  Then read the label because they aren’t very healthy.

Are Pringles Good For You?

While they are baked vs fried making them a friendly option I wouldn’t go as far as saying pringles are good for you.  So if you are wondering are Pringles good for you?  Consider they are full of salt and other ingredients that aren’t very healthy.  While they are better than traditional chips they aren’t really healthy.

Although, when consuming chips as an average person and under normal circumstances. It is not a quick health threat. However, it is better to go for the chips which are “preservative” free. If you wish not to risk this at all.

Pros Of Eating Chips – Are Chips Good For You?

I must say, this section will be very short indeed. As one of the few good points, aside from the fact that they are delicious. Is you can buy the kind that you bake. Now I would go for these as would most nutritionists and dietitians if they had to eat them. This is a must if you are trying to lose weight. The crisp that you bake has much less fat than the “normal” chip.

Chips contain a lot of calories (which is not good for your weight). However, they do have a lot of nutrients in them. So I guess you could say it is a kind of balancing act. The body needs nutrients but, does not need the excess calories.

A packet of chips will serve as your carbohydrate intake. So if you really do fancy a packet as a snack, then make sure they bake the kind you have. This way means you will still be receiving your carb’ intake but fewer calories and fat. Please, limit it to one packet and do not do this on a very regular basis.

If it is that you are feeling very adventurous. Then you may even think of baking your own chips. These will have lots fewer calories and fat in them. And at least you will be aware of goes in them. Something which you really are not when you are buying the packets of them.

How can I eat potato chips if I want to lose weight?

Well, as I said earlier, go for the kind that you bake. It really just comes down to what we often say, portion control. This is really important when it comes to eating chips, really important.

Chips I must say, are to be a treat when you are on a diet. (Although I would not have them at all.)A Photograph Of An Open Packet Of Chips

If you go on to eat too many of them then because they are very high in calories. They will of course soon mount up. And, therefore, take you over your ideal calorie limit for the day.

For example, an average serving of 15 just chips contains 160 calories, or thereabouts. Therefore, are chips good for you? Well, the even worse news is they contain around 10 grams of fat. This is bad.

What I will say is this. Now, as I say, but I shall repeat because of its importance. Unless you are very strict with eating them, then do not eat them when you are on a diet.

You will never lose weight if you continue to eat many of them. And let us be honest, there are very few people who can be very strict with their diet. Especially when when you face eating the humble, moreish chip.

Once you have got your diet under control. All that you need to have is the other half of the solution. This way your weight loss attempt will be a success. I am of course talking about the exercise. Go to this link “Home gym fitness equipment” to see some hand-picked items which will take you more quickly to success with your weight loss mission.

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